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The Neopies Awards

The Eighth Annual(ish) Neopies - 2020

The Neopies have returned once again, with voting to run from February 3, 2020 through February 22, 2020 (with the last new category posted on the 19th). As in the past, Neopians will determine the best (and worst) from the previous Neopian year. The 16 categories this year are selected by TNT, and the Neopies Host will present you with the finalists in each category.

To close out the Neopies celebration, the VIP Raffle for NC items returned starting on February 18th.


You have 3 days to vote in each category before the winner is announced, and there are 16 categories in total. Visit the official Neopies FAQ for the voting rules. Voting on the first day of each of the 16 categories being available will qualify you for a bonus final prize. 'Day One' will run during the 3rd and 4th of February.

The Finalists and Winners

Here is a list of the finalists in each category, with the winner highlighted as they are announced.

February 3rd/4th: Best Neopet Colour

Mosaic Grarrl

It has the swirly, sunny pattern formed by thousands of Altador's finest painted ceramics. This design brings all the pieces together.

Oil Paint Peophin

This Peophin is painted with gorgeous streaks from Maraqua blue to Lost Desert Yellow. No one's seen such artistry with oil streaks since Vincent Van-Der-Gyre or Leonardo Da Wocky.


Origami Techo

Crafted from the finest red paper that Faerieland has to offer. No one's seen this much folding since Brucey B returned to the "Cheat!" Championships.

Steampunk Blumaroo

The mechanized suit of a Blumaroo comes with brass breather mask, pressure gauge, and retractable ear-armor. It's a no-brainer for a Neopet who plans to explore the depths of Moltara... and that's not just hot air.

February 5th: Best Species Specific Outfit

Candy Ruki

A full dress decorated with yummy, gummy, tastiness. Slip on the pink shoes and the candy headband for that sweet look. Ruki takes candy... checkmate!

Gnorbu Snowbeast

These sure-footed Gnorbus are some of the rarest sights in Terror Mountain. They often symbolize good fortune to weary adventurers. Also, Tusk-aninnies get so jealous of this look for obvious reasons!

Mermaid Flotsam

There's iridescence, sheen, and rainbow colors. It all makes this look the talk of Maraqua... enough said!... Seriously. They really won't stop unless it wins.

Witch Eyrie

The dark Neovian gown, sweeping silver curls, and magnificent wings redefine spooky elegance and make it a real contender. Teamed with a bow wrapped broom, it may just sweep this award.


February 6th: Best Advent Animation

Day 9

How can you warm your heart when you don't have enough Neopoints to buy presents? Sometimes a shared hot chocolate is worth all the treasure in Neopia.


Day 11

During a snowball catapult duel, one Neopet showed his true colors. Sometimes what looks like a cheap shot turns out to be a gift... literally.

Day 19

Rushing home to your twin sisters, you can sometimes forget what you got them. Presents can't change your messy siblings but come on!

Day 21

In a castle where ghostly figures roam the halls you can never be sure that it's someone you know. What happens when a prank gets a bit too real?

February 7th: Best Advent Prize

Christmas Shop Window Display Background

There are festive trees, lights and all round cheer everywhere. The holidays aren’t the same without some last minute shopping. The town square is where the best deals are at!

High Tea in the Woods

The stools are waiting! On this finely crafted wooden table there's good hot tea, and cupcakes. It's sure to bring a few friends to the party.

The Giant Omelette: Myths and Folktales

This book holds the great stories of hunger, theft, betrayal, and egg-citement. It also comes with a short biography of Sabre-X. A real prize worthy of a prize.

Soup Faerie Stamp

It's time to raise a spoon and boil your broth because this is a fine foodie stamp. It'll fill your heart and stomach with happiness!


February 8th: Best Neopoint Background

Carnival of Terror Entrance

Stand on the rails of this terrifying ride and catch your breath. Phew! You made it... or did you? Those glowing eyes aren't very reassuring.

Classy Minimal Boudoir

Understated elegance decorates this four poster bed. It's for the more discerning Neopet who enjoys the finer things and dashes the idea of an award. That's what made the judges want it more!

