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Negg Hunt '12 Logo

The results are in! First off, we just want to say thanks to all of you users who participated this year. We really appreciate all of the great feedback you guys gave, and we're quite happy that you enjoyed the event so much! The hunt is completely finished at this point, but you can still check out the craziness that ensued from April 6th through April 16th.

And now, without further ado... the winners! If you're on the list, be sure to click your username to check out the nifty new trophy that we've added to your jnAccount. If you found all 12 neggs you've been awarded two new cabinet themes - the Glitter Smoke theme and Jellyneo Blue theme. If you found at least one negg you still get the Jellyneo Blue theme.

Top Finishers

Top Finishers
Rank Winner Finish Time Trophy
1daughters_ofthe_moon04/13/12, 12:29:04 pm
2dan488404/13/12, 12:35:07 pm
3elbandito99904/13/12, 12:39:42 pm
4toast41804/13/12, 1:47:31 pm
5flairina04/13/12, 4:09:46 pm
6sweep_the_doghouse04/13/12, 4:20:43 pm
70o0slytherinpride0o004/13/12, 4:20:53 pm
8kal04/13/12, 4:21:02 pm
9flyingchair04/13/12, 4:27:28 pm
10alabamasax04/13/12, 10:41:31 pm
11pikasuno04/14/12, 3:52:09 am
12kalliope04/14/12, 5:45:44 am
13seraphina2304/14/12, 6:57:41 am
14murderousandy04/14/12, 3:17:20 pm
15neotamer44804/15/12, 12:01:44 am
16dreww35504/15/12, 12:44:56 am
17rubi104/15/12, 2:07:27 am
18marfbear04/15/12, 2:16:50 am
19maliechen04/15/12, 3:44:40 am
20kaltes_bueffet04/15/12, 4:26:11 am
21beast_burger04/15/12, 5:58:38 am
22theprotectorjerdana04/15/12, 7:12:06 am
23deal_with_phantom04/15/12, 7:12:56 am
24leensan04/15/12, 9:07:05 am
25marjo199104/15/12, 9:59:09 am
26mundim04/15/12, 11:07:22 am
27rilja04/15/12, 11:30:03 am
28tomatereloco04/15/12, 11:41:37 am
29pyktheprince04/15/12, 11:58:11 am
30zinkidy_dink04/15/12, 11:59:40 am
31doglover_92_51004/15/12, 1:50:07 pm
32melodyrose04/15/12, 2:23:54 pm
33niddyz04/15/12, 3:12:28 pm
34yaksrock04/15/12, 3:26:36 pm
35gamer_5_55_55504/15/12, 4:19:12 pm
36simplyme8904/15/12, 10:49:08 pm
37colors3004/15/12, 10:57:31 pm
38lupe_loops84104/15/12, 11:05:37 pm
39isosyn04/16/12, 2:30:57 am
40ravenrose04/16/12, 3:05:39 am
41gioeva04/16/12, 3:06:14 am
42ronaldcheuk04/16/12, 3:27:30 am
43bananas04/16/12, 4:55:32 am
44diantris04/16/12, 5:18:57 am
45smith04/16/12, 5:20:20 am
46nicole2006004/16/12, 5:46:09 am
47jimmycarlos04/16/12, 7:23:12 am
48stellarka04/16/12, 9:26:46 am
49kittygrrl2304/16/12, 9:46:47 am
50alexlaw1904/16/12, 11:14:16 am
51kiwakochan04/16/12, 1:04:33 pm
52mamsmelk_jr04/16/12, 2:07:50 pm
53heaveaway0504/16/12, 4:52:02 pm
54adrian13_5604/16/12, 6:28:45 pm
55robbie989804/16/12, 6:46:43 pm
56my_toaster04/16/12, 7:24:50 pm
57lolshroomz04/16/12, 8:07:03 pm
58cilyna04/16/12, 8:30:40 pm
59devonte12749904/16/12, 8:47:06 pm
60krissa04/16/12, 9:31:49 pm
61sing_me_2_sleep04/16/12, 10:22:49 pm
62beyond_imortality04/16/12, 11:40:21 pm

