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The Neopies Awards

The Eleventh Annual(ish) Neopies - 2023

The Neopies have returned once again, with voting running from February 1, 2023 through February 24, 2023 (with the last new category posted on the 22nd). As in the past, Neopians will determine the best (and worst) from the previous Neopian year. The 21 categories this year are selected by TNT, and the Neopies Host will present you with the finalists in each category.

To close out the Neopies celebration, the VIP Raffle for NC items returns starting on February 7th.


You have 3 days to vote in each category before the winner is announced, and there are 21 categories in total. Visit the official Neopies FAQ for the voting rules. Voting on the first day of each of the 21 categories being available will qualify you for a bonus final prize. 'Day One' will run for two days, from the 1st through the 2nd of February.

The Finalists and Winners

Here is a list of the finalists in each category, with the winner highlighted as they are announced.

February 1st/2nd - Best Advent Comic

Day 4

What better way to introduce a new, snowy friend than to wrap them up for a fun surprise?!


Day 5

Disciplining a cheater can be hard, so sometimes parents have to get creative!

Day 7

Not everyone is looking for a special someone to spend the holidays with. Some people would much prefer the company of their close friends instead.

Day 23-25

An emotion-packed love letter to Neopia in comic form that offers us a glimpse of how the various Heroes of Neopia are spending their holidays.

February 3rd - Best New NP Item

Detective Kari Charm

We can all feel safe with this item on the case! Perhaps if you partner up with the charming detective Kari you may win the Neopies someday, too!


Everyone loves the custardy goodness of a wiggly-jiggly flan!


Nuria Faerie Snowglobe

This hot snowglobe, besides being a bit of an oxymoron, has really heated up this competition! Good thing Nuria isn't the kind of faerie to back away from a challenge!

Twisted Roses Fan Usuki Bobblehead

One can't help but headbang alongside this item to some of the best music in Neopia!

February 4th - Best NP Wearable

Corner Creature

This creature may look scary, but if you vote for it, it may want to be your friend...or at the very least, it won't attack you!

Illusens Nature Lanterns

It can't get much better than light-up mushrooms in cute little jars! Illusen really said, "Give them cottagecore" this year!

Pirate Hat with Trinkets

Dozens if not hundreds of Neopians almost immediately set sail for the high seas once this little beauty hit the market!

Progress Pride Flag Tapestry

This lovely item and many like it should have been available long ago, but now that it's here, we can all shed a tear of happiness! Love is love, and all love is beautiful!


February 5th - Best Advent Prize Wearable

Gothic Christmas Tree

Rocking around the Gothic Christmas Tree caused so many Neopets' to have a happy holiday!


Krampus Horns

Not everyone wants to be good doing the holiday season. That's why this item was perfect for all those troublemakers out there!

NeoQuest Board Game FG

With this item, many Neopians enjoyed some of their favourite pastimes: board games and going on quests!

Snow Frosted Winter Garland

The design on the garland sure was something different. While the pine needles, pinecones, berries, and snow are fake decorations, there was something just so lifelike about them!

February 6th - Best Advent Gif

Talia [sic] and Snowbunny (Day 2)

A peaceful moment in the snow to prove that joy can be found even in the coldest of places!


Yullie (Day 11)

No need to worry about this little Yullie all alone in the cold. He was just doing his yearly, winter photoshoot!

Snow Talpidat (Day 15)

There isn't a soul alive that could look at that adorable face and not melt instantly!

Avalanche (Day 27)

Running straight away from your problems won't fix anything. But maybe running left or right could've helped here...

February 7th - Best Advent Prize


This little buddy may be a bit bigger than most Petpetpets, but there is definitely enough room in our hearts for it!


Charybdis Seashell

They say if you put your ears up to it, you can hear the sound of a strange creature lurking in the ocean, waiting to devour you whole...and if not, it will at least make a pretty addition to your album!

Christmas Pizza

Why bother with a complicated holiday meal when you can just order a pizza?!

