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The Neopies Awards

The Tenth Annual(ish) Neopies - 2022

The Neopies have returned once again, with voting running from February 1st, 2022 through February 20, 2022 (with the last new category posted on the 18th). As in the past, Neopians will determine the best (and worst) from the previous Neopian year. The 17 categories this year are selected by TNT, and the Neopies Host will present you with the finalists in each category.

To close out the Neopies celebration, the VIP Raffle for NC items returns starting on February 7th.


You have 3 days to vote in each category before the winner is announced, and there are 17 categories in total. Visit the official Neopies FAQ for the voting rules. Voting on the first day of each of the 17 categories being available will qualify you for a bonus final prize. 'Day One' will run during the 1st and 2nd of February.

The Finalists and Winners

Here is a list of the finalists in each category, with the winner highlighted as they are announced.

February 1st/2nd - Best Advent Comic

Day 16

Apathy earns their namesake in this comic depicting the grey Bruce spirit waking up with a fresh cup of coffee and the company of an energetic Frogarott.

Day 13

A cunning Jinjah enacts a plan to pilfer the Breadmaster’s coveted fresh churned frosting from right under his nose.


Day 8

Lord Darigan softens up for the holidays with the help of a jovial Drackonack who needs a bit of help themselves!

Day 5

One grundo makes an unexpected friend while searching for just the right Christmas Tree. This one speaks fir itself!

February 3rd - Best New NP Item

Whack a Symol

This item started a toy craze when it was released for Symol Day. And don’t worry, it went through several rounds of testing at the Petpet Protection League society first!

Fyora Day Bento Box

This lovely box is stuffed full of some of Queen Fyora’s favoured snacks. And all for a price you won’t find anywhere in the Hidden Tower shop!

The Futility of Existence

A rather dreary book questioning why we even bother with the perpetual pangs of existence. (We have heard your concerns and don’t worry, the TNT member who came up with this item thanks you for checking in, but they are okay!)


Library Faerie Bookend

Shhhh be quiet! This delightful Library Faerie bookend is about to win the Neopies!

February 4th - Best NP Wearable

Mutant Chthonic Amulet

A mysterious amulet that allegedly drove the last wearer to madness through a prolonged bout of insomnia brought about by horrid night terrors. On a completely unrelated note, I bet it would look great on you!

Chocolate Tuxedo

Released to celebrate the Chocolate Ball, this Chocolate Tuxedo helps cultivate a look that just melts in your mouth! And well, all over you… best to wear this one in colder climates!


Happiness Faerie Poster

An inspirational feel-good poster that can be found in most Neopian offices, this Happiness Faerie Poster has kept many Neopian’s spirits high while their work day dragged on.

Cute Cup of Borovan

Your worries will melt away when you’re sipping from this cute cup of Borovan. Just be sure your fingers don’t melt away too, that little cup sure can get hot!

February 5th - Best Advent Prize Wearable

Reinas Holiday Sweater

This sweater was a hit in Terror Mountain, and pretty soon all of Happy Valley was bundling up like everyone’s favourite Advent Calendar Aisha.

Flaming Room

One of the hottest new backgrounds this year, the Flaming Room wearable has been trending all over Neopia. Just don’t try recreating this background at home...


Snowbunny Infested Snowman

This snowman has been stricken with the best type of infestation: Snowbunnies! Now if only I could get them to infest my apartment...

Incoming Avalanche

A background that makes for a truly spectacular sight… for a few seconds before you are promptly covered in thick rolling blankets of snow.

February 6th - Best Advent Prize

Axe of Guilt

Imbued with the cumulative guilt of its former wielders, swinging this formidable weapon comes with a terrible price. It also sells for a terrible price at most shops...

Baby Aisha Stamp

Looking at this adorable stamp reminds me about how that baby Aisha made Malkus Vile look like a total chump. But that’s none of my business...


Flower Jhudora Doll

The price of these dolls has skyrocketed ever since Jhudora swore to turn anyone who owns one into a Mortog... Is it wrong I still want one?

Darigan Doppio

Although it looks rather sinister, this Darigan-style double shot espresso drink has a surprising sweetness to it that becomes apparent after you give it some time. Much like Lord Darigan himself...

February 7th - Best Caption Image


During December, one Wocky was determined to reach for the stars this holiday season. They even managed to land a paw on one!


This September one puckish Poogle learned about the fallacy of assuming they were the first to fall in a pile of leaves. They also learned just how sharp Skeith spikes can be...


This young Tuskaninny swore to never badmouth Tubular Kiko Racing again after a veteran racer took them for the ride of their life!



A Cybunny disobeys the clearly marked “No Food” signs, much to the chagrin of the Techo behind them who did not carrot all for their cake!

