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NeoQuest II

Meridell - Lakeside

Rest at the inn, buy some potions and upgrade your weapons and armor. You may have to fight the monsters nearby to gain enough gold to buy all the upgrades. Be sure to visit Potraddo before leaving town - he will give you the password to Phorofor.


Fudra says, "Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the Weary Rest, the only inn in these parts. I've only got a couple of rooms, but one's empty, if you're interested. It's 100 gold pieces per night."

> "What can you tell me about this town?"
Fudra says, "I've lived here all my life, in Lakeside. It's a nice, peaceful town. Thankfully the dense forest helps keep some of the worst beasts away from the town. And you can be sure we keep the torches burning all night. You might want to go talk to the elders, who convene in the large meeting hall at the north end of town."

> "What do you know about the nearby area?"
Fudra says, "The Eye of Meridell, that's the name for these parts. Comes from the eye-like shape of the lake, and the forest and mountains around it. I've never gone beyond the edge of the Eye, myself, not that I'd want to these days, what with all the beasts and monsters roaming the countryside. But if you leave the Eye and head southeast, you'll hit a huge desert known as the Trackless Wastes. I wouldn't recommend going there; there's no water for miles, and you can get easily lost."
Rest Point
> "I would like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 100 gp)
Fudra says, "Ah, thank you. You'll find the empty room just down the hall."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

> Trade with Pipka
Pipka says, "Don't listen to anything my brother Zapka over there says. He sells weapons, not armour! What does he know? I know more about either armour or weapons than he does. So, what are you interested in buying?"
  Normal Evil Insane
Steel Chain Tunic (def 14) 750 g 900 g 1125 g
Trainee's Robe (def 6) 750 g 900 g 1125 g

> Trade with Yeccki
Yeccki says, "Welcome to the tavern. I'm your host, Yeccki. Not only is this the finest tavern in town, it's the only tavern in town!" Yeccki cackles madly. "But seriously, folks... sit down and take a load off, or you can peruse my wares. I sell potions in this town, and they're darn good potions, too!"
  Normal Evil Insane
Healing Flask (heal 25) 25 g 30 g 37 g
Healing Potion (heal 35) 35 g 42 g 52 g
Flame Potion (dmg 35) 30 g 36 g 45 g
Awakening Potion (resurrect, 10% heal) 300 g 360 g 450 g
Velocity Potion (haste 20%) 70 g 84 g 105 g
Dawdling Potion (slow 25%) 80 g 96 g 120 g

> Trade with Zapka
Zapka says, "Don't listen to anything my brother Pipka over there says. He sells armour, not weapons! What does he know? I know more about either weapons or armour than he does. So, what are you interested in buying?"
  Normal Evil Insane
Steel Shortsword (dmg 14) 750 g 900 g 1125 g
Cardboard Wand (dmg 6) 750 g 900 g 1125 g

Potraddo says, "Well, hello there! I don't get many visitors out here... ah, in fact, I don't think I've ever had any visitors out here. Oh well! That's what I get for living in the woods by myself, eh?"

> "Tell me about the lost city."
Potraddo's eyes narrow when he hears your request. "So, you want to know about the lost city of Phorofor, eh? Well, that's a story not many are eager to know the truth of. Have you spoken to Kijandri about me?"

> "Yes, I did."
Potraddo nods. "Indeed, she is a wise girl, wiser than the so-called 'Council of Elders' here in Lakeside. They think I'm mad, simply because I shun the company of most people. In truth, I have always felt more comfortable with nature than with people. Nature never makes demands of you; it simply exists, on its own terms. But you are interested in learning about Phorofor... so I will tell you what you need to know."

> "Go on."
Potraddo lets out a long breath, then begins. "I will trust you with this information because you seem to me to be strong of spirit, and noble of purpose. I trust that you will not make malicious use of the information I am about to give you. Phorofor now harbors legions of undead, who continually rise and rise again from the souls of the departed. It is a very dangerous place and I would not travel there... but I believe you must do so, because all the bridges leading to the eastern part of the continent have been destroyed, and within the city lies the only way to travel to the east."

> "Why do I need to travel to the east?"
Potraddo says, "A shadow has come over this land, as you are no doubt aware. Beasts have become hostile, monsters have arisen... but the cause of this has not been widely known. The king's advisor, Ramtor, has overthrown him and taken power. I suspect, though I cannot prove, that he has cast powerful, evil spells upon the land, in order to keep everyone occupied -- they cannot return their king to power while they must continually fight off angry monsters. This is a heavy burden, but I think that it must be you who travels to the royal castle and confronts Ramtor. But to do that, you must first pass through Phorofor. There is an Orb of Travel within the city, that will take you to the east. I do not know precisely where it will deposit you, however, but be prepared for any danger. But entering the city is not as easy as it sounds."

> "How do I enter the city?"
Potraddo says, "The entrance to the city is blocked, but it can be opened by means of a magical passphrase." He pauses for a moment. "The phrase is, 'ad ro un ta en.' Speak this phrase to the city's guardian, and you will be granted entrance." He stops, and sighs. "That is all I can tell you for now. You must do the rest yourself. My thoughts will be with you, though. Take care in the wilds."

Ariala says, "Our daughter almost never leaves her bedroom any more. I'm afraid she's going to become a shut-in if she can't go exploring in the forest any more. She used to love it so, and now she's confined to the town. I mean, we all are, really, but it's especially hard on a young girl like her."

Bin-po says, "Ah, there's nothing like a relaxing drink. Sure takes your mind off all the crazy myths and stories you hear around these parts. It's enough to drive a man mad!"