French Toast Horn

Everyone loves a pun you can eat, but this one you can also play a delicious tune on!

February 8th - Best Caption Image

January - 1454

There are two types of friends when it comes to sleepovers. The kind who keeps things quiet when someone falls asleep...and the kind who doesn't!

April - 1457

The Cybunny was a bit shocked when she walked into her living room, but in the end, the true prank was on the Bori himself when he realised how expensive it was to pay for all the plushies!

August - 1461

Everyone thought it was a little odd when Maraqua opened up a new laundry mat, but it turned out to be a lot of fun!

November - 1464

Slorgs in Space! It was supposed to be the top-ranking film of the year. Unfortunately, the Slorgs didn't realise they could just use CGI for the whole 'Space' part!


February 9th - Best Site Event

Advent Calendar

Heralded by Neopians as one of the greatest Advent Calendars of all time, the Y24 AC came with some big changes! Prizes reintroduced rare and retired items into the economy and included more new wearables and Battledome weapons than previous Advent Calendars had seen in years. The daily content of the Advent Calendar was also tweaked, now consisting of a blend of animated comics and gifs as well as colouring pages and wallpapers.


Altador Cup XVII

This year's Altador Cup saw two new players added to the roster who immediately became fan favourites despite their opposing personalities! The tournament itself was highly competitive, with Darigan Citadel taking home the gold for the first time since Altador Cup II.

April Fools

The DungDash delivery service had citizens across Neopia splitting their sides as they read through the promotional copy for the mobile app and restaurant reviews. With this comical take on contemporary exploitation consumerism, one has to wonder how in the world TNT will top itself next year!

Festival of Neggs

After the previous year's exhilarating events, we didn't think the Festival of Neggs could get more exciting, but boy were we wrong! The Y24 Festival of Neggs saw a change of scenery and even involved a mystery that culminated in the discovery of a brand new petpet, the Talpidat!

February 10th - Best Petpet Colour

Christmas Cofferling

While this Cofferling may not have any treasure to protect, it will still most certainly try and chomp down on anyone who attempts to unwrap it!

Mutant Xepru

With their terrifying new look, Mutant Xeprus were thought to possibly have a drastic change in personality, but they seemed to remain as cheerful and elegant as ever!

Spring Talpidat

Just when we all thought the newest little Petpet couldn't get any cute they went and put a flower crown on them!


Woodland Symol

This grassy little fella has an adorable flower nose that's said to actually help them feel around when they are deep underground!

February 11th - Best Neopet Colour

Biscuit Skeith

We learned the hard way that it's vital to keep your Biscuit Skeiths nice and fed, or else they may take things into their own hands...such as a bit out of one!

Candy Hissi

While this Hissi might look soft and gummy on the outside, we can guarantee that there is nothing but the strong and loving heart of a true friend on the inside!


Steampunk Grundo

With a bit of an alien spin on Steampunk this Grundo showed up in style! Ready for both deep space and deep water exploration, there is nothing this Grundo cant do!

Wraith Nimmo

The two faces this Neopet has really turned double the heads this year! Its scary grins made many a Neopian wonder if the lower face had sentience. And we are here to tell you, it does!

February 12th - Best Species Specific Outfit

Crystal Ogrin Outfit

Shine bright like a crystal with this magnificent outfit! This outfit not only looks great by itself, but it leaves room for so much fun customisation around the crystals!

Fluffy Dragon Wocky Outfit

With feathers and fur all over, this outfit made its debut and was quickly loved by Neopians all around! It's almost paint brush-like effect has hopefully paved the way for many more exciting wearables to come!

Orchid Ruki Armour Set

There's no rule saying that armour can't be strong and pretty, and there's no better example of this than this floral masterpiece of steel!


Vandagyre Librarian Outfit

Sssh! We know this outfit looks drop-dead gorgeous, but we are in a library...no wait, we are at the Neopies, okay scratch that, LOOK HOW GOOD IT LOOKS!!!

