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Altador Cup XVIII
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NeoQuest II

Meridell - Ramtor's Tower, Level 1

Another simple map. This is a good place to gain more experience if you haven't reached the appropriate level yet. Then it's up the stairs to your doom.. er, triumph!


Chia Zombie
Normal: 95 HP
Evil: 142 HP
Insane: 190 HP

Dejection (slow 26%)

Healing Bottle
Potion of Regeneration
Shining Shortsword
Flimsy Wand

Demonic Grarrl
Normal: 100 HP
Evil: 150 HP
Insane: 200 HP

Potion of Regeneration
Potion of Fortitude
Gallant Ringmail

Ghostly Meerca
Normal: 90 HP
Evil: 135 HP
Insane: 180 HP

Soothe (heal 20)
Entice (mesmerizes)

Healing Bottle
Potion of Regeneration

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