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NC Shopping Race

NC Shopping Race Information
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If shopping at the NC Mall is just too virtual of an experience and you want to pretend to shopping in a physical space, this game is for you! After finding free money lying on the ground, you traipse through a mall taking things off of shelves without ever paying for them!

How to Play:

To start, choose to play as an Usul or Mynci. There is no functional difference; it's just cosmetic. The game is then divided into two phases: finding the Neocash card, and going shopping. There is a 2 minute time limit for each phase, so each "pie slice" of the timer represents 10 seconds.

Find the Neocash Card

In this phase, you navigate through a maze to find a Neocash card just sitting on the ground. The maze is pictured below.

There are two types of cards you can find:

  • 1000 NC: Usul Princess, Mynci Defender, Scorchio & Illusen
  • 2500 NC: King Altador, Dr. Sloth, Isca & Queen Fyora

Collecting the card, regardless of what type, earns you 300 points, plus 1 point for every second remaining on the clock. However, for maximum game points, only play when you get one of the 2500 NC cards, as it allows you to get more points in the next phase.

Going Shopping

Depending on which NC card you got in the previous phase, you will be given a list of items to shop for. You simply walk around and gather these items in a manner extremely similar to Usuki Frenzy and Revel Roundup.

  • 1000 NC: 7 items
  • 2500 NC: 13 items

If you accidentally pick up the wrong item, return it at any counter. You must do this before you can pick up any other items.

The layout of the mall is shown below.

  • Blue: Backgrounds
  • Green: Accessories
  • Pink: Clothing
  • White: Superpacks
  • Yellow: Trinkets

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