February 13th - Best NC Event

Altador From the Clouds

The Neocash component of the Altador Cup XVII consisted of an exclusive ethereal celebration in the clouds, where Neopians could catch a pteri's-eye view of the tournament while collecting captivating prizes!

Dip & Bob Neggs

The NC component of the Festival of Neggs took a turn this year as it shifted from Dip & Dye Neggs to Dip & Bob Neggs with Vandebart Biggsby taking over the event. Although rumours spread that Bart was just looking to make a few quick Neocoins, many Neopians were pleasantly surprised to see a selection of top-tier prizes offered!

Haunted Mansion

Neopians brave enough to enter the Haunted Mansion in Y24 were pleased to find an array of spooktacular new NC items to scare their neofriends with!


Stocking Stufftacular

This festive Month of Celebrating event brought some incredible new NC items as well as warm tidings to Neopia during the coldest time of year!

February 14th - Best Mystery Capsule

Coconut Cutie Mystery Capsule

A mystery capsule that would make even Mr. Coconut green with envy! Or maybe burn brighter? We aren't totally sure... GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut!

Dreamy Butterfly Tea Mystery Capsule

Neopians who opened this mystery capsule were transformed into social butterflies after donning the enchanting wearables inside.


Green Dreams Mystery Capsule

A delightful mystery capsule said to bring good fortune to all who open it. Perhaps it will bestow luck upon those who vote for it in the Neopies as well...

Usukicon Y24 Mystery Capsule

An eye-catching mystery capsule released just in time for Y24 Usukicon, the wearables inside helped many Neopians get ready for their close-up!

February 15th - Best Retired Mystery Capsule

NC Mall 15th Tutti Fruitti [sic] Birthday Mystery Capsule

They say the forbidden fruit is the sweetest, but that's only because they haven't seen the wonderful wearables that can be found inside the NC Mall 15th Tutti Frutti Birthday Mystery Capsule!

Petrifying Pumpkin Phantom Retired Mystery Capsule

Although this Petrifying Pumpkin Phantom Retired Mystery Capsule originally left many Neopians frozen in fear, they quickly warmed up to it once they saw all of the delightful retired Halloween items inside!


Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule

Neopians were eager to show their true colours upon the release of this Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule, and boy did they have plenty to choose from!

Retired Superpack Mystery Capsule

This superfly Retired Superpack Mystery Capsule came chock-full of fashionable threads, backgrounds, and trinkets!

February 16th - Best Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Annual Chocolate Ball Gift Box Mystery Capsule

One of the sweetest releases from the NC mall this year was the Annual Chocolate Ball Gift Box Mystery Capsule, which looked so good that many Skeiths made the mistake of eating it without even opening it!

Blumaroo in a Pool Gift Box Mystery Capsule

The Blumaroo in a Pool Gift Box Mystery Capsule made waves across Neopia as it proved that even while swimming, Blumaroos never stop bouncing!

Munching Meepits Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This GBMC wasn't just popular with Neopians, as members of TNT were thrilled to see Meepits chewing on something other than our processors!

Springtime Baby Lupe Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This GBMC featured an adorable baby Lupe enjoying a nap in a freshly grown field! Might as well throw them a bone and vote for it!


February 17th - Best NC Item

Birthday Kawaii Contacts

These Birthday Kawaii contacts were a hit in Neopia, as they make your Neopet's eyes as cute as a button! Well unless they are painted burlap that is...

Blooming Pastel Flower Backdrop

This fanciful floral backdrop blossomed into one of the most popular NC items this year with its dainty design and pleasant aroma!

Feeling Grey Rain Cloud

Neopians who want to stand in the rain contemplating the meaning of life but don't want to wait for the weather to change were ecstatic to see the Feeling Grey Rain Cloud released this year!

