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NeoQuest II

Meridell - Mysterious Tower, Level 4

Zombom! Read the battle tips below and take this guy down. After your victory dance, take the portal back to the Underground Cave. The people of White River City will be overjoyed!


Eyrie Spectre
Normal: 50 HP
Evil: 75 HP
Insane: 100 HP

Healing Vial
Healing Flask
Healing Potion

Skeleton Guard
Normal: 40 HP
Evil: 60 HP
Insane: 80 HP

Healing Vial
Healing Flask
Healing Potion

Skeleton Knight
Normal: 45 HP
Evil: 67 HP
Insane: 90 HP

Healing Vial
Healing Flask
Healing Potion

  Normal Evil Insane
Hitpoints 120 HP 150 HP 180 HP
Suggested Level 10 11 12

Skills: Zeal (Haste 18%), Decimate (Dmg 31), Aid (Heal 40)

Drops: 1 Weapon/Armor, 3 Healing Flasks, 150 gold

You Win: 200 Neopoints

Battle Tips: Zombom's Decimate spell can chop up to 31 HP off you, he can heal, and he can also cast haste. After you stay at White River's inn, stock up on Blast Potions. You should be well armed with healing potions also.

If you're on InSaNe mode, it is highly recommended that you spend at least one skill point in Magic Resistance.

Keep your eyes on your health bar; do not hesitate to heal once you enter the yellow zone. Use Blast Potions only when your health is high enough to take a hit. Keep in mind that Zombom might get two turns in a row - that's a possible 62 HP hit! (although he does tend to hit for less than his maximum when taking two turns)

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