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Welcome to the Neopian Dictionary! Here, you can find definitions and explanations for all those strange Neopian words that have been puzzling you. Some of the words here were invented by the Neopets Team; others were created by players and have stuck around because they're so useful. From Meepits to MPETs and from RI to restocking, we're here to explain them all!

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9/9/09 Draik

9/9/09 Draik

[naɪn naɪn oʊ naɪn dɹɛɪk] - noun

A Draik that was created during a particular glitch a few years ago, which allowed them to be accessed through the normal pet-creation form rather than the usual hatching method. It's estimated that a few hundred of these Draiks were released into Neopia before the Neopets Team fixed the bug.

Example Usage:

"Wow! I love your pet! How did you ever afford a Draik Egg?"
"Oh, come on! I could never buy one of those! He's a 9/9/09 Draik."

See Also: Limited and Restricted Pets

Category: Technical Stuff