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NeoQuest II

Lost Desert - Tents Near Sakhmet

Rest, potions, weapons, armor. You know the drill by now. The rest spot isn't free, but you might want to make use of it anyway while you gain enough experience for the Temple of the Sky.


Khib says, "Ah, you look weary, traveler. Why don't you rest for the night? This is a small inn... well, more of a tent than an inn, really, but nonetheless, you will rest easy here. Only 350 gold pieces for the night, no matter how many companions you have!"
Rest Point
> "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 350 gp)
Khib says, "Ah, but of course." He twitches a curtain aside, revealing your "room," which is really just a sectioned-off area of the tent. He turns to you and says, "Now of course, the sandstorm may very well keep you awake... but I find the wind soothing. Have a good night!"

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Rathuah says, "Ah, come in, my friend, and take a look at what potions I have for sale! Do not worry about the sandstorm outside; I always keep a large supply of reagents here, so I will not run out for quite some time. Please, have a look!"
  Normal Evil Insane
Potion of Growth (Heal 80) 75 g 90 g 112 g
Potion of Potent Health (Heal 90) 80 g 96 g 120 g
Living Potion (Resurrect, Heal 40%) 1,000 g 1,200 g 1,500 g
Scorch Potion (Damage 95) 75 g 90 g 112 g
Potion of Great Haste (Haste 40%) 150 g 180 g 225 g
Potion of Loafing Laziness (Slow 30%) 150 g 180 g 225 g

Sabaliz says, "Never will you find a better selection of weapons and armor than I have assembled here today, just for you! Please, examine my wares; I'm sure you will find them much to your liking."
  Normal Evil Insane
Iron Longsword (Damage 32) 2,000 g 2,400 g 3,000 g
Birchwood Wand (Damage 15) 2,000 g 2,400 g 3,000 g
Ash Short Bow (Damage 25) 2,000 g 2,400 g 3,000 g
Steel Splint Mail (Defence 32) 2,000 g 2,400 g 3,000 g
Acolyte's Robe (Defence 15) 2,000 g 2,400 g 3,000 g
Reinforced Leather Tunic (Defence 25) 2,000 g 2,400 g 3,000 g

Chimukh says, "Oh, what is a simple sand merchant to do in a storm like this? There's just free sand, blowing everywhere! How can I compete?"

> "You sell... sand?"
Chimukh says, "I used to sell sand. Now I am just a hopeless failure." Chimukh puts his head in his hands and starts sobbing.

Jadon says, "My dad said we're gonna go find treasure in the desert when the sandstorm's over! I can't wait! It'll be so much fun!" He bounces around excitedly.

Krali says, "Don't mind my husband. Somehow he thinks that a sandstorm will ruin us." She snorts derisively. "The whole city's been living on Princess Vyssa's good planning--the grain and meat she kept in storehouses will last us for weeks to come, at least. I think Chimukh's just sad he doesn't get to go out and sell sand anymore."

> "Who does he sell sand to?"
Krali says, "Oh, naive travelers, unwary older folks... you know the scam. He thinks it's a perfectly legitimate business, though, and who am I to complain? He somehow makes lots of money. Anyway, the sandstorm's got him all upset. He sells fancy, imported sand, so the sand blowing around now is inferior--he says--but he can't compete against that kind of volume discount." She rolls her eyes.

Ndomi says, "I don't know why Zesenip wants to go out to the desert, now that he can't. He always used to complain about having to go out there when there wasn't a sandstorm." She shakes her head in dismay.

Selasa says, "Well that's the last time I ever buy land in the desert. You set up a tent, and the next thing you know, you're trapped for weeks by an endless sandstorm."

> "How did you end up here?"
Selasa says, "I guess it was foolish of me, but I answered an ad I saw in the Neopian Times... 'Buy Cheap Land In the Lost Desert - Cheap!' I knew it sounded too good to be true, but I went ahead with it anyway. I fell victim to one of the classic blunders, right after the ones about land wars in Tyrannia and going in against Skeiths when death is on the line--never buy land in the desert."

Zesenip says, "The desert may be hot and dry, but you never really realize how much you miss it until you can't go there. This sandstorm, and all the monsters and bandits roaming about, pretty much keep us all at home."

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