Neopies After-Party Background

Shimmering ceiling lights sparkle over the red carpet. Don't forget your gift bag! The background will get all the A-Listers to party all night long... assuming it wins the award.

Maraqua Sunken Ship Background

At the bottom of the ocean, the mystery of the sunken ship has given many sleepless nights to investigators and it remains unsolved... as does the case of its missing award.


February 9th: Best Neopoint Wearable

Dreamy Faerie Dress

The soft pink veils completes this ethereal-looking dress. Perfect for a dance contest or just a fun day in at the Neohome. Many are hoping it will twirl its way to victory.

Negg Stand Foreground

Decorated with flowery trellises and holding multicolored baskets of pristine product. The Festival of Neggs might have come to an end but it has set up shop in everyone's hearts.

Tree of Love

Nurtured as a sapling by Illusen herself, it has blossomed incredibly. This heart shaped tree stands sweetly and sheds lovingly. It certainly leaves its mark.

Yooyu Trellis Arch Gate

Both a skilled Chia carpenter and Bori botanist worked to make this delightful green gate. It's surrounded by flourishing shrubbery and is so rosily framed, too.


February 10th: Best Site Event

Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules

Hannah and Kanrik must reunite once more on a dangerous journey to assemble and solve cryptic riddles, each one representing a year in Neopets past. It's been an adventure.

Halloween Costume Competition

Many Neopians gathered together to wear and compare their best and spookiest! It was wickedly award-worthy this year.

Living with Less

In this Neopoint drive so much joy was found offloading what wasn't needed. It wouldn't even mind not winning the award.

Daily Dare

AAA and Abigail enthralled in their challenges and glorious trophies were won. It's certainly a fierce competitor even after it ended.


February 11th: Best Mystery Capsule

Retired Altador Cup Mystery Capsule

The exclusive archived prizes returned in this Mystery Capsule. Restoring the Altador Cup's treasured past could lead to a treasured award!

Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule

This capsule contained the long anticipated return of the Wonderclaw items. The old machinery got a polished up just for this occasion.

NC Mall Birthday Iridescent Mystery Capsule

On the twelfth birthday of NC Mall, this shimmering capsule had a chance of rewarding three limited edition items.

The 20th Anniversary Mystery Capsule

To celebrate the Neopets vicennial anniversary, this golden shimmering capsule held birthday celebration items.


February 12th: Best Caption Image

Campfire Stories - 1423

Although it seems like this is a regular spooky story being told over the campfire, this time it was the story of how he dropped his giant s'more in the fire.

Valentine’s Day Balloons - 1419

This Skeith got all brightened up for a valentine's proposal but was glimpsed right after he realized he'd spent 20,000 Neopoints on that haircut.

Treadmill Terrors - 1420

It's not who you'd expect to see running the treadmill on mystery island. Slow and steady still wins the race, right?

Hubrid Hijinks - 1427

The fiendish magician is concocting some kind of potion but he got distracted while trying to tell a joke. Nox, Nox! Who's there? Hubrid. Hubrid, what? Nox, Nox! That's when the trouble started…


February 13th: Best NC Wearable

Lighthouse Background

On the moonlit shore, this pristine lighthouse stands as a beacon for ships looking to port. There's no way the award would ever get lost at sea!


Cosy Baby Onesie

For all Neopets that are painted baby, this soft and cuddly onesie is the perfect companion. It's certainly worthy of the most adorable!

Dewy Butterfly Bubbles

After a cold night there's nothing more beautiful than waking up to the delightful dew drops on the wild grass. It dew-serves some kind of trophy.

Floral Golden Gateway

Bejeweled and wrapped in flashing lights and bright lanterns. This golden gate makes the perfect spring background and it would certainly match a flashy award!

February 14th: Best NC Feature

Forgotten Relics of Altador

The elders of Altador have unearthed many fascinating pieces that could reveal fascinating secrets about the city's history! Could there be some dark past that no one knows about yet?

