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Moon Rock Rampage

Moon Rock Rampage Information
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Gorix and Cylara have been stranded on Kreludor and must find all of their machine parts to repair their ship and escape. Unfortunately, there are mazes of lava, boulders and monsters in the way.


First, choose your character. You can play as either Gorix or Cylara. Your choice doesn't really matter; it's just a cosmetic change.

You can push boulders or fire your gun with the space bar (making some enemies turn into moon rock). You only have three chances to collect all of the pieces of your ship. You may continue from roughly where you last left the game (up to five levels behind) by hitting "Continue Game" on the main screen, but you start over with zero points and less of a laser range.

Each level is also timed so that you don't spend all day sitting around. Shooting enemies does not earn you points, but smashing them with rocks does, especially if you get many monsters with one push. Some enemies can reappear right underneath you, and others can even push rocks back at you!

Here's another use for those rocks!


Level 1:
Head all the way up to the moon rocks immediately and push one of them. Go over the newly-created bridge over the lava and collect the two parts of your ship. Monsters tend to appear around volcanoes, so if one blocks your way, feel free to shoot it. Hopefully this level shouldn't give you too much trouble.

Level 2:
You appear on a central island overlooking four smaller ones with a part of your ship on each. Push the four rocks on the central island so you form a lava bridge and quickly gather the parts. If you are worried about the monsters, remember you can shoot them across the lava. Shooting them, thus turning them into moon rocks, also provides a way to block other monsters from reaching you. As long as you're careful, this should be relatively easy too.

Level 3:
As soon as the level starts, you should take advantage of the slow monster re-spawn time and run counter-clockwise, grabbing the pieces of the ship while evading any monsters. Near the bottom, don't be afraid to shoot the multicolored monsters if they get too close. Just be careful they don't spawn too close to you. The level ends as soon as you get the last piece - no need to be too cautious either.

Level 4:
Head upwards and push the fourth block from the left. Gather the leftmost machine part and go around the central volcano to the upper piece. As always, evade the natives.

Level 5:
Push the rock closest to you to the right for a quick shortcut. Then immediately gather the three treasures without pushing any more blocks. Be careful around the upper-right volcano of course. It is especially frustrating to have a monster spawn right under you!

Run, Cylara, run!
All in a day's work!

Level 6:
Immediately collect the two treasures on the bottom. Try to shoot a monster coming down from the volcano so the rock he forms blocks the other (not-so-intelligent) monsters from coming your way. Then take the bottom rock on each side and push it up, and take the outside rock and push it outside - towards the orange and yellow gate-looking-thing. As you can see, these objects change the rocks' directions and help you form a bridge to the north. Gather the items (shooting any monsters on the way) and finish the level.

This level can be done many ways since you have a massive supply of monsters/future rocks to push around and make the right land bridge, but be careful if they follow you!

Level 7:
This level is extremely easy if you know the 'secret.' All you have to do is push the top left block; not to the right, but downwards. Then simply pick up the part for an easy 50 points.

Level 8:
Enter the smart ones. These new monsters are more dangerous than the others. They know how to push blocks, but will only do so when you are in the same aisle or row (i.e. likely to be smashed). Never let one stand on the other side of a block from you. They also explode out for three squares, so it's wise not to shoot them up close. Finally, they don't form moon rocks when they 'die'.

The best strategy for this level is probably to push the two rocks in the third from bottom row (not the bottom block) to the left so they form a quick land bridge. Pick up the ship part down there and head back (probably having to shoot the monsters around here) and up to the top half of the screen. You should probably head all the way right and up (staying away from the monsters as much as you can), pick up the piece in the upper right corner, then head back down and all the way to the right to pick up the second piece. Evade the moon rocks as best you can up here; remember, these monsters are very 'pushy'!

