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Neopian Dictionary

Welcome to the Neopian Dictionary! Here, you can find definitions and explanations for all those strange Neopian words that have been puzzling you. Some of the words here were invented by the Neopets Team; others were created by players and have stuck around because they're so useful. From Meepits to MPETs and from RI to restocking, we're here to explain them all!

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['aɪkɒn] - noun

A measure of the amount of damage done in the Battledome. There are six elemental types of damage, plus a seventh "physical" type; weapons tend to be described in terms of the amount of each they do to an opponent, and defence items in terms of how many icons of each they can block.

Example Usage:

"It does three earth icons and two dark icons per turn. Kind of feeble, but I guess you get what you pay for."

Category: Battledome