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NeoQuest II

Haunted Woods - Shadow Gulch

This is the only town in the entire Haunted Woods Chapter, and only one of two places you can buy equipment, potions, or rest. You'll definitely want to be well stocked before moving on.


Furver says, "What?? Actual travelers! Oh, I'm so happy to see you. I've had a ghost haunting one of my rooms for the past week, and he won't leave. You don't know how happy I am to have actual, living people who want to stay at my inn. It's only 500 gold pieces for a room."
Rest Point
> "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 500 gp)
Furver says, "Right there around the corner to the left. If you need anything, just let me know!"

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Hunsev says, "I think I know why the ghosts won't come in here. It's all these weapons I sell! They're just scared that I'll whack 'em good if they come in here. Well? Are you going to buy anything?"
  Normal Evil Insane
Iron Greatsword (Damage 48) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Teakwood Wand (Damage 21) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Heartwood Longbow (Damage 35) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Justice Staff (Damage 28) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Full Plate (Defence 48) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Wizard's Robe (Defence 21) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Boiled Leather Chestplate (Defence 35) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g
Polished Holy Chain (Defence 40) 3,000 g 3,600 g 4,500 g

Shan says, "Well, someone to sell to, finally. All the ghosts in town have run off all my regular customers, although the ghosts don't come into the shops, here. So, what do you need?"
  Normal Evil Insane
Vitality Potion (Heal 120) 105 g 126 g 157 g
Potion of Abundant Health (Heal 110) 100 g 120 g 150 g
Renewal Potion (Resurrect, Heal 60%) 2,000 g 2,400 g 3,000 g
Rot Potion (Damage 125) 100 g 120 g 150 g
Kougra Sprint Potion (Haste 50%) 190 g 228 g 285 g
Vile's Apathy Potion (Slow 50%) 190 g 228 g 285 g

Binter says, "Well, at least I'm getting a lot of fresh air, now that the sun's shining, and the birds are chirping... at least, the undead skeletal birds. They make sort of a bone-grating-on-bone sound, rather than chirping, but anyway..."

> "Do you know why the sun is staying up?"
Binter says, "If you talked to the others, they may have said this as well, but it was Count von Roo. I could hear him casting a spell; he was just outside my house. I couldn't understand it, though; it was in some obscure language. But I'm sure it was him! I just can't figure out why he'd want the sun to be up, being a vampire and all."

Deferst says, "Woooooo... WOOOOOOoooo... Sorry, was that scary?"

> "Yes, very!"
Deferst says, "Excellent! My mom always said practice makes perfect... at least, before she was devoured by enormous demon chias. So, what can I do for you?"

> "Not really."
Deferst says, "Darn. I guess I need more practice. Oh well. What can I do for you?"

> "What are you doing in this house?"
Deferst says, "Haven't you noticed that the sun's up all the time outside? I mean, I'm not a vampire, but what kind of ghost likes to be out in the daylight? That's crazy talk. I'm staying inside here until the sun goes down."

Direy says, "Are you ghost exterminators? There's one that's been sitting in my house, and eating my food, for a week. I didn't even know ghosts could eat food. In fact, the whole town is infested with ghosts who won't come out now that the sun's up all the time."

> "Do you know why the sun is staying up?"
Direy says, "Well, just before it happened, it was early evening. I was just about to have dinner when I heard some kind of ruckus just outside of town. I went to look, and saw a horrible, frightening sight--Count von Roo, the evil vampire, casting some kind of spell! Then the sun came up, and he ran off."

> "Where did von Roo run off to?"
Direy says, "I didn't see, exactly, but I can't imagine he would have gone anywhere except to his castle. Just follow the road south of town for a while, and you can't miss it. It's right next to a lake. It's actually his summer castle; he winters on Roo Island." He pauses. "Or so I've heard. Ahem."

Heinig says, "Is the sun down yet?"

> "Why, yes, it is!"
Heinig says, "Hooray!" and runs to the door. However, seeing that the sun still shines, he turns back and glares at you. "You liars! You can't trick me into leaving that easily!" He grumpily sits back down on the chair.

> "Sorry, no."
Heinig says, "Darn it. I've been cooped up here for a week, thanks to that stupid Count von Roo! What kind of stupid vampire casts a spell that makes the sun stay up all the time?"

Masen says, "Ah, this is the life! Living in a nice house, no worries, no cares... well, 'living' isn't the right word when you're undead, I guess. Don't you agree?"

> "Sounds like a good deal."
Masen says, "Yep, it's a nice change from haunting people all night long. The Haunted Woods could sure use a change of pace, I think. All the horror, and terror, and fright... it really gets you down after a while."

> "Not really."
Masen says, "Well, to each his own, I suppose. But you've got to admit, living in someone else's house is a good deal!"

Thylee says, "This is intolerable! Sure, the sun's up all the time, now, twenty-four hours a day... but all that means is the ghosts won't go outside. There's been one holed up in my house for a week--I can't even go inside any more, he's too frightening!"

> "Do you know why the sun is staying up?"
Thylee says, "Not exactly. I overheard some of the others say something about Count von Roo... and some kind of spell. But why would he cast a spell to make the sun stay up? He's a vampire! The sun would kill him."

Veli says, "Oh, hello. I hope you're not here to exterminate me! I keep hearing Direy outside, grumbling about how he's going to hire ghost exterminators. That would be terrible! All I'm trying to do is stay out of the sunlight. Sunlight's not good for ghosts like me, you know. You're not exterminators, are you?"

> "No, we're not."
Veli says, "Well, thank goodness for that. The last thing I'd want is for someone to come try and kill me while I'm waiting for the sun to go down. Kill me again, anyway."

> "Yes, we are ghost exterminators!"
Veli says, "Eeeeek!" and flees into the bedroom. After a minute, she pokes her head around the doorframe, and says, "Why... why aren't you following me? Hey, you're not really exterminators, are you? That was a mean thing to say. You scared me!" She sighs. "I guess I'm not much of a ghost if I can get scared so easily."

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