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NeoQuest II

Haunted Woods - Balthazar's Grove

Make your way to the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House so you can rest, buy upgrades and reach the necessary level. Before you can fight the Faeries located on this map, you must talk to the Brain Tree, who is located in the backyard of the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House. You will need to traverse the house to get to the backyard and find the Brain Tree. Talk to Balthazar for a laugh.


Cloud of Fleas
Normal: 230 HP
Evil: 345 HP
Insane: 460 HP

Stamina Potion
Constitution Potion
Faerie's Gift Potion

Mucus Beast
Normal: 225 HP
Evil: 337 HP
Insane: 450 HP

Dazzle (Mesmerize)

Stamina Potion
Constitution Potion

Balthazar says, "Ah, it's such a beautiful, sunny day! Don't you just love flowers and faeries? I sure do! And my grove has gone from being awful and icky to lovely and pretty!"

> "Are you feeling okay?"
Balthazar says, "Why, I certainly am. Ever since my faerie pals showed up!" He points at a group of four tiny faeries, hovering nearby. "They're just the best."

> "I thought you hated faeries."
Balthazar says, "Oh, no! That was the old me. The new me loves faeries! They're so fun and cute." He grins happily.

The Faeries
The Faeries say, "Isn't it a pretty day?" Then they hover closer to you and whisper, "And we don't want you ruining it. Now get out of here, and don't come back!" You can't move past them, as they block the way out of the grove.

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