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13 Days of Trick or Treat

The NC Mall has a chilling treat this Halloween. With the purchase of special Trick or Treat Bags, you will be able to grab some spooky attire. Will tricks or treats be behind the creepy door? Come back daily from October 19th through October 31st, 2010 to see what delights are in store.

You can participate in this event on your side account. For additional information, the official 13 Days of Trick or Treat FAQ is located here.

Trick-or-Treat Packs

In order to participate, you need to purchase some trick or treat bags. The Halloween Trick or Treat Bags are sold in the NC Mall.

Trick or Treat Packs

13 Days of Trick or Treat Halloween Bags 1-Pack

200 NC
On sale through Oct 31st

13 Days of Trick or Treat Halloween Bags 5-Pack

500 NC
On sale through Oct 27th

13 Days of Trick or Treat Halloween Bags 13-Pack

1,100 NC
On sale through Oct 19th

Once you've obtained them, you need to activate them by going to your inventory, clicking on the item, and selecting "Activate Halloween Bag" from the drop down menu.

Then, go to the Trick or Treat section of the Mall to apply your bags. You must place the bags before the prize is activated for that day. You may not claim treats for days that have passed.

You have until November 8th to collect all of your prizes. After that, they will automatically be sent to your inventory. You'll receive a trick or a treat item prize for each applied bag.

Treat Prizes

Below are the following treat items that were released each day:


Trick Prizes

Oh no! Looks like you have been tricked. When tricked, you will receive one of the following exclusive trick items. You will not receive a treat item.

Trick Item Selection

Bonus Prize

After knocking on the door and opening your 13th bag, a bonus bag will appear with a question mark on it. (Only if you have completed all 13 days of the event.) Click on it to receive your bonus:

You'll receiving the following bonus items:

Bonus Prizes
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