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As a tie-in for this year's Festival of Neggs, the Negg-Gazer is opening up a stand where he claims to be able to see the future by gazing into special crystal Neggs.

Sparkling Negg Dust

You'll need to purchase Sparkling Negg Dust from the NC Mall. You will also need to collect various crystal Neggs from across Neopia. Bring both items to the Negg-Gazer to continue with the event.

Note: Each Sparkling Negg Dust only works once, and you will not be able to keep the crystal Negg after handing it over to the Negg-Gazer.

Sparkling Negg Dust

Crystal Neggs and Prizes

Individual links for each Neopian location can be found on our Festival of Neggs guide by looking at the corresponding day in the table.

Crystal Neggs and Prizes
Day Negg Location Prize
April 14/15 Green Lattice Crystal Negg
Green Lattice Crystal Negg
Look around the Virtupets Space Station. Shop of Spring Flowers Background
Shop of Spring Flowers Background
April 16 Blue Icy Crystal Negg
Blue Icy Crystal Negg
Look around Faerieland. Cherry Blossom Wings
Cherry Blossom Wings
April 17 Purple Studded Crystal Negg
Purple Studded Crystal Negg
Look around Kreludor. Three Quarter Pastel Trousers
Three Quarter Pastel Trousers
April 18 Red Swirly Crystal Negg
Red Swirly Crystal Negg
Look around Altador. Friendly Negg Axe
Friendly Negg Axe
April 19 Pink Wave Crystal Negg
Pink Wave Crystal Negg
Look around Haunted Woods and The Deserted Fairground. Flowy Spring Gown
Flowy Spring Gown
April 20 Green Locked Crystal Negg
Green Locked Crystal Negg
Look around Meridell, Meri Acres Farm, Meridell Castle and Darigan Citadel. Bouncing Meep Foreground
Bouncing Meep Foreground
April 21 Pink Scalloped Crystal Negg
Pink Scalloped Crystal Negg
Look around Neovia. Snowbunny Beanie
Snowbunny Beanie
April 22 Green Tribal Crystal Negg
Green Tribal Crystal Negg
Look around Mystery Island. Negg Train Foreground
Negg Train Foreground
April 23 Brown Honeycomb Crystal Negg
Brown Honeycomb Crystal Negg
Look around Kiko Lake. Colourful Negg Hoodie
Colourful Negg Hoodie
April 24 Peach Shiny Crystal Negg
Peach Shiny Crystal Negg
Look around The Lost Desert. Items of Spring Garland
Items of Spring Garland
April 25 Bright Yellow Crystal Negg
Bright Yellow Crystal Negg
Look around Tyrannia and the Tyrannian Plateau. Springtime in Neopia Background
Springtime in Neopia Background
April 26 Blue Embellished Crystal Negg
Blue Embellished Crystal Negg
Look around Neopia Central. Fancy Negg Staff
Fancy Negg Staff
April 27 Green Zig Zag Crystal Negg
Green Zig Zag Crystal Negg
Look around Terror Mountain: Happy Valley, Ice Caves and the Top of the Mountain. Pastel Pink Wig
Pastel Pink Wig
April 28 Lavender Star Crystal Negg
Lavender Star Crystal Negg
Look around Shenkuu. Spring Floral Mask
Spring Floral Mask
April 29 Red Stitched Crystal Negg
Red Stitched Crystal Negg
Look around Moltara. Negg Arboretum
Negg Arboretum
April 30 Shiny Silver Crystal Negg
Shiny Silver Crystal Negg
Look around Brightvale. Bright Tulip Caplet
Bright Tulip Caplet
May 1 Blue Wave Crystal Negg
Blue Wave Crystal Negg
Look around Qasala. Oversized Flower Necklace
Oversized Flower Necklace
May 2 Green Spiky Crystal Negg
Green Spiky Crystal Negg
Look around Krawk Island and Warf Wharf. Search for Neggs Foreground
Search for Neggs Foreground
May 3 Pink Patterned Crystal Negg
Pink Patterned Crystal Negg
Look around Roo Island. Striped Flower Shoes
Striped Flower Shoes
May 4 Orange Pop Crystal Negg
Orange Pop Crystal Negg
Look around Maraqua and The Ruins of Maraqua. Mushrooms of Spring Background
Mushrooms of Spring Background
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