Lulu in Space

Lulu returned to explore the Virtupets Station as a part of the Daily Dare. There were superb items but there's always space for an award.

Haunted Mansion

If you braved a night in the mansion, you found that prize you'd been hoping for. They say the ghost of the Neopie roams the mansion, waiting for its long awaited return!


Mysterious Magical Neggs

Sprinkle the magic dust on these multicolored Neggs and the prizes were cracked. It would feel like a crime, if they were Negg-lected at the Neopies.

February 15th: Best New Avatar

20 Year Celebration Avatar

The 20 year anniversary avatar comes in fine Fyora pink! Even if it doesn't win, it still feels like a wonderful achievement and it would like to thank its fans.


Robot Vandagyre Avatar

Enjoy the serene blue eyes and smooth metal skin on this avatar. The metallic Neopet seems like it's glowing already.

Royalboy Lutari Avatar

Dressed for Mystery Island or even Lutari Island, this avatar has a fine feathery hat. A Lutari with something fun to say at the award ceremony.

L&L - Bravo, Aurrick Avatar

The Krawk unleashes the power of the Mystical Tablet on the Cursed Claymaker but it didn't turn out well. Either way, Aurrick will probably still tell everyone he won. Does it need to be official?

February 16th: Best Premium Collectible Item

Fall Leaves Shower

All the multicolored leaves are so much fun to play in. You'll definitely fall for this autumn foreground.

Castle in the Sky

The mysterious land in the sky is such a sublime backdrop for even flying Neopets. Ironically, it is said that those who dwell here are quite down-to-earth when making award speeches.


Candy Cane Scarf

This striped wrapping keeps you wonderfully warm on Terror Mountain adventures. Because of this item, many Neopets couldn't help themselves from licking their own scarf.

Ghoulish Ghosts Garland

These ghostly lights are a fine backdrop for Halloween parties. In the Haunted Woods, they say it's worth its weight in Ghoul-d.

February 17th: Best Prize Pool Update

Trudy's Surprise

Trudy's famous slot machine gave out some new, flashy, seven day streak, surprise items including: the Spooky Background, Corals of Kiko Lake and the riveting Tyrants of Tyrannia book. The last of which hit the bestseller list after the author's disappointing prequel 'Lutes of Lutari Island'.


Qasalan Expellibox

The Qasalan officials have offered some splendid new rewards for expelling those pesky Scarabs this year. Were they cast far enough away, though? One pesky journalist described the problem as 'unde-scarab-le'... She was almost fired for it.

Cooking Pot

Jhuidah has concocted all kinds of challenging recipes on Mystery Island this year. She's been working for decades to perfect the Banana Melon Blurb all while drinking far too much Cherry Neocola. She describes the revamped beverage as a better alternative to 'Cheese'... because there's far too much of that going on as it is.

February 18th: Best New Petpet Color

Royal Fir

Don ye robe and crown, ye fine Fir-ey companion. Dost thou think itst be hard for the Neopet to stop speaking thusly and ridiculously with this Petpet companion at its side?... Well? Dost thou?

Tyrannian Snomorg

One of the most fitting colours has finally been revealed. Don't you just know a Snomorg was meant to be Tyrannian?

Valentine Splime

And just in time! It has been such a crime that the Splime rhyme has had such a ladder to climb because its look is more than sublime!


Pirate Marafin

I think you will Marafin-d this to be a fitting look for your Petpet. It's certainly ready for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.

February 19th: Best Neopoint Item


The ancient scimitar belonged to the Xendrik family was stolen by Lyra as she ran away from home. The heirloom represents so much more than Sakhmetian tradition.


Sloth Collectible Charm

The charm of the devilish villain has never been in doubt and this item was a fond favourite this year. Just keep an eye out for your other charms because this one seems to have a mind of its own.

Elderly Apple

Sit down and let this wise apple tell you her tales. From the perils of falling too close to the tree to keeping that pesky doctor away, this Gourmet Food will make you ponder how you like them.

AAA Coin

As an exclusive reward for the completion of the year's Daily Dare, this commemorative coin is a fine addition to your album.

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