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Make Neopoints

Whether you're a casual player who spends just a few minutes a day on Neopets, or a serious player who logs several hours, making Neopoints is just a matter of finding the methods that work best for you.

Listed here is pretty much every reasonable way there is to make Neopoints; all you have to do is work your way through them and find which ones are most productive and enjoyable for you.

If you think there's any methods worth mentioning that we are missing, don't hesitate to let us know!

Reliable Methods

These methods are recommendable to all players without exception.

Just Logging In (Trudy's Surprise)

On Neopets » JN Guide »

For players age 13+, spinning the Trudy's Surprise slot once daily for 25 consecutive days will yield between 445,375 and 492,750 NP total. Even if you don't spin daily, you're guaranteed at least 1,500 NP per spin, and guaranteed at least 10,000 NP each day after day 6. Even on your busiest days, it is worthwhile to find a few seconds just to show up to the page.


JN Guide »

These are activities you can do at least once a day for free, hence they have become known as "dailies" amongst users. It is possible to win prizes and Neopoints from these dailies. For a customizable list of these activities, visit Jellyneo's daily service.

Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy Wheel of Excitement Mask of Coltzan

If you are very short on time or energy, these are the dailies we most recommend:


On Neopets » JN Guide »

Every day, you can earn up to 1,500 NPs and 15 prizes from 1-player battles in the Battledome. The prizes are the real value here: every Battledome opponent can drop codestones, and some drop even more valuable items, especially if you have Premium.

  • Premium members with a very strong battle pet and great weapons should fight the Giant Space Fungus on Hard, as it can drop Nerkmids as well as Bubbling Fungus.
  • Premium members with a lower-stat battle pet and/or less powerful weapons should fight the Jetsam Ace on any difficulty, for the Nerkmids.
  • Players without Premium should fight the Giant Spectral Mutant Walein on Easy for the dubloons. Further, it has just one item in its exclusive pool, and it is believed (though not confirmed) that this means a higher chance of codestones and dubloons.
  • If Giant Spectral Mutant Walein is still too difficult, consider the Koi Warrior on Easy instead. If even Koi Warrior is too strong for you, try the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot at any difficulty for the occasional Neocola tokens and very rare Armoured Negg, but get to training!

Faerieland Job Agency

On Neopets » JN Guide »

The Faerieland Employment Agency allows you to turn in low rarity items for a Neopoint reward. You can complete up to 5 jobs per day.

Even the average Basic Job will offer a modest profit of 1,000 or so NPs per job. If you are more selective with your Basic Jobs and are willing to check back a few times, you can even profit 5,000 or more NPs per job. With a lot more effort and investment, you can even use Super Jobs to get profits exceeding 30,000 NPs per job after the cost of the coupons!


On Neopets » JN Guides »

With the death of Flash in January 2021, a huge chunk of the site's games are effectively inaccessible. However, a small number have either been converted to a Flash-free format or never used Flash to begin with. Check out our list of game guides to see which games are currently supported.

If you are very short on time or energy, these are the games we most recommend:

  • Fashion Fever: 900 Neopoints for clicking a few buttons. Just make sure to wait at least 10 seconds before sending your score!
  • Kass Basher: This game is very, very quick once you get a handle on the controls.
  • Cellblock: When you enact our recommended approach, you can hit the 5,000 NP daily prize limit quite quickly.
  • Pyramids, Neggsweeper, and Sakhmet Solitaire: Each of these takes 1-2 minutes to play a game, which will net you a modest ~50-200 NP profit on average, and can be played almost mindlessly. Great while doing something else, like streaming a TV show!

Semi-Reliable Methods

These methods have certain drawbacks that prevent them from being recommendable to all players, such as a larger time commitment, a steeper learning curve or skill requirement, or a (small) amount of risk to your time or Neopoints.

Food Club

On Neopets » JN Guide »

Food Club is actually a very reliable source of Neopoints, despite being a risk day-to-day. The game involves betting on different pirates in a food-eating contest, but it can be done in such a way to make profiting very likely. The simplest and easiest way to do this is by following the bets of one of the recommended betters linked on our Food Club guide, which takes just a few clicks in less than a minute for average returns of 1.5-2 times your bet total!

