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Neopian Dictionary

Welcome to the Neopian Dictionary! Here, you can find definitions and explanations for all those strange Neopian words that have been puzzling you. Some of the words here were invented by the Neopets Team; others were created by players and have stuck around because they're so useful. From Meepits to MPETs and from RI to restocking, we're here to explain them all!

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['tɹænsfɜː] - verb, noun

(1) To send a Neopet to another player, using the system found behind the central door of the Neopian Pound.
(2) The act of sending a Neopet to another user in this way.
(3) The ability to send or receive a pet using the transfer system. Players are limited in the number of pet transfers they can start or accept per month (the number varies based on account age). A player who can send a maximum of three pets to others, and has already sent two this month, is said to have one transfer left.

Example Usage:

(1) "My daughter's quitting Neopets, so she decided to transfer her Hissi to me."
(2) "I wish he would hurry up and accept the transfer. It's been more than a day since I sent the pet!"
(3) "How many transfers do you have left this month? I've got the pet you were wanting to adopt, if you're ready to receive her."

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Category: Trading and Adoption