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Moltara Mystery

Portal Activation Centre

On the March 20, 2014, the mysterious random events began to point users towards Moltara, and the previously inaccessible water tower. The tower had become clickable, leading to a mysterious workshop.

Inside, a mysterious robotic Petpet greeted users, telling them that in order to activate the portals, an authentication code needed to be inputted. Selecting 'Approach with Dignity' led users to the first puzzle.

The aim of the puzzle is to turn all buttons from red to green by clicking on them. Each button will change the colours of those near to it in a set pattern which is the same for everyone. The button on the left of the panel will reset the puzzle.

The solutions for each day are shown below. Clicking the buttons in the order shown (1, 2, 3... etc) will solve the day's puzzle. Upon lighting all buttons green, you will get a success message and an item for your trouble.

Daily Puzzle Solutions
Day Puzzle Solution Prize
Day 1
20th March

Something Already Happened Cake Plate
Day 2
21st March

Flashy Lights Device
Day 3
22nd March

Caramel Oil Latte
Day 4
23rd March

Laser Pointer
Day 5
24th March

Abandoned Water Tower Stamp

Filament Lamps

As an optional NC element to the puzzle, you can gain extra NC items by purchasing a Moltaran Filament Lamp from the Mall.

Moltaran Filament Lamp
Moltaran Filament Lamp

125 NC

Upon applying the lamp from your inventory, it will be installed in the puzzle panel for you to click on. You will be randomly awarded one of a possible pool of NC items. Lamps are one use and you can only use one per day, but if you use a lamp on each of the five days, you will get all of the items (duplicates are not possible). Note that you can use this after completing the day's puzzle, allowing you to catch up on any days you have missed.

Moltaran Filament Lamp - Prizes