These three pirates alone are responsible for an unfathomable amount of wealth in Neopia

Because your max bet amount increases with your account age, Food Club is especially beneficial for older accounts, but can still give decent returns for younger accounts too.

Stock Market

On Neopets » JN Guide »

Like Food Club, the Stock Market is actually a sure bet to pay off, but requires a certain amount of Neopoints already to invest. Further, it can take a long time for you to see significant gain.

The idea is to "buy low, sell high." This means buying stocks (any stock!) at 15 NPs each, and selling at some higher number (most players wait for 60+). While stocks may go up and down, they cannot ever go below 6, and TNT have not made any go bankrupt since 2004. Basically, every stock will increase above your purchase price guaranteed; it's just a matter of waiting.

This could be you!


Shop Directory » JN Guide »

Restocking is where you buy an item (usually in an official Neopian shop) and sell it for more than you bought it for. For example, if I bought something in the Food shop for 200 NP and sold it for 1,000 NP, I just made a 800 NP profit off that item.

Very serious restockers will focus on very valuable items such as rare stamps or morphing potions that can be resold for millions of Neopoints. This takes a lot of time to learn the valuable items in a shop, as well as the skill (and luck) to purchase them quickly. However, many more common items offer modest profits of a few hundred or thousand NPs, such as items frequently requested for Faerie quests.

(Super) Shop Wizard Stalking

On Neopets » JN Guide »

Sometimes people can majorly underprice items in their shops. This may be a mistake (such as forgetting a 0) or they may do it on purpose just to sell it very quickly. You can trawl the Shop Wizard every now and again for items like codestones, Nerkmids, Neocola Tokens, and even morphing potions or paint brushes. This method is even more powerful using the Super Shop Wizard, available from a Premium membership, which allows you to check all user shops at once!

There is some limit to how often you can do this. Both the regular and Super Shop Wizards can give you a short, temporary ban if you try to search items too much at once. Although this isn't the most reliable way of making Neopoints, it can make a nice supplement.

The Shop Wizard
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Erm, no I'm a Jubjub... 0_o

Auction Sniping

On Neopets » JN Guide »

Same idea as Shop Wizard stalking, but at the Auction House. The main page will show you the 20 lots that are next to complete. Snipers lurk on this page and look for lots where the "Current Price" is lower than the usual price that item could sell for and then quickly make a last minute bid to "snipe" these items for a cheap price, then resell them for a profit. You will have to be quick though as these lots may only have a few minutes or seconds left open!

Legs? You don't need legs to snipe!

Be aware of the auction increments. For example, you may happen across an item with a current asking price of 300,000 NP and a bid increment of 150,000 NP. If the item was being sold elsewhere for 400,000 NP then you can be fairly certain that if you place a 300,000 NP bid then nobody else is going to outbid you, since they could find another for cheaper. However, if the increment was smaller (such as 10,000 NPs), you should be sure to stick around to the end of the auction to make sure nobody outbids you afterward.

Sometimes, as a fun event or celebration, users will run a "fun auction" with a very low starting bid and increment. These can be especially competitive, and will require you to stay focused to the very last second. The Trade Chat Neoboard is the most common place that these are announced, so check in now and again!


On Neopets » JN Guide »

Entering contests usually requires a little more time and a lot more creativity than other activities; not to mention your entry actually needs to be selected! These are the more sensible ones for moneymaking:

Site Events

Many site events, such as Altador Cup or Charity Corner, will offer exclusive prizes for certain levels of participation. These prizes often garner a certain value after the event is over, especially if they are an album item or popular wearable. Check the New Features and Jellyneo homepage to make sure you not only don't miss these events, but participate fully!

Unreliable Methods

These methods are basically considered gambling. They are significantly risky and are likely for you to lose Neopoints doing them, but do offer off-chances at big windfalls of Neopoints or items.

  • Alien Aisha Vending Machine: go on a "Nerk run" in an attempt to get valuable paint brushes.
  • Neocola Machine: go on a "Neocola run" in an attempt to get valuable transmogrification potions.
  • Goodie Bags: in particular, ones that have a slim chance at a rare stamp.
  • Scratchcards: in particular, the highest level ones, which offer a chance at the Jackpots.
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