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The NC Mall Guide

Obtaining Neocash

Neocash (NC) is a Neopian currency obtained with real-life money and used to purchase NC items from the NC Mall. NC can be purchased on your main and side accounts. All purchases made are through US dollars (USD) and non-refundable. Currently, NC does not support any other game site but Neopets, but previously it could also be used at the now-defunct Petpet Park and Monkey Quest. Be sure to read the FAQ before buying.

Buy Neocash Online

There are different ways to buy Neocash. The first way is buying NC through the Neopets website, which will not give any additional NC bonus items with your NC purchases. On the NC Mall page, click the Buy NC button on the sidebar.

Then, select one of the five NC amounts. Before going to the "Pay" screen, you will be prompted to go through a login process (even if you are already logged in at the time).

Payment Methods

Neocash can be purchased using either PayPal or a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards are accepted. Currency exchange rates apply if you are not in the United States; value added tax may apply depending on your country's laws.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a Neomail notification from TNT confirming the order. Your available NC will always display at the top right corner of the page, on both the classic layout (left) and mobile-friendly layout (right). On the classic layout, clicking on your NC amount will also direct you to the NC Mall; on the mobile-friendly layout, it will direct you the NC purchase page.

NC Amount NC Amount

Didn't receive your NC? Neocash purchased through the site is usually available to your account immediately. However, it occasionally can be delayed, sometimes for up to several hours. If you still do not have your Neocash after 24 hours, it is recommended that you contact Neopets support.

NC Account

The Transaction Log will display all of your purchased NC and NC items. Before you can view any information, you will prompted to login your username and password for security purposes. You can also access your Transaction Log when you click on "NC Account" from the yellow menu on the side panel in the NC Mall.

Free NC

The Qasalan Expellbox game provides a lucky chance to win 150 NC; you can play once every 7 hours and 7 minutes. Occasionally, TNT will give out free NC with site events such as: Neopets Birthday (November 15), Daily Dare, Altador Cup signups, and the Advent Calendar. In the past, there have been a few Neocash card giveaways hosted by Neopets and Petpet Park.

Expiring NC


Prior to some point in 2019, Neocash used to expire. As of 2019, your Neocash balance will no longer expire and you can use it whenever you wish.

Prior to 2019, any unused NC (purchased or free) would expire 1 year from the purchase date and would no longer show in your balance of available NC. As a reminder, you would receive a Neomail notification 60 days before your NC was set to expire. After your NC expired, you would be given random NC Mall items of equal or greater value of the expired NC amount.

Neocash Cards

Introduced in 2007, Neocash Cards are another way to buy NC. They are available in select retail stores and do not require an age limit to purchase. Like gift cards, NC Cards need to be activated by a store clerk during checkout for them to work properly. As an additional perk, all NC cards award NC bonuses (NC wearable item and Basic Gift Boxes) when redeemed on Neopets. You will also be awarded a cheap/common Neopoint item for every fourth card redeemed on the same account. If you ever see "NickCash" mentioned, it's just another word meaning Neocash.

Neocash Cards

Over the years, Neopets has released different types of NC Cards that have discontinued, such as Nickelodeon Game Cards. Any Nickelodeon Game Card or Neocash Card can still be redeemed on Neopets, whether it is discontinued or not. You can view our Past NC Cards page for more information, or peruse our Neocash card listings in our Merch database.


Neocash Cards are available in select stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico. Neocash cards are currently no longer available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You can check the Where to Buy page to find a store near you. You can also find them on sites such as eBay.com and Amazon.com. When purchasing from auctioning sites like those, the price may not be the same as you would see in stores. So, be careful and aware of the actual card prices, so you won't overpay.

NC eCards

Quiggle at a computer

NC eCards are the online version of NC Cards. They are purchased from store sites, and only send the NC Card's redemption PIN code to a valid email address provided during the checkout. You won't receive the physical card itself. This method is ideal if you plan on purchasing $10 (1000 NC) or more, since it saves you time from going to a retail store, and you can benefit from card bonuses. Plus, you can purchase them if the physical stores in your area do not stock the cards.

Below are some available sites to purchase NC Ecards online:

Disclaimer: We provide this list for reference only. We cannot control any issues that may happen from another site, so purchasing from the sites listed below is at your own risk!

Redeeming Neocash Cards

If you have a physical NC card, scratch off the metallic strip on the back of the NC Card to retrieve the redemption PIN code. Then, go to the NC Mall and click on the "Redeem Cards" button. You will be prompted to go through a login process (even if you are already logged in at the time).

Redeem Card Button

Then, enter the NC Card redemption PIN code and select "Redeem Card". Your NC will be applied to your account immediately, and your bonuses will be sent to your inventory. You can redeem more than one NC Card at this screen as well. TNT will also send you a Neomail notification to confirm the NC transaction.

Redeem Card Screen

Didn't receive your NC? Unlike purchasing NC through the site, redeeming Neocash cards is extremely reliable. If for any reason you didn't receive your NC after redeeming a card, send a ticket immediately to Neopets support for further assistance.

Card Redemption Information

There are currently 9 denominations of Neocash Cards:

United States and Canada

  • Redeeming a $10 card will grant your account 1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.
  • Redeeming a $15 card will grant your account 1,500 NC + 3 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.
  • Redeeming a $25 card will grant your account 2,500 NC + FREE 150 NC + 5 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.

United Kingdom

  • Redeeming a £5 card will grant your account 750 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.
  • Redeeming a £20 card will grant your account 3,000 NC + 8 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.


  • Redeeming a $10 card will grant your account 850 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.

New Zealand

  • Redeeming a $10 card will grant your account 650 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.


  • Redeeming a $150 card will grant your account 1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.


  • Redeeming a R$20 card will grant your account 750 NC + 4 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.

Prior to December 9, 2020, the R$20 card awarded 2,000 NC instead of 750 NC, but was adjusted to compensate for a loophole used to obtain cheap Neocash outside of Brazil.

Neocash Card Bonuses

Below are the current Neocash bonuses for cards actively being sold. If you have an older Neocash Card or Nickelodeon Game Card, you can check the Past NC Card page for bonus information.

$15 Sophie the Swamp Witch Neocash Card $25 Kanrik Neocash Card $15 Ylana Skyfire Neocash Card

Item Prizes

All Current NC Cards will award one of the following NC items when redeemed. Since the selection is random, it is possible to get the same item more than once when redeeming multiple cards.

Neocash Card Item Prizes - Mid August of 2014 to present

The following item is only awarded when redeeming the Ylana-themed Jumpstart-era Neocash Cards.

$15 Ylana Skyfire Neocash Card LE Bonus Item

In addition, you will receive a bonus Neopoint item prize for every fourth Neocash card you redeem (regardless of value). The item can seemingly be any random item r66-75 of category Food, Toy, School, or Gift. If you receive an item that does not fit this description, please let us know which item you got and what number card you redeemed!

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