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Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration

We advise that you complete this mini-event ASAP! The event FAQ states that this event will only be live until Friday, November 16th at "12:00:00 PM NST", which technically means NOON, midday. However, the Neocash event packs state that you can activate packs until November 19th, and the retirement date for the NC packs is in December! We're unsure what's a typo, so you should complete this activity ASAP.

In honor of Neopets' 19th birthday, a birthday party celebration with activities was held on November 15th. This included party games with and an NC Mall component for additional exclusive wearables. All of these events were featured on the Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration hub page.

As well as the special 19th birthday celebrations, there were also the usual Neopian birthday treats, including:

Scores Galore returned on November 13th lasting for 5 days, allowing 5 score sends daily for each flash game on the site.

19th Birthday Party

The party hub page had different activities you could participate in to play games and earn prizes. Completing each of the activities awarded an exclusive birthday goodie bag.

Neopets 19th Birthday Goodie Bag

Snorkle Pinata

Cracking open the snorkle pinata took anywhere from 4 to 24 hits and awarded one of the following prizes:

Pin the tail on the Hornsby

You must be blindfolded to pin the tail on the Hornsby, but fortunately it appeared to be random. Clicking anywhere in the page awarded one of the following prizes:

Gumball Guessing

The gumball jar had started with 57 gumballs, but you needed to correctly guess how many gumballs remained. Each guess would give a response indicating if the remaining count was higher or lower until you guessed correctly, upon which one of the following prizes was awarded:

Cake Decorating

To help decorate the cake, you needed to supply any item containing any of the words "Ice Cream", "Sugar", "Fruit", "Biscuit", or "Juice". Have one of those items in your inventory and then head to the party. After surrendering your contribution, one of the following prizes was awarded:

Gift Me More

For those wanting to party even harder, there were two Gift Me More cards available in the NC Mall:

Gift Me More Cards

After activating a pack for a particular activity, you could play it a second time to receive an exclusive Neocash items. You can only receive each NC item once, and you cannot receive doubles.

Gift Me More Prizes
Gumball Guessing

Birthday Ball gown & Sash
Cake Decorating

Deal with it Glasses
Snorkle Pinata

Decadent Body Jewelry
Pin the tail on the Hornsby

Sparkling Body Paint

Collecting all 4 of the exclusive Gift Me More prizes awarded a final bonus prize (although some users received it after collecting only 2 or 3 prizes):

Gift Me More Bonus Prize
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