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Make Some Noise

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This game has known glitches! TNT is aware of many issues with Make Some Noise, but you can submit any bugs you notice in a official support ticket (choose category "Altador Cup").

This guide has been updated where possible to reflect the HTML5 version, and we are in the process of working on tips specific to mobile gameplay. The game is still being updated, so if you notice anything incorrect or out-of-date (that isn't a glitch), please let us know!

No Yooyuball game is complete without a legion of screaming fans on the bleachers! Show your team spirit and lose your voice in Make Some Noise, featuring the most ardent of all the screaming fans: the Techo Fanatic!

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Gameplay (Desktop)

At the start of the game, you are presented with two letter keys. They can be any two letters except E, N, O, P, S, or T.

To get the audience roaring, simply press these two letter keys as fast as you can. The more frantic the audience becomes, the more points you'll receive! Sometimes you may see bonus keys pop up on the screen—press them for some extra points! Each game lasts 30 seconds, but if you'd like you can end the game early by pressing the space bar.

The desktop game screen

Gameplay (Mobile)

There are two "megaphone" buttons located in the bottom left and right corners of the screen.

To get the audience roaring, simply tap these two buttons as fast as you can. The more frantic the audience becomes, the more points you'll receive! Sometimes you may see bonus buttons of a giftbox pop up in random locations on the screen—tap them for some extra points! Each game lasts 30 seconds, and cannot be ended early.

The mobile game screen, showing both megaphone buttons and a bonus button


Each correct tap earns you 25 points. These points cannot be lost, even if you slow down or stop tapping altogether. Bonus keys randomly award 100 to 500 points. These are the only ways to earn points, and points from both sources are shown immediately in the bottom right corner.

The meter at the bottom right corner is merely decorative. It generally reflects your speed and accuracy, but does not actually impact your score.

At the end of the game, you are shown an accuracy score, but your accuracy has no direct effect on your score; it is only shown for your interest.


Because you do not lose points for taking breaks or slowing down, always go for the bonuses, even if it's an inconvenient location.

If you are playing on desktop and don't like the keys you are given (for example, if they are too close or too far apart), just simply end the game immediately and start over with a new pair of keys.

Since Make Some Noise can be strenuous on your hands, make sure to supplement long marathons with quick games of Yooyuball, Shooutout Showdown, or Slushie Slinger to give them a break.

Quick Tips

  • The minimum score requirement to earn Altador Cup points is 2,700. Any scores sent that do not meet the requirement will not count towards your point totals.
  • The maximum amount of scores you can send per day is 401 games. All scores sent after hitting the maximum will not count towards your point totals.
  • Stop pressing after you've earned 2,700 points during long marathons to save time and energy.

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