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Neopoker Information
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Neopoker is a browser-based card game you play with your active pet. Despite its name, it more closely resembles the classic card game of War than it does any variant of poker.

How to Play

Neopoker is extremely simple. You are dealt five cards from a standard deck of cards. Your pet is also dealt five cards from the same deck. All you do is click the "Reveal hand" button, which will flip over the cards in your pet's hand. If your hand is better than your pet's, you win some Neopoints. If your pet's hand is better, or it's a draw, you win nothing.

There is no strategy or even real gameplay with Neopoker. You have no ability to increase your bet like in JubJub Blackjack or replace any cards like in Round Table Poker. One card of your pet's hand is already revealed to you after dealing, similar to real-life stud poker variants, but there is no action you can take based on this information. All there is to do is reveal your pet's hand and find out if you won.

An example of the game screen after all cards have been revealed

If you don't like your hand you can refresh the page to get a new one. You still have to pay for the hand, but you avoid having to sit through the animation of your pet's cards flipping over and the pop-up that tells you the result.


The hands you can have in Neopoker are the standard hands of 5-card poker games, and are described in the table below. A big difference in Neopoker compared to other poker games is that all hands within each category are considered equal. For example, the screenshot in the previous section is actually a draw: the player's pair of Queens is considered equal to the pet's pair of 10's.

Name % Chance Description Example
Royal Flush 0.000154% An honorary classification given its own name because of its rarity, but technically just a Straight Flush. A 10/J/Q/K/A of a single suit.
Straight Flush 0.00139% Any five cards in numerical order within a single suit.
Four of a Kind 0.024% All four cards of a single value.
Full House 0.144% Three cards of a single value and two cards of another value.
Flush 0.197% Five non-consecutive cards of a single suit.
Straight 0.392% Five cards in numerical order not all of the same suit.
Three of a Kind 2.11% Three cards of a single value.
Two Pair 4.75% Two pairs of different values.
One Pair 42.3% Two cards of the same value.
"a very bad hand!" 50.1% The default hand if you have nothing better.


Each game costs 3 NP to play, and your payout if you win depends on your hand.

  • 1 pair: 5 NP
  • 2 pair: 10 NP
  • 3 of a kind: 20 NP
  • Straight: 30 NP
  • Flush: 50 NP
  • Full House: 100 NP
  • 4 of a kind: 300 NP
  • Straight Flush: 500 NP
  • Royal Flush: 10,000 NP

Neopoker does not have trophies or a high score table (or any scoring at all—it does not even show up in your list of games played). There is no daily limit to how much you can play or how much you can win.

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