February 8th - Best Site Event

Festival of Neggs

Many Neopians were shocked at this year’s festival when they discovered that Topsi was actually an advanced android designed by Dr Sloth. Luckily Dr Neggistential and Kari were able to thwart the cybernetic Cybunny, leaving Dr. Sloth with negg on his face!

Altador Cup XVI

For the first time ever, Team Altador took home their eponymous cup during this year’s fiercely fought competition!

Advent Calendar

This year’s Advent Calendar was the first-ever organized by Reina, a festive Aisha who hails from Terror Mountain. Although she switched up the traditional format of the event, Reina’s Advent Calendar was a widely celebrated success!


April Fools

A jocular jape that introduced the latest, greatest, and only streaming service in all of Neopia, Neovision+! With out of this world series such as Doctor Roo and the Kreludorian streaming directly to your home, this April Fools was a blast for all involved!

February 9th - Best Petpet Colour

Snow Feepit

This frostbitten Feepit was given out during this year’s Advent Calendar. Only the most observant of petpet specialists will note that this petpet is actually made of snow.

Valentine Pandaphant

A huggable Pandaphant that was released just in time for Valentine’s Day to help lonely Neopians make a new friend for the holiday!

Tyrannian Dartail

This stylish seagoing petpet quickly gained popularity all across the plateau, earning accolades from Tyrannians praising it the “Ugga grugga ug uggggg” of our generation. Which we still aren’t sure is good or bad, but they seemed really passionate when grunting about it!

Faerie Belonthiss

Reminiscent of the faerie Grarrl, the Faerie Belonthiss released this year was a huge hit! The popularity of this colour is enough to make any petpet blush bright pink, maybe even the Faerie Belonthiss though we would never be able to tell.


Petpets finally active! The Faerie Belonthiss and Tyrannian Dartail have finally been fully released late in the morning on February 10th, thanks TNT! (And the Faerie Cougi and Tyrannian Seti have been too! The Faerie Tootum still can't be painted since the regular Tootum has not been added to the Petpet Puddle.)

February 10th - Best Neopet Colour

Maraquan Kiko

Inspired by a design created by the user chantili_doce, the Maraquan Kiko was an instant classic. Here is a pearl of wisdom for you, a Kiko painted this colour will be happy as a clam!


Burlap Draik

The Draik is out of the bag! Or well in the bag… Look the point is Neopians really liked this new Burlap Draik colour!

Candy Meerca

This delicious new colour mixed together some of your favourite nostalgic candies to create a truly one of a kind Candy Meerca!

Woodland Techo

This leaf-tailed woodland Techo colour always turns heads! That is, if Neopians can even spot it deftly hidden amongst heaps of dried leaves...

February 11th - Best Species Specific Outfit

Spider Grundo Outfit

Yikes! This Spider Grundo outfit might give arachnophobes the creeps, but there is no denying that crawled its way up the rankings of most popular outfits this year.

Cyberpunk Draik Outfit

A highly advanced set of cybernetic armour guaranteed to make the Draik wearing it feel lucky as a four leaf clover. Well, do you feel lucky, punk?


Veiled Uni Outfit

Complete with exquisite fabric, diamond patterns, and gold lining, you won’t want to cover up an inch of this unique Uni outfit!

Sunflower Kau Outfit

There actually was something new under the sun this year, the Sun-kau-er outfit! This bright new ensemble reminds Neopians to stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

February 12th - Best NC Feature

Dip & Dye Neggs

The NC portion of the Festival of Neggs that we all wish we could double dip. This event was one to dye for!


Altador Coastline Gala

A special shoreline soiree that was held at this year’s Altador Cup, the Coastline Gala helped many Neopians unwind and take their mind off their team’s rapid slide down the leaderboards.

Haunted Mansion

Those who dared brave the Haunted Mansion this year were rewarded with a number of fangtastic prizes such as the Creepy Crawly Halloween Lights!

Stocking Stufftacular

A festive occasion put on during the Month of Celebrating, this years’ event made a laughingstock out of those who put no stock in this years Stocking Stufftacular!

February 13th - Best Mystery Capsule

New Year 2021 Celebration Mystery Capsule

Many Neopians rang in the new year with this new mystery capsule! Lucky Neopians even had a chance to receive a New Year Background!

Usukicon Y23 Mystery Capsule

Get in, we are going shopping for Usukicon Y23 Mystery Capsules! This vehicular capsule even gave Neopians a chance of receiving the coveted Usuki Dream Car.

Pretty Pink Drink Mystery Capsule

This delectable mystery capsule made a splash during the summer, helping Neopians keep cool with refreshing new items such as the Strawberry Milk Handheld!


Babies in Space Mystery Capsule

Beam me up snotty! This mystery capsule gave Neopians the chance to dress up their baby neopets in some out of this world wearables.

