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Text-Only Neopia

The different countries and cities that make up Neopia are interesting and often beautifully-designed places, and we'd encourage any Neopets fan to go and check them out -- whether it's on gaming or shopping business or just for a day trip! However, the shiny interactive maps aren't always working perfectly, and large images of all kinds sometimes load rather slowly, which can be a pain when you have a lot of places to visit. If you're having Flash troubles or simply want a quick way to explore, you can use this text-only tour of Neopia to get anywhere, any time.

Altador | Brightvale | Darigan Citadel | Faerieland | Haunted Woods | Kiko Lake | Krawk Island | Kreludor | Lost Desert | Lutari Island | Maraqua | Meridell | Moltara | Mystery Island | Neopia Central | Roo Island | Shenkuu | Terror Mountain | Tyrannia | Virtupets

Lutari Island
Lutari Island Map
Currently no locations on this island can be accessed.
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