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Mysterious Morphing Experiments

Have you ever wondered how some of the weird and wonderful items on Neopets came to be? Well, thanks to the invention of Mysterious Morphing Experiments, you can now actually watch your items take shape!

Below is some basic information on the MMEs, what they do, and how they work. We also have a complete listing of past Experiments and all of their stages.

What is an MME?

Mysterious Morphing Experiments (called MMEs for short) are unique items that are periodically released for sale to the NC Mall. The items can be identified by the little "?" in the bottom right corner of the image (or by the complicated acronyms in its name). They are typically only available to be purchased for a week or two before they retire—and then begin morphing into other items! They will undergo a series of changes before morphing into their final form (and granting you all of the previous forms in your inventory).

Finding The MME ID

When MMEs are sold in the Mall, they'll often come in several different IDs. This is important because if one of the future stages splits off into different items (for example, Stage 2a, 2b, and 2c), then the ID determines which "branch" of items you get.

You can find IDs when you're purchasing by using the Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome browser.

Add a bunch of MMEs to your cart and then view your cart. Starting from where it says "Neopets Items," highlight downward, making sure you're highlighting the images of the items.

In Firefox, right-click and select "View Selection Source." In Internet Explorer, right-click on anywhere but an image and select "View Selected Source." In Chrome, right-click and select "Inspect Element."

You're looking for the part that says <img id="XXXXX" class="toggle_img"...> The XXXXX is the ID.

If you've already obtained an MME and want to find its ID, see our All About Item IDs article.

Starting The Transformation

Each Experiment will remain in its first "stage" while it is still on sale, to give everybody who wants one time to purchase. After it's retired from the Mall, the item will begin to morph and change into its second stage.

The item will morph no matter where it is--on your pet, in your closet, in your inventory, etc.--and every single one will morph at the same time. So if you bought one and used it to customise your pet, then bought a second one several days later to put into your gallery, both items would evolve in the same time frame.

After It's Finished

How many times each Experiment will morph is a surprise, but TNT promised that regular ones will have at least three different stages. MiniMMEs have fewer stages. The really cool part is that, once the Experiment has finished morphing and reaches its final stage, all of its previous forms will appear as separate items in your inventory. These items are just like regular ones and won't change at all in the future.

Variations and Bonus Items

At certain points during an Experiment's metamorphosis, there may be more than one possible outcome. For example, during the fifth stage of the Tiny Striped Wonderworm Experiment there were two different items it could have morphed into, although the only difference between the two resulting items was that one featured a blue butterfly whilst the other had an orange one. There is no way of telling which path your particular Experiment will take, which is all part of the fun.

If you have an Experiment, you have a chance at a limited edition bonus item once it finishes morphing. Users will often buy multiples of Experiments to try and increase their chances of getting the bonus.

Giving Them To Friends

Mysterious Morphing Experiments are available to be given to friends as a gift using the NC Mall Gift Boxes, even while they are in the process of morphing. If you give the item to a friend while it is still changing, then once it reaches its final stage, your friend will receive all of the related items as if they had bought it themselves, even if you didn't send it to them until it was already several stages into its transformation. Whoever owns the item when it matures fully will receive all the items. If you gift an MME to a friend after it is done morphing, then they will not receive all stages. Owning one Experiment will result in you receiving one full set at the end; owning two means two full sets, etc.

Current Experiment

MME27: Eco-City Background (Released: November 25, 2022)
Stage 1

MME27-S1: Eco-City Background
Stage 2a

MME27-S2a: Wildflower Dress
Stage 2b

MME27-S2b:LED Dress
Stage 3a

MME27-S3a: Modern Koi Tank
Stage 3b

MME27-S3b: LED Tree
Stage 4a

MME27-S4a: Wildflower Crown
Stage 4b

MME27-S4b: LED Crown
Stage 5a

MME27-S5a:Nature PetPet
Stage 5b

MME27-S5b: Tech PetPet

MME27-B: Modern City Apartment Background
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