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Neopia-fied Games

You may remember from March 2024 when we posted about Neopets being nominated for the Video Game Hall of Fame. This year's inductees will be finalized and revealed on May 9th.

Image courtesy the Strong National Museum of Play

On the chance that Neopets does not make it into this year's batch, a source has informed us that TNT is working to bolster Neopets' chances of being inducted in the future. They plan on leaning into the nostalgia and creativity demanded by the Video Game Hall of Fame by opening up game development licenses for Neopian spins on classic games!

From our understanding, Neopets should be releasing more information on the licensing agreements in the coming week.

Here's a list of the Neopia-fied games TNT is shopping around, hoping to have ready for next year's induction vote:


In this charming approach to a classic video game format, maneuver your Hissi from Negg to Negg, growing as you play. Just don't bite your own tail!

Kreludor Invaders

An absolute staple of the arcade genre, Kreludor Invaders is the classic shoot-'em-up game. Control Gorix's spaceship as you defend the moon of Kreludor from Dr. Sloth's evil robots!

Neopets: The Meridell Trail

A classic example of an "edutainment" game, The Meridell Trail allows the player to control a wagon party on their way from Brightvale to Meridell. Yes, they'll die of Bloaty Belly. Over. And over. And over again. Hope you like tombstones!

Super Hasee Bros.

Mamma mia, your Princess is in another castle! Help brothers Jimmi and Woogy through a perilous platformer adventure to rescue Princess Maylin from the terrifying clutches of the Turmaculus himself! Jump, run and use powerups to avoid hazards and enemies while exploring the lands of Neopia.

Mynci Kong Country

In this side-scrolling adventure, leap through the lush jungles of Mystery Island to recover a hoard of stolen Tri-Nanas from the evil Queen Q. Drool. Play as Mynci Kong and his nephew, Mini Kong, in this thrilling tropical classic.

Legend of Brynnso

Play as Hanso, a scrappy young Ixi trying to save the world from the evil grasp of Xandradorf. Work alongside Brynn to reclaim the pieces of the Quadforce...and maybe break some pottery along the way.

Draik's Lair

Play as Draik the Daring on a quest to rescue the fair Princess Fernypoo from the clutches of King Terask. In this fully-animated adventure, illustrated by Don Bruce, you'll be tasked with navigating the maze-like castles of Faerieland, fighting monsters and dodging obstacles along the way.

Geraptiku Tomb Raider

Traverse the ruins of Geraptiku in this thrilling adventure title. Will you be able to dodge the obstacles and solve the puzzles within the Deserted Tomb, or will you join the ranks of other adventurers who've fallen victim to its terrifying traps?

NeopianCity 1999

Build the Neopian city of your dreams in this simulation game. Do you think that Neopia Central would look better with a massive power plant in the middle of the Bazaar? Do you feel like Roo Island's sunshine-and-rainbows aesthetic is simply too much? This game lets you fix all that and more—with juuuuuust enough natural disasters to throw a wrench in your plans.

The Neopians

In the ultimate Neopian simulation game, you take control of the lives of your very own Neopets. Build their skills, conduct their relationships, decorate their Neohome, and watch as their families grow across generations...or put a fence around the Rainbow Fountain and see what happens. You’re in control!

Grand Theft Cloud Racers

Being a faerie isn't all fun and games. Sometimes it's crime! Complete a variety of missions in this open-world action RPG. Dash around Faerieland on your choice of cloud racer, leaving mysteriously solid streaks of smoke in your wake.

Kad Kad Revolution

Who said dancing was just for Neopets?! Put your stamina and skill to the test as you dance your heart out to a series of Petpet-inspired rhythm challenges!

Petpet Crossing

When an Angelpuss in a blue hat sells you a dream vacation package, how can you possibly say no? Construct the island paradise of your dreams in this humble social simulation game. Bond with your Neopian neighbors, fill out your museum, grow some beautiful flowers...and don't forget that Angelpuss. You owe her a lot of money.

Nerkmid Valley

Disillusioned with the fast pace of life in Neopia Central, you've moved off the grid to start over. Armed with some basic tools and a few thousand Neopoints, join the Valley's small community of Nerkmid collectors. Upgrade your Neohome, fight some monsters, make some friends, and learn to live off the land.

Flappy Pteri

This arcade-style classic is simple: tap the screen to move the Pteri through the pipes. The real challenge is not throwing your neophone against the wall...