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Neohomes 2.0

Neohomes 2.0 are retired! With the discontinuation of Adobe Flash in January 2021, Neohomes 2.0 are officially retired. In late 2020, TNT expressed a desire to eventually debut a new "Neohomes 3.0" feature to replace both Classic and 2.0 Neohomes, but no further information is known. In September 2023, the new CEO indicated that Neohomes would return in a yet-to-be-released mobile app and they have no immediate plans to revive them on-site.

If you still have any items placed in your Neohome 2.0, unfortunately they are locked in as you need Flash to remove them. (We are hoping that one day TNT will automatically place all of these items into your Shed.)

If you have any items that are not placed in your Neohome 2.0, you may still visit your Storage Shed to remove them as the Shed does not require Flash to use.

Classic Neohomes too old-school for you? Well then, step right up and get ready for a crash course in the new and improved Neohomes 2.0!

Neohomes 2.0, first introduced in August 2008, exists in addition to, rather than as a replacement of, Classic Neohomes. It gives you a chance to customize your home rather like you customize your pets! Unlike Classic Neohomes, NC items are available for 2.0 homes, and you have the option of viewing your pets and petpets within your home.

Getting Started

Neohome 2.0 creation is broken! Although creating a Neohome does not involve the use of Flash, the creation process has other issues. Specifically, it requires sending a request to a Neopets domain that has not been upgraded to HTTPS like the main site has, which causes most modern browsers to prompt you with a warning. Even if you disregard the warning, the domain is seemingly unresponsive.

Head to the "Customise" section of the navigation bar, and click on Neohomes. There, you'll find a host of buttons to take you to Neohome-related destinations.

Click the "Create a New Neohome" button. This will take you to a page that allows you to choose which land you'll reside in for the rest of your Neopian life. You won't be able to change your mind once you've chosen, so choose carefully!

Can't decide where to live? Check out the options below:

Neohome Land Previews
Neohome Preview

Once you've chosen the land you want to build your Neohome in, click "Create This Neohome," and poof! you have a new house! Unlike Classic Neohomes, building your Neohome 2.0 is completely free.

Decorating Your Neohome 2.0

You'll be able to spruce things up a bit right away with a Starter Pack of Neohome items when you create your Neohome. This starter pack comes in five colours--red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. You receive a random colour, but if you want the others, as well as basic floors and paints, you can check out the Neohome Superstore. This store is a bit unusual, though: the wallpapers are no-trade, so you can't sell them or buy them from the Shop Wizard, nor can you haggle for any of the items at the store.

To customise your Neohome at any point, simply head over to the Neohomes page and select "Customise My Neohome." You'll be taken to a page that allows you to fiddle with your furnishings to your heart's content. There's even a Tutorial that'll guide you through the process if you get stuck. You can set it so that the Tutorial doesn't pop up every time you try to customise your Neohome, but if you ever need it later on, simply click on the question mark button at the bottom right of the screen.

You can customise both the outside and the inside of your home, though the outside mostly involves just moving your home around your plot of land.

To switch from outside view to inside view (or vice versa), simply click the large house icon with the arrow pointing in or out of the door.

Placing Items

You may remember from Classic Neohomes that items are added to your home directly from the inventory. For Neohomes 2.0, you place items from your inventory into your Storage Shed, then from there you can drag them into your home from within the Neohome editor.

Items not appearing in your Shed? The Storage Shed has a known glitch where the lowest item ID on each page will not be displayed. You can force the item to appear by adding or removing one or more items from a lower page.

Your starter pack comes with a matching bed, table, sofa, chair, lamp, rug, and end table. You can start the design process by placing these somewhere on the floor. Simply drag and drop to place the items in your home or to move them around.

To select an item in your home, simply click it. A yellow glow will appear around the item, along with a set of three options. The third option rotates your item 90 degrees. The other two will adjust the height of your item. This is useful in many ways: if you, for instance, wish to place your starter lamp on top of your starter table, you'll have to place the items on top of each other, then raise the lamp so that it appears to be on top of the table.

Or you can do silly things like make your bed float or have flying carpets.

To remove an item from your Neohome, simply click on it and drag it down into your storage shed.

The dialog at the bottom of the screen (which can be minimized with the button at its top right) allows you to browse your items by type: Neohome and Neohome Additions, Fences, Seating, Appliances, Tables, Beds, Lighting, Decorations, Wall Hangings, Plumbing, Storage, Garden, Water, and Heating. You can choose which category to view by clicking on the icons to the left.

Note that some items can only go in either your home or your garden. (Some can go in both.) Items that cannot be placed in one region or the other will be greyed out in the list of Storage Shed items at the bottom of the screen while you're editing that region.

Here's a screenshot of the editor with several labels to help you get acquainted with what is actually an oddly complicated system of Neohome editing:


Unlike Classic Neohomes, you do not need to build a NeoGarden in your Neohome 2.0. Instead, most of the space outside of your Neohome is able to have a garden created. Simply place items outside of your Neohome to create the landscape you desire.

DIY Projects and Adding Pets

Also on the left of the item dialog are the images of a hammer and a Kacheek. These will allow you to complete your DIY projects for home improvement, and place your Neopets and Petpets in your home, respectively.

The possible DIY projects are as follows: adding walls to separate rooms, painting/papering the walls, updating your flooring, adding doors and windows, and inserting columns. Except for floors and wallpapers, these are added rather like the items: drag and drop. For floors and wallpapers, simply select the desired decoration, then select an area of the floor or walls to paint. You can select more than a single square by dragging your mouse to paint a large region at once.

If you'd like to see your Neopet in its new abode, select the Kacheek at the left, then drag and drop your pets exactly the same way you did with your items. You can even raise and lower them to sit them on sofas or beds (or have them generally flying around). You can also add your Petpets to your Neohome.

Flying pet floating on flying bed...hmm....

Item Previews

Wondering how your items will look inside your Neohome? Head over to our Item Database! We have Neohome Previews for many Neohome items, often for both Classic and 2.0 homes:

Neohome 2.0 Compatible Items »
Neohome 2.0 Compatible Gardening Items »

Deleting or Moving Your Neohome

You cannot move or delete your Neohome 2.0. Once you've chosen to create a Neohome in a certain world, you're locked in for life.

Neohomes Spotlight

The Neohomes Spotlight is discontinued. The final Neohomes Spotlight winner was announced on May 2, 2013. Prior to this, users could submit their decorated Neohomes with a short blurb to be featured in the Spotlight and receive a trophy. For the first 242 rounds, from the start of the Spotlight in November 2003 until August 2008, the Spotlight featured Classic Neohomes; all winners after then were Neohomes 2.0.

You can still view all prior winners on the Neohomes Spotlight page.

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