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The Neoboards

At some point in your Neopian life, you may be tempted to click on that "Community" button at the top of your screen and lurk on the Neoboards. Quite possibly you have already done so. Perhaps you go there often. Or maybe you took one glance at the cliquey board titles and the rude comments and ran for your life!

Each board consists of a list of user-created topics (confusingly, sometimes these are also called "boards" or "posts") while each topic consists of several replies (confusingly, also sometimes called "posts" or "messages"). Each board has its own focus, slang, and informal rules about what is acceptable or normal talk. In any case, it helps to be familiar with the workings of some of the major boards. You never know when you might need to drop by!

Topics can disappear! If you like to use boards for chat groups or long talks, be aware that topics will "explode" (disappear/close) after 25 pages of replies or 120 days since the latest reply, whichever comes first. Each page has 20 replies on it, except the first page which has 21. This means a topic gets 500 replies before exploding.

Each board has up to 7 pages of topics visible (despite there being links for pages well beyond 7; clicking on these will just display the first page of topics). Topics that are too old to appear on the first 7 pages may still be accessible via URL, but will not be linked on the list of topics for that board. Each page of the board has 40 topics.

Neoboard topics and replies cannot be edited or deleted. (However, they can be removed by Neoboard monitors if they deem them in violation of rules.)

Unfortunately, Neoboard topics are not searchable, either on the Neopets site or through a search engine like Google (TNT has blocked search engines from being able to index them). So if you have a certain topic you don't want to lose, make sure you bookmark it!

Current Boards

The Official Neopets Team Message Board

TNT announcements board icon

The Official Neopets Team Message Board (*official music plays*) is where TNT staff members will post about technical glitches, things going unexpectedly wrong etc. in order to give players more real-time feedback instead of waiting for the news or the Editorial. Topics seem to disappear automatically after a few months. Users cannot make or reply to topics on this board.

Site Events

Originally only visible and functioning during events, in July 2016 TNT decided to make it available year round and give it a generic Site Events theme! (The icon is from the Altador Cup.) It is often referred to as "board 7" (the number in its URL) because previously the title of the board was oft-changing. This is the place to be while any event is going on, but even while you wait in between you’ll find lots of discussion about what and when the next event will be. It also hosts a monthly board set up by TNT to collect suggestions on new colours and outfits for the upcoming month's pet days.

Art (BC)

Art board icon

The Art Board is a place to discuss the various art-based aspects of the site such as the Art Gallery or just generic art discussion. It is often referred to as "BC" because it used to be called the Beauty Contest (BC) board, and was exclusively dedicated to discussing users' Beauty Contest entries (which does still happen). For all those who are familiar with such discourse, "discussing" usually equals "begging for votes." Though such vote-soliciting is theoretically confined to this board, users are free to post "Spare a vote?" or equivalent in their signatures and haunt other boards, thereby contributing to a significant chunk of Avatar Chat spam.

Avatars/NeoSignatures (AC)

AC board icon

The Avatars and NeoSignatures board, known as the AC, is one of the largest and busiest boards. Discussion here usually revolves around the acquisition of avatars and the formatting of fonts. Off-topic boards occasionally also pop-up, and users being silly is generally tolerated and even encouraged.

Item lending is the main business conducted on this board. Depending on the rarity of the item, lender availability ranges from common to non-existent. Often, lenders will ask for collateral (that is, Neopoints or easy-to-sell items equal in value to the item you wish to borrow) that you offer in exchange for the item. This "collat" will be returned to you upon a safe lend. Unfortunately, scams can happen and lenders are thus hesitant to lend for free.

Battledome (BDC)

BDC board icon

The Battledome Chat or BDC is populated by serious battlers with serious money. Many posts relate to pet training, selling Battledome items, or discussing wars of yesteryear. Occasionally, avatar lending is also sought here, because Battledome players are more likely to own some of the items, particularly the Super Attack Pea.


Customisation board icon

At the Customisation board, you'll find any and all talk related to that great innovation of Neopets 2.0: dressing up your pets. Common topics include pet rating, games to show off your own pets' customs and comment on others', and discussion on what clothing items suit various pets. The inhabitants of this board do give wonderfully helpful advice on customisation ideas, helping your Neopet look the best it can.

