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NeoQuest II

Faerieland - South East Tower, Level 3

Ok, here he is - King Terask. Take a deep breath, it's going to be alright. See below for battle tips and.. you've got this! Take the portal and you'll be dropped off just outside the door to the South East Tower.


King Terask
  Normal Evil Insane
Hitpoints 2,500 HP 3,125 HP 3,750 HP
Suggested Level 59 60 60

Skills: Renew (heal 150), Rampant Acceleration (Haste 38%), Wall of Chaos (Damage Shield 22), Protection of Infinity (+30 Defence/Magic Resistance), Petrification (Slow 62%), Celestial Hammer (45 Damage, 3 Second Stun), Immune to Rohane's Stunning Strike, Slowing Strike (Slow 5%), Shockwave

Drops: The Golden Key, 2 Armour/Weapons, 5,000 Gold

You Win: 1,500 Neopoints

Battle Tips: Time for the big guy, King Terask. Plan of action? Stay alive and crush him. More detailed plan of action? First and foremost, throw a slowing potion (you should have saved those from each of your stops through each chapter; be sure to use your best, slowest one). Then, with Velm taking charge of health issues, either have Mipsy haste everyone OR have everyone haste themselves with potions Leave Rohane and Talinia to throw the first punches, although Rohane's stun won't help you.

Damage potions? Use them when Terask doesn't have Protection of Infinity on, otherwise they will simply be resisted. Velm's first turn should be allotted to casting Group Shielding. From there, you can begin the epic battle. Recast anything and everything that needs to be recast; don't give Terasky a window of opportunity by delaying haste, slow or shielding.

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