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The NC Mall Guide

NC Mall Shops

Below is a categorized listing of all the NC Mall shops and the type of items they sell. Some shops and items listed are linked to our Item Database for more information or to view a listing of all items. Select a link below to view to a specific shop.

New | Popular | Neopet | Speciality| Games | Neohomes | NC Collectibles | Basics | Noda's Fortune Cookies | Dyeworks | Future Fashions | Faerie Quest Shop | Seasonal/Annual Shops


New Shop Host

The New shop releases new NC items every so often. Sometimes, new items are slow to appear in this shop, and you will find the items in their normal shop category.

Popular Shop Host

The Popular shop provides all the 'Top Seller' NC items that you can purchase. The top rows are the items more sought after. These items will also appear on the side of the Mall page.


Neopet Shop Host

The Neopet shop mainly provides NC Wearable items to customize your Neopets. There are several sub-shops for different type of clothing. Some are Specialized Wearable items for specific Neopet colors (Baby, Mutant, and Maraquan).

Expanded NC shops:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Wings
  • Backgrounds
  • Trinkets
  • Superpacks - Superpacks and Mini Packs include multiple themed NC wearable items, along with a with a bonus NC item. The bonus will be the only item not sold separately in other shops. Superpacks will automatically open once purchased, and the items will be sent to your inventory.
  • Music and Sounds (you can only hear these items on your Neopets' look-up)
  • Foods (a.k.a Super Foods)


Specialty Shop Host

The Speciality shop will provide the following type of NC items (some can be found in other shops too):

Expanded NC shops:


Games Shop Host

The Games shop will provide the following types of NC items (some can be found in other shops too):

Expanded NC shops:


Neohomes Shop Host

Items in the Neohomes shop can only be used to furnish Neohomes 2.0, not Classic Neohomes. A wallpaper or floor tile is enough to cover a whole room.

Expanded NC Shops:

NC Collectibles

NC Collectibles

The NC Collectible shop will provide a new Limited Edition NC item each month. The items will be themed to a series and showcased. Purchasing all five NC Collectible items in a series, will earn you a themed Limited Edition bonus prize. A full list can be found in the Collectibles section.


Basics Shop Host

The Basics shop has simple NC wearable items with designs in multiple colors. Below are the following types:

  • Wigs (long and short)
  • Pullovers
  • Skirts
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Shirts
  • Trousers

Noda's Fortune Cookies

Noda's Fortune Cookies

Noda's Fortune Cookies shop stocks NC Fortune Cookies in limited amounts, but Noda will bake and restock them regularly, even if it says 'sold out'. This shop stocks the following Fortune Cookies:


Dyeworks Shop Host

The Dyeworks shop run by Loic, will provide a list of NC wearable items (current and retired) that can be dyed with a Hue Brew Potion with up to four different color selections.

A full list of currently dyeable and previous dyeable items can be found in our Dyeworks guide.

Future Fashions

Future Fashion Shop Host

Since May 2012, the Future Fashions (FF) shop allows you to preview and buy new NC wearable items 72 hours a head of time before they are available in the main Mall shops. To access this shop, it is required to spend 10,000 NC ($100 USD) the previous month.

Faerie Quest Shop

Delina's Faerie Quest Shop

When you receive a Crafting Faerie Quest from Delina, this shop will be available and provide NC materials needed to complete her quest.

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Seasonal/Annual Shops


Most of these shops will release themed NC wearable items based on their shop type. These shops are only featured once a year and for a limited time to celebrate different Seasons, Holidays, and Special Occasions. New items are only added during the indicated times:


  • Spring - mid March to mid early June
  • Summer - mid June to early September
  • Fall - September to November
  • Winter - December to early March


  • Green (St. Patricks) - late February through March
  • Valentine - late January through February - Sometimes, select items in this shop are 50% off on Valentine's Day (February 14th).
  • Halloween - October to early November
  • Holiday - December
  • New Year - December through January
  • Easter - March through April
  • Altador Cup - mid May
  • Birthday - Sometimes opened to celebrate Neopets' birthday (November) and the NC Mall's birthday (July).

Super Sale

NC items in this shop are 50% off from the original price for a limited time before they retire from the Mall for good. Throughout the years, super sales mostly have selected items from Accessories, Clothes, Backgrounds, Trinkets, Shoes, Wings, Music and Sounds, and Superpacks. Other items such as Mystery Capsules and Fortune cookies have had their own super sales as well. However, the Super Sale shop has not been utilized since November 2014.

For more information on the Super Sale shop and other NC Mall sales, check out our NC Mall sales guide.

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