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Magma Pool Time Checklist

Want help tracking down your Magma Pool time? For 10 minutes every 24 hours, the guard at the Magma Pool takes a quick power nap, allowing you to sneak by and send your Neopet into the pool for a dip to paint them Magma. However, you need to find this 10 minute stretch on your own—luckily, our checklist tool will help you keep track of which times you've already checked! (And, it'll even help you mark off time slots that are impossible given the other ones you've checked!)

Start finding your Magma Pool time now with your jnAccount!


  • Keep a checklist, minute-by-minute, of which times you've checked the Magma Pool guard's status.
  • Have some time slots auto-filled in for you if they would be impossible for the guard to be asleep during.
  • Once you've found your time, keep your checklist as an easy reference in the future.

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