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Negg Hunt 2007 - Solutions

Want to know the solutions, eh? Well, here they are! Don't kick yourself too hard when you find out where that Sketch Negg was... Click here for the winners!

The following Negg images were created for Jellyneo.net, and they are NOT to be used on any other website.

Super-Ultra Rare Jelly-Filled Jellyneo Negg
Location: JN History
Question: What was Stephen's original staff alias?
Answer: squirrel
Fish Negg
Location: Underwater Fishing
Question: What department does Terry run? (2 words)
Answer: item database
Usuki Musketeer Negg
Location: Matrix Rain Tutorial
Question: What is Matt's Neopets username?
Answer: reanim8d
Dr. Sloth Negg
Location: Evil Sloth Clone Defenders Stats
Question: What year was Dave born?
Answer: 1989
Hoban Negg
Location: Cyodrake's Gaze Comics
Question: What is the name of the alternate Neopian world Patrick has created?
Answer: neomia
Dung Negg
Location: Pick Your Own
Question: What programming language does 1337 like the most? (3 letters)
Answer: php
Cryogenically Frozen Negg
Location: 30k a Day
Question: What type of guides is Jubs/Cats responsible for on JN? (1 word)
Answer: sponsor
Dark Faerie Negg
Location: Jhudora's Cloud
Question: Which of Kimmy's pets was made in honor of her real-life pet?
Answer: leahnao
Sketch Negg
Location: Random Themes
Question: The best Lenny color, according to Dragonbeak, is _______. (1 word)
Answer: mutant
Shadow Usul Negg
Location: Bad Random Events
Question: In what Canadian province does Illusioniste live?
Answer: alberta
Jeweled Negg
Location: Negg Effects
Question: What country does Ruby live in?
Answer: singapore
AAA Negg
Location: Game Challenges
Question: When was Mike's first newspost? (please format the date in this form: DD-MM-YYYY)
Answer: 02-01-2005