Experienced/Returning Players

Experienced/Returning Players board icon

The Experienced/Returning Players board was introduced in April 2023 as a sort of analogue to the New to Neopets board. Here, experienced players can give and receive advice on how to get caught up after returning from a hiatius, or different ways to leverage their loyal user perks.

Exploring Neopia

Exploring Neopia board icon

Previously titled "Other Worlds," this board is ostensibly intended to be a place to discuss the geography and culture of the various lands of Neopia. The Exploring Neopia board has instead become a bit of an off-topic catch-all board to casually chat on various topics about the Neopets site, lore, and experience.

Faerie's Hope

Faerie's Hope board icon

The Faerie's Hope board was introduced in April 2023 to encourage discussion of the Faerie's Hope mobile app that had been officially released in December 2022 and in public testing before that since January 2022. Here you can discuss tips and tricks to any level you find yourself stuck on, or any other features or events from the game.

General Discussion

General Discussion board icon

Introduced in April 2023, the General Discussion board is the seeming successor to many other retired miscellaneous topic boards described at the bottom of this article. The board's description encourages discussion of anything Neopets-related.


Guilds board icon

There are exactly two varieties of topics to be found on the Guild Chat: those seeking a guild and those with a guild to offer. The vast majority of posts here are guild advertising, so don't expect to find a whole lot of threaded conversation. Posting your guild interests is bound to net you a few replies, so if guilding is your thing, don't be afraid to have a look!

Help (HC)

HC board icon

Over the course of your Neopian life, you will most likely need to call on this board at least once. Something not working right? Desperately need the answer to an obscure Neopian question? Never fear, the Help Chat is here. This board is exactly the right place to ask every question you'd ever dreamt of asking. Every facet of Neopia, everything that may not fit in another board. Most of the time, there are a few good people here who are happy to take care of whatever queries you may have.

And by the way—if you tried to find the answer here on Jellyneo first and were not successful, please let us know! It may be something we should add to one of our guides.

Ideas / Suggestions (I/S)

I/S board icon

If only this board were as good as it sounded. The Ideas and Suggestions board is a place for people to contribute ideas to get them sounded out before passing them on to TNT. However, it is not actually a formal feedback channel for TNT, who does not participate in the board (though it's possible they are lurking silently). So while it's not likely to lead to any changes to the site, it can still be fun to ideate with other players.

Mobile-Friendly Beta Launch

On April 23, 2020, Neopets officially launched a Beta test of a new site layout that will display well on both mobile and desktop. Included in this was the launch of a Beta feedback board for people to provide their input and reactions as the Beta release progresses. Unlike the Ideas & Suggestions board, this one does get occasional interaction from TNT members.

NC Trading (NCC)

NC board icon

The NC Trading board, also often referred to as the Neocash Chat (NCC), is where any and all trading of Neocash items takes place; almost all topics are about seeking a Neocash item, offering a Neocash item, or discussing the value of a Neocash item. On rare occasions, the styling of a new item may be discussed, though this is usually confined to the Customisation board.

Neopets Spotlights

SC board icon

The Neopets Spotlights board (also known as "Spotlights + Galleries", its former name prior to April 2023) is almost exclusively devoted to the construction of galleries, often at the expense of spotlights (many of which have gone defunct anyways). If you are planning on making a gallery, this can be a great place to crowdsource ideas for items to include, especially if it is a theme that is not easily searched in our Item Database.

NeoQuest + NeoQuest II

NQ board icon

The NQ and NQ2 board is where you will find all discussion related to (arguably) Mr. Insane's finest contribution to Neopets. This board is quite small and hosts a group of dedicated NeoQuest and NeoQuest II players who are always happy to help with queries. It's best for discussing open-ended questions (such as "How should I spend my skill points?") rather than specific ones, which are better answered using a guide such as our own!

Neopian Writers (NW)

NW board icon

The Neopian Writers board is a place to discuss submissions for and published in the Neopian Times. The board can be a bit sleepy as most active Neopian Times writers tend to congregate at the Neopian Times Writers' Forum (NTWF). The NTWF is a certified fan site of Neopets, meaning you can mention them on Neopets but not link directly.

