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Neopets X Preview

At the Comic-Con Neopets After Party on July 19, 2019, TNT unveiled a demo for a new project in the works, codenamed: Neopets X! This demo represents the "world building app" that was announced at the 2018 After Party. The game is being developed by a team separate from the TNT staff members that work on the Neopets.com website and Legends and Letters.

This app was later officially announced as Neopets: Dacardia Rezoned before settling into its final name as Neopets: Island Builders.

The images seen below are all direct screenshots from the demo app, and are all courtesy of Herdy.


Neopets X is a 3D mobile app in which you, the protagonist, encounter the new Neopian world of Dacardia, which was ravaged under suspicious circumstances. Your end goal is to rebuild the island of Dacardia and uncover who is behind the event.

Your first guide to this new world is a Lutari by the name of Lania Cragg, who shows you how to use a giant crablike machine, the Crabulator, to build things on the island.

In the demo, you gather resources like hay and bombs, and use the Molten Mixer to combine these resources into more complex building materials. Several minigames also allow you to combine resources. Getting one item may require getting several other items; for example, you need a basket to get pumpkins, and you need pumpkins to get worms. In addition to the resources and materials needed to construct houses and buildings, you can also create decorations to customise your buildings.

You will also encounter a Chia, an intrepid reporter out to make her name in the world. The Chia wants our help to solve the mystery behind Dacardia's recent damage, and sends you on quests (involving more gathering and crafting of items) to find and return with clues.

As part of the demo, a hidden easter Negg was added. In the above screenshot, you can see the Rare Item Code PN190-37816-17338. Enter that code at Grundo's Warehouse to receive your own 3D Crabulator!

Hidden Rare Item Code Prize
Glitch! This code is currently not working. It's unsure if it'll come back online.

More Screenshots

Here are a few more screenshots from the demo app. Keep in mind, this wasn't a fully functioning game and was merely a sandboxed app that allowed you to try out a few different features and get a sense for the story to come.

Video Demo

Check out this walkthrough below by one of the TNT members working on the Neopets X project:

Release Timeline

No release timeline was known at the time of the demo. To keep track of ongoing updates, check out our Island Builders guide!

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