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Neopet Stats & Statuses

Various statuses of your pets come with special labels. On some statuses, the label is all you see, while on others they correspond to a more easily-understood range of numbers.


  1. depressed
  2. very unhappy
  3. miserable
  4. unhappy
  5. content
  6. happy
  7. cheerful
  8. extremely happy
  9. joyful
  10. delighted!

Pets that are "unhappy" or worse will have their expression appear as sad.


Changing Mood

Your pet's mood can be increased by:

Your pet's mood can be lowered by:

The Drink of Good and Evil also claims to improve or lower mood, but seems to be glitched and in fact does nothing.


  1. dying
  2. starving
  3. famished
  4. very hungry
  5. hungry
  6. not hungry
  7. fine
  8. satiated
  9. full up
  10. very full
  11. bloated
  12. very bloated

Pets that are "very hungry" or worse will have their expression appear as sad.

Changing Hunger

Your pet can become less hungry by:

  • Eating any food item. (Up to "bloated"; to get to "very bloated" requires any of the other methods listed here while already "bloated".)
    • The amount by which your pet's hunger level changes is quietly based on the "weight" of the item, which is visible when viewing it in the inventory.
    • Most foods weigh 1lb, which will lower your hunger by one level, though occasionally you will stay at the same level.
    • Grarrls and Skeiths can eat any item. This means some items with very high "weight" (such as some furniture items) can make them full for a very long time.
    • The Neocash foods in the table in the "Mood" section above will make your pet instantly "bloated".
    • The Rainbow Melt Pizza will make your pet instantly "very full" though your pet must be hungrier than "bloated" to be able to eat it.
  • Consuming a meal at Kelp or the Golden Dubloon.
  • Checking into the Neolodge (will make your pet "bloated", and they will remain that way until checking out).
  • A possible outcome from TDMBGPOP.
  • A possible outcome from the Healing Springs.

Your can become hungrier by:

  • Simply existing! Your pet will become hungrier as time passes, lowering roughly one level per day.
  • A possible outcome from TDMBGPOP.


For more information, check out our Reading and Pet Intelligence guide.

  • 4 or less: dim witted
  • 5-9: dull
  • 10-14: average
  • 15-19: above average
  • 20-24: bright
  • 25-29: clever
  • 30-34: very clever
  • 35-39: brilliant
  • 40-44: genius
  • 45-49: super genius (##)
  • 50-54: mega genius (##)
  • 55-59: total genius (##)
  • 60-94: master genius (##)
  • 95 or more: ULTIMATE GENIUS (###)

Battle Stats

For more information on the effect of each of these stats, check out our Battlepedia's Beginners' Guide to Battling.

Level Descriptions
Level Description
60 or less [no description; just the number is shown]
61-90 High
91-120 Very High
121-180 Amazingly High
181 or more Too High to Count
Battledome Stat Descriptions
Value Strength Defence Movement
1 or less pathetic defenceless hardly moves
2 very weak naked snails pace
3 weak vulnerable lazy
4 very poor very slow
5 frail poor slow
6 average below average quite slow
7 average
8 quite strong average
9 armoured fast
10 strong tough speedy
11 heavy super fast
12 very strong super speedy
13 very heavy breakneck
14 great cheetah
15 immense steel plate lightning
16 bulletproof
17 titanic semi-demi-godly mach 1
18 demi-godly mach 2
19 godly mach 3
20 herculean beyond godly mach 4
21-39 GREAT (##)
40-59 EXCELLENT (##)
60-79 AWESOME (##)
80-99 AMAZING (##)
100-149 LEGENDARY (###)
150+ ULTIMATE (###)


Height and Weight

Your pet's height and weight are visible on its lookup. These stats have no functional purpose in the game, they are just for fun!

Height and weight are set somewhat randomly when a pet is created: each species has a range of values they can be, and your pet will get a random value within that range. However, these values do not change if your pet changes species. A handful of items can be used after the fact to manipulate their height and weight:

Height/Weight-Affecting Items

Potato Potion

Increases weight by 2 lbs.

Potion of Meridell Castle

Sometimes increases weight by 1-2 lbs.

Pumpkin Negg

Increases weight by 1-2 lbs. and decreases height by 1-2 cm (to a minimum height of 20 cm)

Are there any we are missing? Please let us know which item you used, whether it affected height or weight or both, and by how much!

Where to See Stat & Status Labels

Not all stat values and their labels are visible in all places. Here's a quick guide to where you can see different values in different places.

Where You Can See Stats & Labels
Level Str/Def/Mov Intelligence Mood Hunger
# value desc. # value desc. # value desc.
Quick Ref (<21)
Home Page
Pet Lookup (<61)
(adopt page)
(stats page)
Training Academies
(Swashbuckling, Mystery Island, & Secret Ninja)
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