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NeoQuest II

Lost Desert - Zakharukh's Pyramid, Level 3

Your final task in the Lost Desert is to defeat Anubits. Read below for tips on how to do just that, then you're on your way to the Haunted Woods.


  Normal Evil Insane
Hitpoints 1,000 HP 1,250 HP 1,500 HP
Suggested Level 39 40 41

Skills: Rampant Acceleration (Haste 38%), Petrification (Slow 62%), Protection of Infinity (30 Magic Resistance/Defence)

Drops: 3 Weapons/Armor

You Win: 1,200 Neopoints

Battle Tips: That's right, Anubits is the final boss of the Lost Desert. He doesn't do damage spells, but he's got haste, slow and heal all maxed out. He also uses Group Shielding which raises magic resistance and melee defence by a certain number depending on what level it is. Expect him to resist damage spells from time to time. Be sure to set everything up first - haste, slowing, shields. If you prefer to use potions, get him while he hasn't shielded yet.

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