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NeoQuest II

Faerieland - South West Tower, Level 3

You found Fyora - go get her! (But only if you're actually ready for the hardest fight of your life!)


Chaos Nimmo
Normal: 305 HP
Evil: 457 HP
Insane: 610 HP

Obliterate (dmg 100)

Fyora's Blessing Potion
Jhudora's Lifeforce Potion

Dimensional Faerie
Normal: 305 HP
Evil: 457 HP
Insane: 610 HP

Protection of Infinity (+30 MR/Def), Rampant Acceleration (group haste 38%)

Fyora's Blessing Potion
Jhudora's Lifeforce Potion

Skeith Titan
Normal: 300 HP
Evil: 450 HP
Insane: 600 HP

Critical Attacks

Fyora's Blessing Potion
Jhudora's Lifeforce Potion



King Terask II
  Normal Evil Insane
Hitpoints 5000 HP 6250 HP 7500 HP
Suggested Level 60 60 60

Skills: Rampant Acceleration (haste 38%), Slowing Strike (slow 5%), Shockwave, Protection of Infinity (+30 MR/Def), Celestial Hammer (45 dmg, 3s stun), Spellbind (mesmerize), Renew (heal 150), Petrification (slow 62%), Astral Maelstrom (group dmg 64), Wall of Chaos (dmg shield 22)

Drops: 33 gold

You Win: A trophy, 10,000/30,000/50,000 Neopoints (depending on difficulty)

Battle Tips:

This is the same Terask you faced before, but obviously he's changed quite a bit - not only in appearance but also in skills. He has a ton of health, so this battle is going to take a while. If you're playing on Insane, expect him to be immune to Rohane's stunning strike and Velm's mesmerization.

This is where you will truly be tested. Be constantly on the watch and remember how you fought Terask the first time. Caste your Haste, Slow and Group shielding or use potions. Make sure he is slowed before hitting him, even if your whole party has to be involved in throwing potions.

Expect that Velm will be doing almost nothing but healing, with a dash of shielding, and don't let your haste, slow, or shields wear off! Recast them whenever you feel like they're about to go.

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