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Mynci Beach Volleyball

Mynci Beach Volleyball Information
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Mynci Beach Volleyball, set in Mystery Island, is a great game to play if you like games like Korbat's Lab. The object is to simply get the ball to the other side and have it hit the ground. You need to score at least 12 times to win the round, but you must score at least two more times than your opponent too. So put on some sunscreen and scroll down!

How to Play

There are two modes of play: one-player and two-player. In one-player, you compete in six rounds against increasingly tougher Red Myncis controlled by the computer, and you receive Neopoints for your effort. In two-player mode, you compete against a friend on the same computer in a race to score 12 times, but you do not receive any Neopoints.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth and the up arrow to jump. The sand is actually very slippery so don't let this catch you off guard! The ball bounces on the Myncis, the net, and the two sides of the screen. The exact locations are marked at the blue bars in the picture below. Everything else (except the Myncis) is just cosmetic. However, whenever the ball touches the ground marked in red in the picture below, the opposite side scores.

Ramming into either the net or wall causes you to bounce back a little. Also, try not to jump too much since you cannot switch direction in midair. Finally, one of the best spots to aim for is the far wall, especially around head level. Your opponent will often bounce right off that wall for an easy score.


  • 50 points are awarded for every round won.
  • 10 points are awarded for every time you scored more than your opponent, if you win the round.
  • 5 points are awarded for every time you scored, if you lose the round.
  • 200 points for winning all six levels!
For example:
  • You win round one scoring 12 times, your opponent scored 4 times. You earn 50 points for winning, plus (12-4)*10=80 points for your score compared to your opponent, for a total of 50+80=130 points for the round.
  • You lose round two scoring 6 times against your opponent who scored 12 times. You carry over 130 points from round one, plus earn another 6*5=30 points for your second round score, for a total of 130+30=160 points at game over.

A "perfect" game, where you win 12-0 in all six rounds, would thus earn you (12*10)*6+50*6+200=1,220.


The Green Pawkeet (circled in green above) will continue to magically disappear and reappear at different locations in the sky, though always at the same height. Whenever the ball hits it, whoever touched the ball last gets the power-up. Here are some of the effects:

  • Big net - Makes the net suddenly increase in height
  • Small net - Makes the net suddenly decrease in height
  • Giant ball - Increases the size of the ball
  • Superspeed - Whoever touched the ball last moves quicker.
  • Supersize - The Mynci that touched the ball last increases in size - helps a lot!
  • Super jump - Whoever touched the ball last now jumps much higher and remains in the air longer. This can be a liability because of how long it prevents you from moving while you're in the air, but feel free to laugh if the computer gets it...
  • Watch the Turdle - The Mynci that didn't touch the ball last has a Turdle hobble over on that side. Any Mynci touching that Turdle is stuck in place for several seconds. If you get a Turdle on your side, try to voluntarily get stuck before serving or while your opponent is fumbling with the ball.

Yes, this is impossible to get all at the same time!
Some of the effects you can get because of that little green bird

Scoring Strategy

If you are aiming for the avatar (or a high score), there are two approaches you can take.

The first approach is the traditional approach: play the game through with the intention of winning each round. As shown above, a perfect game earns you 1,220 points. Since the avatar requires a score of 800, this means you can give up 1,220-800=420 points, which means you can allow your opponent to score 42 times over the six rounds. If you averaged this out over all six rounds, that would mean winning 12-7 or better in each round, but you'll probably want to do better in the earlier rounds so you can slip up a little more in the later rounds.

A couple examples of the traditional approach are:

  • Play and win all six rounds with a score of 12-7. This will earn you (12-7)*10*6+50*6+200=800 points, exactly enough needed for the avatar. Doing much better than 12-7 in the earlier rounds will allow you to slip up a little more in the later rounds.
  • Play and win the first five rounds 12-0, then quit. This will earn you (12*10)*5+50*5=850 points. (Your opponent could score as many as five times over the five rounds and you still get the avatar.)

The second approach is the stalemate approach. With this, your goal is to lose on the first round. What?? Yes, really.

With the stalemate approach, you take advantage of the low difficulty of the first round, the fact that someone must win by two to end a round, and that you earn 5 points for every time you scored if you lose. During the first round, you play until you score once, then just allow your opponent to score once. Repeat this over and over. This ensures the difference between your score and your opponent's score is never more than 1. Once you score 160 times, allow your opponent to score up to 162, ending the game and awarding you 160*5=800 points, exactly enough for the avatar!

Both approaches are time-consuming, but the stalemate approach especially so. It's also fragile: an accidental extra score on either side could end the game too early. However, if you really struggle with the difficulty of the higher levels, the stalemate approach may be the easiest way to get the score you want. You could in theory do even better than the perfect score of 1,220, if you have the patience to get your score up to 245!


These only work during one-player gameplay.

  • turdle - Typing this in is just like hitting the Pawkeet and getting the 'Watch the Turdle' power-up, but without clearing any currently active power-ups. A Turdle simply pops up on the other side. Only once per game!
  • dirigibles - Type this in to see a Kiko blimp float pointlessly across the screen - as many times as you like. This does not affect gameplay.
Spike It!

Spike It! / Guide

Send a score of 800+ points in Mynci Beach Volleyball.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 640+ points.

Released: February 22, 2005

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