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NeoQuest II

Faerieland - Village of Cirrus

Finally you can upgrade your weapons and armor. This is the last chance you have to make upgrades. You can also buy potions here if you like. Resting in Cirrus is expensive, but it's a long way back to your previous resting spot so you better do it.


Deleri looks you over and says, "Well, you don't look like horrible monsters. What can I do for you?"

> "What is this place?"
Deleri says, "What, you mean the town? Cirrus? It was founded a long time ago, after Cumulonimbus was abandoned. Some of the citizens wanted to make a fresh start down here in the Underclouds. My great-grandma was one of the original settlers. But it never really took off, which is why this is still such a small town. I'm the innkeeper, as you might have guessed. Room for the night's 1,000 gold pieces, for you and your friends."

> "Do you know anything about the invasion?"
Deleri says, "Invasion? Is that what's going on? We've noticed a lot of odd faeries and other weird creatures moving around lately -- which is really strange, because down here in the Underclouds, there's usually nothing going on. I guess they're not interested in us, though."
Rest Point
> "We'd like to rest for the night." (Cost: 1000 gp)
Deleri says, "Sure thing. Pick any of the empty rooms."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

> Trade with Caereli
Caereli says, "Welcome, welcome, friends! This is your last chance to get weapons and armor before you make your way to Faerie City -- or so gossip has told me -- and it just so happens that what with the invasion and all, it's a bit difficult to get ahold of equipment there. So this really is your last chance. Take a look, tell me what you like, and I'll see if I can give you what you need!"
  Normal Evil Insane
Sword of Kings (dmg 72) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g
Wand of Mastery (dmg 30) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g
Bow of Nature (dmg 50) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g
Holy Staff (dmg 40) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g
Defender's Plate (def 72) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g
Robe of the Archmage (def 30) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g
Tunic of Eternity (def 50) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g
Holy Chain of Ghosts (def 55) 4500 g 5400 g 6750 g

> Trade with Mekava
Mekava raises an eyebrow at you. "I suppose you want potions. Fine, fine. I'll just get up out of my comfortable chair and do work to make YOU happy." She grunts and rises. "There! Are you happy? Happy now? ARE YOU HAPPY? What do you want?"
  Normal Evil Insane
Faerie's Gift Potion (heal 150) 130 g 156 g 195 g
Constitution Potion (heal 140) 125 g 150 g 187 g
Fyora's Blessing Potion (heal 160) 135 g 162 g 202 g
Vivify Potion (resurrect, heal 80%) 3000 g 3600 g 4500 g
Hurricane Potion (dmg 170) 135 g 162 g 202 g
Speed of Light Potion (haste 65%) 250 g 300 g 375 g
Coma Potion (slow 80%) 250 g 300 g 375 g

Atasha says, "Are you adventurers? Have you heard about this invasion? How dreadful! I only hope that whoever it is that's invading doesn't bother with our little town. What with all the troubles back when Cumulonimbus was destroyed, I'd hate to have to go through all that again."

Bexi says, "Have you seen my glasses? I can't imagine where I could have put them. I thought I left them on my nightstand, but they seem to have vanished. Maybe I dropped them somewhere, but of course I can't see well enough to look for them."

> "Maybe someone stole them."
Bexi says, "But who would have done such a thing? I mean, there was that odd faerie who came by for a visit last week, said she was a friend of my granddaughter's. Come to think of it, after she left, I noticed that all my good silverware had vanished, as well, but I can't imagine she would have taken it. How odd."

Odail looks up from the table. "Adventurers? Are you adventurers?"

> "Yes, we are. Who are you?"
Odail says, "Name's Odail. I'm an adventurer, too! Except I've been stuck in this little town for a week. Every time I try to get back to the upper Faerieland area, all these monsters keep attacking me. I barely escaped alive last time. So now I'm staying here."

> "Have you heard anything interesting here?"
Odail says, "Interesting? Depends on what you consider interesting, I guess. I heard some gossip from a couple of faeries that passed through, that said that there was some kind of dragon in Faerie City, calling himself the King of Faerieland! Can you beileve that? No way Fyora would ever let that happen. Anyway, if you don't mind, I'm going to sit here and brood quietly for a while." Odail puts his head down on the table."

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