Level 9:
Stone BridgeMake land bridges to access the lower two islands and grab the pieces (evading the monsters as always). Then grab the upper left one, but be extra-careful of the monsters. Finally, find the upper-right most moon rock and push it left. Since monsters can't go through items, it should be easy to snatch the last part almost next to you.

Level 10:
Here, it's best to be very fast. Push the block above you up immediately, and then push the same block to the right. Grab the piece on the middle spiral and run counter-clockwise to grab the other piece. The monsters on the middle island usually don't wander far.

Level 11:
Go down and push the lower-leftmost rock to the right, causing a chain reaction of springs. Keep pushing it - slowly, so the game doesn't glitch, as you may notice - until all three blocks have moved. Gather the piece in the upper left corner and push the upper right corner rocks downwards so they form a bridge. Evade monsters, as always, and collect the final machine parts.

Level 12:
One of the glitchiest levels; just do NOT disturb the top rock. It shields you from every monster. Simply bridge yourself to the 'mainland' and push one of the two side rocks left or right and GET OUT OF THE WAY. They bounce back and forth for a while, then one block disappears. Pushing the other block usually causes it to disappear after a short while too. Collect the parts and be merry...

Awww, Gorix...
Does this look like my merry face?

Level 13:
Another strange level. Push the two blocks around you away from you and wander around to the left side of the screen. Push the bottom-left rock left and collect the two treasures, avoiding the baddies as always. Ignore the upper-right island completely.

Level 14:
The best method to this level is probably to run to the left side and wait for a baddie to come down the second column from the left. As soon as they clear the menacing (trust me) yellow and orange spring, laser them and push the remains in the lava river (right) to reach the second island. Then rinse and repeat. Wait for a baddie to wander down the fifth column from the left and past the fifth row from the top too. Hit 'em and collect the bountiful treasures in the center. Yay!

Level 15:
Hit any of the three blocks on your current island upwards and grab the piece on the top island. Then hit any of the blocks on that top island right to reach the right island and grab the last piece.

Level 16:
Here's where I go crazy. I usually push the second from the right column of blocks all the way to get the right-most piece and wander left-up to get the top piece (evading and shooting baddies), rounding around the top (and pushing blocks like mad) to reach the top left corner. Then I push the rows and columns of blocks that are not in the same row or column as the item, since the item would stop the blocks from moving. It's pretty easy as long as you are quick and avoid the rock-pusher-monster as much as you can.

Level 17:
Let's collect moon rocks!Suspiciously easy. Hit the block immediately to your left, left, and then hit it again upwards towards the central island with all of the goodies. Yay.

Level 18:
Very straightforward, but not necessarily easy. Hit the top-right block left and two land bridges should form thanks to Mr. Spring. Make another one next to the piece, collect it, and hit the bottom-left block left. Collect the goodies, evade the monsters - you know the drill.

Level 19:
Terrifying. Grab the items as quickly as you can, but by all means avoid every row and column that has blocks in it as much as you can, for the rock-pushing monsters take great pride in their job. The especially hard to get (and see) part in the lower-right is worth 100 points!

Level 20:
The last level! Push the block below you to get the first piece, then push the block below THAT downwards to get the second. Finally, push the upper-rightmost rock to the right and gather the last two trinkets, evading the omnipresent monsters. Congratulations! You beat the game!

Point Values

A score of 1,500 or so is fine and dandy, but where do people get 20,000 points? Practice and luck. Shooting monsters actually doesn't get you any points, but running them over with moon rocks sure does, especially if you knock out multiple monsters with one shove. I would recommend "camping" on some levels (particularly level 6) and shoving rocks at monsters until time is almost out for maximum points. Also, machine parts provide a significant amount of the points within the game. Following is a list of the point values for the different parts you can collect.


Type these in at any time during gameplay.

  • rampage - Gives you one extra life. Can only be used once per game.
  • superlaser - Doubles your laser gun's range for that level only.
  • novisitors - Type during gameplay for an extra 30 seconds. Once per game.

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