February 14th - Best Retired Mystery Capsule

NC Mall 14th Birthday Ona Mystery Capsule

A retired mystery capsule starring Ona, one of the most huggable pets around. I just hope all this attention doesn’t go to the already star-studded petpet's head!


MME Retired Mystery Capsule

This retired mystery capsule morphed quite a few frowns into smiles with all of the delightful retired Mysterious Morphing Experiment Shop items inside!

Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule

A gorgeous capsule full of fantastic items, it’s no wonder the Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule made the Neopies nominees this year.

Sweetheart Gram Retired Mystery Capsule

This sweet new Sweetheart Gram Retired Mystery Capsule helped spread love all over Neopia for Valentines Day.

Seeing Double? There are other older retired mystery capsules with similar names and images as most of these Retired Mystery Capsules. You can see them all and learn more in our Mystery Capsule guide.

February 15th - Best Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Fall Forager Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Forgers fortunate enough to come across this cornucopia of fungi would jump for joy. Much like these mushrooms! And just want until they see those fetching Fall Forager Gift Boxes.


Mosaic Hearts Gift Box Mystery Capsule

The mosaic design on this Gift Box Mystery Capsule was crafted by first shattering a ceramic heart and then slowly rearranging the broken pieces to create something new and even more beautiful. But what does that have to do with love?

Seasons Greetings Rainblug Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This festive Rainblug lit up the holidays this year with the Seasons Greetings Rainblug Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Batteries not required!

Campfire Smores Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Sure to appease your sweet tooth, this Campfire Smore inspired Gift Box Mystery Capsule spread like a wildfire over Neopia. Just remember to wash your hands after opening, melted marshmallows can be sticky!

Item Image Error! The Mosiac Hearts Gift Box and respective Mystery Capsule have their images switched! Learn more and see more Item Image Errors in our Item Database.

February 16th - Best NC Item

Charming Weewoos Garland

These wonderful Weewoo lovebirds have captured the hearts and minds of Neopia with their cuddling and cooing!

Dream Portal Background

This Dream Portal Background paved the way for a wave of existentialism across Neopia, asking difficult questions such as “does the dream portal lead towards awakening or further down the catacombs of the unconscious mind?” and “Fyora help me am I dreaming right now? Have I ever been truly awake!?”


Grey Faerie Wig

This downtrodden wig is all the rage in Faerieland these days. Sounds to me like grey is the new black!

Petpets Nap in a Flower Bed

They say beauty sleep is important, but I don’t think it will help the rest of us look as cute as these petpets!

February 17th - Best NC Collectible

Swimming Maraquan Petpets Collectible

The release of this collectible went swimmingly, drawing Neopets from all walks of life who were eager to take a dip with these adorable aquatic petpets!


Collectable Sea Shells Background

Sally who? Now you can sell seashells under the seashore and become the conch peddling entrepreneur you were always meant to be! Just steer clear of the Seashell Shopkeeper... he does NOT like competition.

Festive Slushie Shop Collectible Background

What better way to spend the holidays than by practising Slushie Slinger in the comfort of your own home? They won’t know what hit them at next year’s Altador Cup! (It will be a slushie.)

The Drenched Whirlpool Collectible

It’s easy to get sucked in staring at this Collectible. The way it swirls is just so mesmerizing that you forget to keep paddling!

February 18th - Worst TNT Blooper

Charity Corner Exploit

Even though Charity Corner was supposed to be delayed until next year, Granny Hopbobbin went rouge [sic] and took it upon herself to start the event up all on her own. Although her unsanctioned event was soon shut down, Granny Hopbobbin did succeed in confusing many Neopians who were waiting eagerly with donations.


TNT for a Day

Although it wasn’t actually an entire day, for a brief time ordinary Neopians showed up on the neoboards as if they were TNT staff. This lead to some confusion amongst the team, who began to question if we really had hired on hundreds of new employees just after we all finally learned that new guy’s name.

Dyeworks Missing Art

The Pant Devil grew quite brazen this year, making off with Dyeworks artwork that almost upended the entire event!

Advent Calendar on Fire

The incredibly ironic timing of the Advent Calendar prizes glitching the very same day as the “This is Fine” Comic was released earned this hiccup a nomination for Best TNT Blooper.

Voting Rewards

For submitting your vote each day, you will be randomly awarded one of the following items.

Bonus Prize

On the last day of voting, if you voted for every category on the day of its release, then you received the following bonus prize:

Voting Reward
Award Error! To add to the TNT bloopers, the prize from 2021 was awarded instead of the new prize until around 12pm NST. Just after 12:30pm NST, affected people received a Neomail regarding the mistake and the correct prize was found in inventories.