New To Neopets (Newbies)

Newbies board icon

Like the title implies, the New to Neopets board (also known as "Newbies", its former name prior to April 2023) is usually filled with chatty newbies. If you're new to Neopia, you may find some willing helpers on the Newbies board. If not, head to the Help Chat instead.

Pet Trading (Pound Chat/PC)

Neopian Pound board icon

The Pet Trading board (also known as Pound Chat or PC, based on its former name "Neopian Pound" prior to April 2023) is a place where Neopians can list Neopets they are pounding, or have found while searching the Pound. Most commonly, however, it is a place where Neopians try to trade their Neopets using the "transfer" option in the Pound. Also popular here are "dreamie" boards and adoption agencies, where kind Neopians help each other find those perfect additions to their Neopets families. This board moves extremely quickly though, so make sure to check in regularly!

Thanks goes go claytonskitten for providing this description.


Quests board icon

If the faeries have disrupted your Neopets business with a sudden demand for a particular item, despair no more! The Quest board is where you go to ask kind Neopians out there to find you a shop for the item since you are not able to use the Shop Wizard while on a faerie quest. People here are often eager to help out in an implicit exchange for a Caption Contest or Beauty Contest vote; if you get help from someone here, take a peek at their signature to see if there's a simple way to give back.

Role Playing (RP)

RP board icon

The Role Play board is one of the more obscure Neoboard hideouts, populated by a group of hardcore Role Players. For the uninitiated, role playing involves taking on a character (usually of your own creation) and taking turns to act out a story on the boards. In theory, all RPs are supposed to be Neopets-related, but sometimes that rule is quietly ignored. Participants here have their own lingo, which may seem off-putting at first but is easy to get the hang of and can be fun!

Shop Ads

Shop Ads board icon

Exactly what the title says. There simply isn't much to the Shop Ads board aside from, well, shop advertisements. Even then, you are almost certainly better off looking for a good deal on the Shop Wizard.

Site Games (GC)

GC board icon

The Games Chat is a board where any and all discussion of Neopian games (besides those that have their own dedicated boards) is welcomed and promoted. The main function of the GC is to provide help and support for various popular games. Particularly commonly discussed are Food Club, the Kadoatery, Plushie Tycoon, and Buried Treasure. People here are more than willing to share tips and tricks with these games, setting you on the road to gaming glory!

Stock Tips

Stocks board icon

The Stock Tips board is where serious stock discussion takes place. As explored in our Stock Market guide, the Neopets stock market is actually totally random, so there's not actually much in the way of "tips" that can legitimately help you. However, it can be a great place to get alerted of certain stocks reaching certain thresholds, such as 60 or 100 NPs.

Trading / Auctions

Trades board icon

The Trades and Auctions board is a place to sell Neopoint items, particularly unbuyable items. Like the shop ads board, it is mostly advertisements for both buyers and sellers. It is also the recommended place to post for unbuyable item requests for Illusen or Jhudora as it is frequented by resellers and item collectors.

Premium Boards

Subscribers of Neopets Premium get access to a set of exclusive boards known as the Charter boards. Most are simply Premium-only analogues of other boards. Because these boards require a certain level of membership, they tend to be more orderly but also less populated than the standard Neoboards.

Defunct Boards

The Neoboards have gone through only a small number of changes over time.

  • On July 28, 2016, each of the below boards were removed in an unannounced update. TNT later said this change was done to consolidate discussion from slower boards to make the boards a bit more active again. The Ghoul Catchers board was added at the same time.
    • Evil Things and Monster Sightings
    • Habitarium
    • Merchandise
    • Neohomes
    • Petpet Park
    • Virtupets
  • On June 3, 2020, the Jelly World board became unavailable with the release of mobile-friendly Neoboards, perhaps unintentionally.
  • On April 25, 2023, each of the below boards were removed as part of a cleanup of boards seemingly intended to keep them more topical and relevant. The General Discussion, Faerie's Hope, and Experienced/Returning Players boards were all added at the same time. These changes were announced on the Official Neopets Team Message Board.
    • Fan Clubs
    • Ghoul Catchers
    • Key Quest
    • Legends and Letters

Evil Things and Monster Sightings

Evil icon

One of the earliest Neoboards, this board was intended to host discussion of the darker and more macabre aspects of Neopets, but in practice tended to hold all sorts of frivolous discussion, and so was removed presumably for its lack of usefulness.

