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The Neopies Awards

The Eleventh Annual(ish) Neopies - 2023

The Neopies have returned once again, with voting running from February 1, 2023 through February 24, 2023 (with the last new category posted on the 22nd). As in the past, Neopians will determine the best (and worst) from the previous Neopian year. The 21 categories this year are selected by TNT, and the Neopies Host will present you with the finalists in each category.

To close out the Neopies celebration, the VIP Raffle for NC items returns starting on February 7th.


You have 3 days to vote in each category before the winner is announced, and there are 21 categories in total. Visit the official Neopies FAQ for the voting rules. Voting on the first day of each of the 21 categories being available will qualify you for a bonus final prize. 'Day One' will run for two days, from the 1st through the 2nd of February.

The Finalists and Winners

Here is a list of the finalists in each category, with the winner highlighted as they are announced.

February 1st/2nd - Best Advent Comic

Day 4

What better way to introduce a new, snowy friend than to wrap them up for a fun surprise?!


Day 5

Disciplining a cheater can be hard, so sometimes parents have to get creative!

Day 7

Not everyone is looking for a special someone to spend the holidays with. Some people would much prefer the company of their close friends instead.

Day 23-25

An emotion-packed love letter to Neopia in comic form that offers us a glimpse of how the various Heroes of Neopia are spending their holidays.

February 3rd - Best New NP Item

Twisted Roses Fan Usuki Bobblehead

One can't help but headbang alongside this item to some of the best music in Neopia!


Everyone loves the custardy goodness of a wiggly-jiggly flan!


Detective Kari Charm

We can all feel safe with this item on the case! Perhaps if you partner up with the charming detective Kari you may win the Neopies someday, too!

Nuria Faerie Snowglobe

This hot snowglobe, besides being a bit of an oxymoron, has really heated up this competition! Good thing Nuria isn't the kind of faerie to back away from a challenge!

February 4th - Best NP Wearable

Corner Creature

This creature may look scary, but if you vote for it, it may want to be your friend...or at the very least, it won't attack you!

Pirate Hat with Trinkets

Dozens if not hundreds of Neopians almost immediately set sail for the high seas once this little beauty hit the market!

Progress Pride Flag Tapestry

This lovely item and many like it should have been available long ago, but now that it's here, we can all shed a tear of happiness! Love is love, and all love is beautiful!

Illusens Nature Lanterns

It can't get much better than light-up mushrooms in cute little jars! Illusen really said, "Give them cottagecore" this year!

February 5th - Best Advent Prize Wearable

Krampus Horns

Not everyone wants to be good doing the holiday season. That's why this item was perfect for all those troublemakers out there!

NeoQuest Board Game FG

With this item, many Neopians enjoyed some of their favourite pastimes: board games and going on quests!

Gothic Christmas Tree

Rocking around the Gothic Christmas Tree caused so many Neopets' to have a happy holiday!

Snow Frosted Winter Garland

The design on the garland sure was something different. While the pine needles, pinecones, berries, and snow are fake decorations, there was something just so lifelike about them!

February 6th - Best Advent Gif

Talia and Snowbunny (Day 2)

A peaceful moment in the snow to prove that joy can be found even in the coldest of places!

Yullie (Day 11)

No need to worry about this little Yullie all alone in the cold. He was just doing his yearly, winter photoshoot!

Snow Talpidat (Day 15)

There isn't a soul alive that could look at that adorable face and not melt instantly!

Avalanche (Day 27)

Running straight away from your problems won't fix anything. But maybe running left or right could've helped here...

Voting Rewards

For submitting your vote in each category, you will receive one of the following items. If you vote in more than one category at once (if you missed a day of voting), then you'll receive more than one item.

Did you receive a voting prize not listed above? Let us know!