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Neopies VIP Raffle


As part of the Year 23 Neopies, a raffle for NC items was held at the event's closing gala. The VIP Raffle began on February 7th, 2022 and ran through February 25th, 2022. The event's tickets will retire on February 25th, but you can open bags until March 1st, 2022 if tickets were already purchased.

Ticket Packs

In order to participate, you must purchase tickets from the NC Mall.

After activating a ticket pack from your inventory, you can visit the VIP Raffle page to claim your prizes. Each day, you may return and click on one of the gift bags displayed to claim a prize.

You can participate in this event on side accounts, unlike the main Neopies event.


There are 7 daily prizes that you can receive from the event, and a bonus 8th item if all 7 are collected. Like the last two years, everyone receives the same prize each day.

A new prize will be released each day, and the bags below correspond to the specific prizes:

February 7th

Glittering Black Diamond Dress
February 8th

VIP Gold EmbellishedTuxedo
February 9th

Dramatic Floral Wig
February 10th

Black Diamond and Gold Rock Candy
February 11th

Sheer Decorative Floor Length Cape
February 12th

VIP Rose Garden Archway
February 13th

Gold Trimmed Roses Foreground

Bonus Prize

For the first time in this event, there is a bonus prize awarded for collecting all 7 daily prizes.

Favourable Error: As of the bonus item first being awarded on February 13th, it was being awarded for collecting any one single day item, not just for all 7. TNT did not fix this error before the ticket packs retired from the Mall on February 25th.
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