In a Claw Machine Background

Now your plushie and toy Neopets can watch on with glee from inside this claw machine as you lose what remains of your sanity and neopoints trying to get them out!


February 18th - Best NC Collectible

Collectors Merry Go Round Attire

So many Neopians picked up this Collectors Merry Go Round Attire that Neopia Central looked like a fairground for a few days! But you know what they say, the more the merrier!


Count Von Roos Lair Collectible Background

Neopians were eager for the chance to hang around this vampiric lair as if they were Count Von Roo himself!

Guardian of Shenkuu Collectors Dress

This marvellous garment was released during the Treasure of Shenkuu Collection under the watchful eye of the Guardian of Shenkuu herself!

Shenkuus Famous Arches Collectible

Another wonderous item from the Treasure of Shenkuu Collection, this collectible allowed users to immerse themselves in Shenkuu architecture!

February 19th - Best NC Dyeworks Item

Dyeworks Green: Cherry Blossom Garland

The second Cherry Blossom Garland dyeworks item to make it to the Neopies nominations this year, this lovely shade of green is simply to dye for!

Dyeworks Lavender: Beautiful Green Painting Background

Lavender seemed to be a popular dyeworks colour this year, as many Neopians were eager to transform their Beautiful Green Painting Background with hues of deep purple!


Dyeworks Lavender: Cherry Blossom Garland

I think this gorgeous Lavendar: Cherry Blossom Garland gives off a faint fragrance of lilac and lavender, but that's just my two scents!

Dyeworks Peach: Baby Rosy Cheeks

With this special face paint designed to blend easily and deliver enduring colour, your baby Neopets can be as pretty as a peach!

February 20th - Best NC Gram

Fantastic Filters Gram

One of the most exciting NC releases this year, the Fantastic Filters Gram introduced six new dazzling filters to Neopia!

Halloween Haul Gram

One of the most frightening releases to emerge from the NC Mall this year, this gram featured a series of bone-chilling wearables!

Love is Undead Sweetheart Gram

A sweetheart gram that caused most to stop dead in their tracks, this gram containing forlorn wearables captured the (broken) hearts of many Neopians.


Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram

Neopians were thrilled to bear witness to this adorable sweetheart gram chock-full of endearing wearables!

February 21st - Best New Trudys Surprise Prize

Cloud Weewoo

Anyone who was lucky enough to win this adorable Weewoo from Trudys Surprise must be walking on clouds!

Desert Stargazing Background

You don't need a telescope to appreciate the breathtaking night sky hanging over the Lost Desert, but it certainly helps!


Fire Sharky

One of the hottest new petpets to grace Neopia in Y24, the Fire Sharky made a splash when it was added to Trudys Surprise during the month of Celebrating.

View of the Garden Background

This quaint background features a lovely rustic backyard where your pets can get some fresh air and enjoy the Neopian countryside.

February 22nd - Best New Battledome Weapon

Bundle of Burning Birch Branches

This Bundle of Burning Birch Branches burns brighter the more children misbehave each year, which explains why it's practically blinding during the Altador Cup!

Feel Better Soup

This extraordinary bowl of soup warmed the bones of Advent Calendar visitors who made the trek to Terror Mountain and reinvigorated the spirit of those who used it in the Battledome!

Roxtons Trusty Bowie Knife

An exalted weapon that once belonged to the legendary explorer Roxton A. Colchester III, this knife has developed a knack for clearing through vegetation with ease.

Thunder Sticks

No one will dare steal your thunder while you wield this enchanted weapon from Altador Cup XVII! Well, unless they have a purple sticky hand that is...


Voting Rewards

For submitting your vote in each category, you will receive one of the following items. If you vote in more than one category at once (if you missed a day of voting), then you'll receive more than one item.

Bonus Prize

On the last day of voting, if you voted for every category on the day of its release, then you received the following bonus prizes:

Not a dupe! This Plushie is a Toy, not to be confused with the Ellsworth Handheld Plushie wearable bonus from two years ago.