> "What myths and stories?"
Bin-po says, "Well, I spend a lot of my time reading and researching... and I always come across strange stories that you'd never believe, if they weren't written down. Even then I don't always believe them. Like this story of a lost city in the desert. It's spoken of by several reputable authors, but there's never enough details to pin down where it is, or what it was. Truly frustrating."

Dovini says, "Oh, my... are you an adventurer? Like me? I mean, not that I'm much of one... I was hoping to find the famous lost city of Phorofor, but so far I've been luckless. I spent several days traversing the Trackless Wastes to the southeast, but eventually I had to give up. I ended up crawling through the mountains, and barely made it back here alive! I don't know if I have the heart to try again."

> "What can you tell me about the lost city?"
Dovini says, "Ah, the lost city of Phorofor... There have been rumors for years of fabulous riches and evil spirits in that city. I don't really know, though. But I do know for certain that it's somewhere in the desert, possibly in the southeast. Supposedly there's some old hermit who has real knowledge about the place, but I've no idea where to find him. Anyway, the city's very far, and since I returned from my attempt to find it a few weeks ago, all these monsters and vicious creatures have appeared, infesting the countryside. I don't even know if I could make it to the desert without getting killed."

Erinels says, "You should speak with Nikalo, for he is the chief elder."

Estrunda raises his head from the table, and looks at you for a moment through bleary eyes. Then his head thumps down onto the table as he falls back asleep.

Folsi sighs, "I wish I could go outside... but mum and dad say it's just not safe. It's not fair! I wish those darn animals would stop being so mean, so I could go play in the forest. Stupid, mean old animals." She sniffles and buries her head in her pillow.

Hathiet says, "I can't believe how unsafe it is to go outside the town these days! The forest used to be such a peaceful, calm place. Bearogs, lupes, gelerts... they were all peaceful when I was a lad. Even as recently as a few weeks ago! But now they're aggressive and hostile. It's so frustrating to be unable to go fishing on the lake without giant jetsams trying to eat your boat."

Kijandri stares at the tranquil pool in front of her. She finally notices you, and turns a pleasant smile your way. "Ah, you must be the adventurer I've been hearing about. Seeking the lost city, as I understand it."

> "So it seems. What do you know about the lost city?"
Kijandri says, "Not much is known about the lost city, but I'll tell you what I do know. And this isn't myth or rumor; this is fact. The lost city was built at an oasis in the desert, a place of water and trees. But it grew too large, and eventually became abandoned. Years later, a wizard took up residence there, and his evil experiments raised the late citizens into an undead army that he wanted to use for rebellion. The king's wizards came to suppress the rebel wizard, and during the furious battle between them, they conjured a tremendous sandstorm which suffocated everyone involved. It buried the city, and covered all tracks to the place. This was long ago, of course, when the desert was much smaller. After that, nobody cared much about the city. It was lost to history, and as the desert grew over time -- I don't know why it did that -- eventually, memory of how to reach the city was also lost."

> "How do you know all this?"
Kijandri says, "Ah, the old hermit, Potraddo. He was once a historian and -- some say -- a powerful wizard. But he went mad some time ago. I used to take long walks through the forest, and ran into him a few times. He told me some stories, during his saner periods. That was one of them. I don't know where he lives now, though. No one's seen him in years." She shakes her head. "Nobody else believes the stories, though, but I checked. I went to the king's castle, far to the south, and looked in the ancient royal records. The details were sketchier than Potraddo's, but they confirmed it. This was a while ago, though. The journey is too dangerous to make, now, and no one else is really interested in trying."

[After talking to Potraddo]
Kijandri says, "I am glad you found Potraddo and were able to speak to him. He is quite wise. I hope you're able to find out what's going on with the world, and put a stop to it! I guess the lost city is your first stop."

Mynel says, "What are you doing in my house? Get out! Out, I tell you! I have nothing to say to you!"

[After talking to Potraddo]
Mynel says, "Oh, so you talked to the old hermit, did you? Well, that changes things... Wait a minute, no it doesn't! Get out of my house! I don't want to talk to you!"

Nikalo says, "You surely have many questions about our town. I will try to answer what I can."

> "Can you tell me about the town?"
Nikalo says, "The town is small and peaceful. The angry creatures of the forest have not come here so far, and with our continued vigilance, they will not. Our citizens are worried, of course, and we would all like to know what's going on."

> "What can you tell me about the surrounding area?"
Nikalo says, "The Eye of Meridell is an ancient formation. The first people to find this area found it calm and peaceful, isolated from the troubles of the world by the ring of mountains surrounding it. They settled here on the edge of the beautiful lake. Back then, the desert to the southeast was much smaller than it is now. Most of it was plains and grassland. But over time, the desert crept ever northward, eventually reaching its current limit. Creatures still live there, though, and in contrast to the animals of the plains, which were peaceable until recently, the desert's inhabitants were always aggressive."

> "Do you know where I can find the old hermit?"
Nikalo says, "The hermit?" He glances at the other elders, who look worried. "The hermit... he lives near here. To the northwest, in fact, not far outside of town. You'll have to wend your way through some fairly dense underbrush to reach him... and he may not be particularly hospitable if you do. He's gone quite mad, you see."

Parel bows as you approach. "Nikalo is the head of the elder council, and wiser than I. Speak to him."

Siddande says, "Zixo, I don't care what anyone says. The lost city in the desert is a myth. It's made up! Nobody's ever seen it or been there... or seen it... that I've heard of. Anyway, who would build a city in the desert?" Siddande looks at you. "You're clearly not from around here. You must know something about the lost city. Tell this dolt that I'm right!"

Zixo says, "Siddande, you aren't listening to me! The lost city is real, I tell you. Why, that adventurer in the inn has been looking for it for ages. Surely he wouldn't go traipsing around the desert for a myth!" Zixo turns to you. "You look like a knowledgable adventurer. You must know one way or another!"

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