Fan Clubs (FC)

FC board icon

Like many other Neoboards, the Fan Clubs Chat had long since lost much of its original purpose and vigor. A few long-running boards survived, including one started by TNT in February 2019 to discuss your favorite part of Neopets. The board was ultimately removed likely due to its lack of vibrant discussion.

Ghoul Catchers

This Ghoul Catchers board centered around the mobile app Ghoul Catchers. It was used to share the best tips and tricks to any level you find yourself stuck on, including when the best time to use your power ups is! Despite being officially discontinued in May 2020, the board remained up for several years afterward.


Habitarium icon

The Habitarium board met the same fate as the Habitarium game itself when it disappeared. Although Key Quest was taken down around the same time, the Key Quest board was left up for years afterward, providing hope to fans of Key Quest for its eventual return, as well as disappointment to fans of Habitarium as a sign that the game was very unlikely to return.

Jelly World

Does Not Exist! Were you not warned that Jelly World does not in fact exist? Why would a world that doesn't exist have its own board? Regardless, this nonexistent board poofed with the site conversion in 2020, and it's not clear if that was intentional. Nothing in this section currently works.
Jelly board icon

If you're a complete Neoboard novice, you may be wondering exactly what the Jelly World board is. "But I can't see it on the index! I can't make a new board in it! What's going on?!" Well, strictly speaking this board doesn't exist. But through a, er, technical glitch, we Neopians are able to see what's going on and join in the fun. "But how can we do this?" you ask. Well, unfortunately, you can only post a new topic by doing some internet acrobatics using certain browsers. Internet Explorer 6 and Google Chrome both work for this, but Firefox and IE 8 don't.

  1. Go to the Jelly World board. Click on the New Topic link in the top-right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Copy and paste the following code into your address bar (making sure to take out whatever was there first) and press Enter. Make sure it's exactly right!
  3. javascript:alert(document.forms[1].board_id.options[document.forms[1].board_id.options.length]=new Option("Jelly World","18"))
  4. You'll get a pop up that says [object]. Click "OK." A new option "Jelly World" will appear in the boards drop-down list.
  5. Type whatever you wish and create your board.

Most posts here are simple exclamations and inane chatter, as the Jelly World board is still something of an oddity despite the broader Neopian population knowing about it for years. But in all seriousness, there's really not much to talk about. After all, what on earth is Jelly World?

Key Quest (KQ)

KQ board icon

The Key Quest board was, as the name suggests, devoted to the multi-player board game Key Quest. Although Key Quest has been offline since the autumn of 2014 and will likely not be returning, the board was left up for several years afterward. As such, the only real discussion was lamentations of the game's demise and fruitless speculation of when it could return.

Legends and Letters

This Legends and Letters board centered around the mobile app Legends and Letters. It was used to share the best tips and tricks for how to advance your heroes or discuss the convoluted plot line! Despite being officially discontinued in May 2020, the board remained up for several years afterward.


Merchandise icon

Neopets merchandise used to be an institution of the brand, from plushies to trading cards and more. While Neopets merch has been having a bit of a renaissance since 2020 thanks to new licensing partners, prior to that the production of new Neopets merch was nearly non-existent since 2010, and this board was taken down accordingly. Perhaps it is due for a return?


Neohomes icon

The only removed board on which TNT has directly commented, this board was removed in order to fold it into the Customisation board, presumably due to the fact that Neohome 2.0 items are purchased from the NC Mall just as wearables are.

Petpet Park

Petpet Park icon

Petpet Park was a land seemingly in an alternate universe that featured Petpets in Neopia. It was designed to be geared towards much younger players than the main Neopets site. Petpet Park had been discontinued at the same time as Habitarium and Key Quest in September 2014.


Virtupets icon

Virtupets and Doctor Sloth were ubiquitous in early plots on Neopets (and even in recent ones). This board was intended to capture all of the discussion surrounding these entities. In practice, it was used to discuss site events that were not currently in season. With the change to make the Site Events board both general and year-round, the Virtupets board was no longer relevant.

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