At Least One Negg

Top Finishers
Neggs Found Runner-Ups Trophy
11agima18, belial, itg_321, leeval, starrybee, thedreamer, train23_1, velanine
10chronix, garnet, kate_87, kitalovessm, laniesma
9biggerhips, boyob, bunny_alchemist, fury_of_the_flames, jac, jellyjoy, jindea, ladybug, soccerrox92591, xxkaroxx, yooo_danhel
8aitchoo, baliverne, dayzbelle, diana, dust_bear, eilonwy42, helenxmelon, larryland, marschan6, poki_pachirisu, ravenmb, salva_101, soofa, tracey3893
7actingrox29, agent_711, alien427, alymarcas, dark020, geckovegas18, jakethesnake, judyjellyneo, kitkatmeeoow, logicalwhimsy, pitster88, princessbunnygirl, risarootoo, theross
6123pickleface, bluemarinelove, brunettexbeauty76, chaosnitepb, chip_the_chipmunk, colbylover_101, faraday, glaukopis, icynow, john78904, kallykat, khat, mmz_rocks, pengininja, rain_e_days, saharansoot, sam_fishcake, seciea, selrien, the_best_718, wendy325, zkaty
5blissful_harmony, dalekruler, eneko, eruveelen63, faintish, goo761_, jnegg1, jobogtheqwerty, katniss_odair, kic24, kick2goal, lia_19_85, neolikepets, neya19, saver44, sumptuousagony, the_voiceless_one, tsunamichick89, vaporesque, zacharyrahcaz
4abc12345, angelsomewhere, austin0520, bobbyjones999258, cassie, chinesekoi22, crackledoom4, dada_chicken, digitalflame, facundoms, fairybaby556, falcons4ever, giraflare, good341, hyperknuckles77_tail, inusfan, kaa6b, kayte_15567, mommasimo, neocookies, plumbuita, prof_draco, quailbat, samael, savannahjones98, shadowtemper, shonawolf, silver, thaylancampeche, timonetheswan, tubulina, vacuous_, wolha, yummyfudgeness, zulzy
3anayu, angelheart18, b55b55, benjamin123121, bigtintin, britney_spears_4ever, bunneh4563, coatamundi_spoons, code_6, diniweeni, drzoidberg, esem17, fizbarington, funkgirl386, gabtena, gbcsgoldens, gebgeb, globalmusique, happychickenswimming, happyholidayseve, hazelnutty, holothurion, joeyshortdude, king_of_all_jetsams, ladyicehawk, ladyxfrostbite, la_carmabelle, lexiana, lizzzielou, lotus, lucille, mischievious_man, nancy99360, noswal_yogurt, pertaoiin, poogle_simo, rainavril, rynneer, saluqifreak, shimmering_star, smartman294, snow_queen915, tami12613, thedarkestrose, xubiita, xvickydoll, zerog187
2alwalt, ambriest, angelfish365, annemi198, axtar, birdlover4749, casualtyoflove, cheekyasamonkey, chuckeroo777, cloudfaerie, crystal123456, dacio, daenerys_raine, damousie, darknova177, defyingsanity, devilblnde333, dopyoke452, evesjellyacc, ffiffi, gapi19, gofrizzle, gordy_777, hermione_luna_2008, howler88, icechilli, jellyfishy, jumpingbeans, jweb, leanner356, luigi_got_a_star, megamanlan10, mikiifmf, morganjoisle, mrinsanerox, nanoceras, neomosnter, neotrinston, nepo_200, newyearsdude, nintendoplayer1200, pat_pat_fat, pedrao_05, rustypod, shopey4291, simstar, slviadiz, steve, tama70406, torikaiba, winxqueen282, writingashes, wut_t3h_blud, xxpwincessxx125, yiuyin, yuncyn, zachkenobi, zipsbudsgirl, _savannah_65
11leopard8, adarkie, amyzmother, bacon, benjpalmer, billowonders, buizelmaniac, catsrnice, chrix_rossi, con1468, crisscross4, ctp02, daniel_arj_, dark169, extremeblueness, fae_dead, ferit_00, fifi313, forever_future, ginnyweasley194, ginz, greendayemo97, hawtsawce112358, hmm, jamaica30, jankiapatel95, jigglebelly, justadoo444, jyotika, kat_leya, keike49, kyousuke, lauchunghin, lordgeovanni, losiria, marmeladoff, may_flame, mbrett, mellie, mercedes_benz_4001, miguel_a93, mishadooby, myth_night, naruto_dattebyo, nintew, novastorms, pamperedca, pecks7, phisen, pikachu315111, primisole123, qwertybub3, ray112893, redherochild, shadowaura256, soraja, sqrlbird, starr_2525, tempestx, thecrazyoo, theflamelord, timmehht, travis966, tropicana_banana, violintwin, weaponary, xalevoid, y_misty


Top Finishers
Rank Winner Neggs Found Trophy
1rosiethorns8812 neggs!
04/11/12, 10:06:30 am
2rylon12 neggs!
04/12/12, 12:27:12 am
3summra12 neggs!
04/12/12, 1:05:40 am
4scout12 neggs!
04/12/12, 10:41:05 pm
5kataklysmos12 neggs!
04/12/12, 10:49:23 pm
6nynex12 neggs!
04/13/12, 1:22:22 am
7giga_flare12 neggs!
04/13/12, 7:26:45 am
8the_cloudy_sky12 neggs!
04/13/12, 2:42:53 pm
9hawkclaw412 neggs!
04/13/12, 7:56:02 pm
10will12 neggs!
04/13/12, 7:58:14 pm
11greatkate12 neggs!
04/13/12, 9:40:02 pm
12suzuka12 neggs!
04/13/12, 10:21:21 pm
13pingubaba12 neggs!
04/14/12, 1:41:33 pm
14i_love_latin12 neggs!
04/14/12, 10:07:51 pm
15linkage12 neggs!
04/15/12, 1:27:52 am
16nick12 neggs!
04/15/12, 3:31:29 am
17jinxapollo12 neggs!
04/15/12, 3:08:13 pm
18waiwai93312 neggs!
04/16/12, 11:09:11 pm
19chesu11 neggs!
20skumby10 neggs!
21bonju10 neggs!
22grog9 neggs!
23rainbow_daydreamer7 neggs!
24blackpearl7 neggs!
25torratz4 neggs!
26kumar3 neggs!
27ally2 neggs!
28jen2 neggs!
29herdy2 neggs!