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The Magma Pool

Deep in the heart of the Moltara Caves lies a pool of bubbling magma. Stationed at the entrance to the pool stands a staunch Tonu, refusing admittance to all but a chosen few. If you find a way past him, you can paint your Neopet Magma coloured.

Magma Pool Guard
I'm always on duty and never sleep...

For many people, when you try to approach the Magma Pool, you will be greeted by this message:

Magma Pool Guard Denies Access
I'm sorry, only those well-versed in the ways of Moltara are permitted to enter the Pool. Learn more and try again later.

Exactly how you go about becoming "well-versed in the ways of Moltara" is still unconfirmed, but we'll break down what's known about that in the Permanent Access section below.

Sneaking By the Guard

It is also possible to sneak by the guard and go for a dip, but there's a very small 10 minute window each day where you can do this. The 10 minute window is unique to your account, but will occur at the same time every day. So, once you find it... write it down!

Your 10 minute window can be any time during the 24 hour Neopian day. The 10 minutes don't necessarily have to be at clean 10 minute intervals. For example it could be from 1:18 PM to 1:28 PM rather than falling cleanly from 1:10 PM to 1:20 PM.

When he finally does fall asleep, you will see something like this:


You will only have until the end of the 10 minutes to send your Neopet for a dip before he wakes up again and sends you packing. Simply click on the Neopet you wish to paint and confirm that you really want to do it. You will then get to see your Neopet's new paint job:

After Painting

And there you have it, your very own little lump of lava to love. Once you have your personal time written down, you can go back to the Magma Pool as many times as you like and repaint your pets over and over.

However, you may only use the Magma Pool once every 8 days:

Sorry, your Neopet has already gone for a dip in the Pool. If another of your Neopets wants to splash around in there, you'll just have to come back next week.

Finding Your 10 Minute Slot

The hardest part of finding the 10 minutes where the guard takes a nap is tracking what times you've already checked. Luckily, we have a checklist tool tied to your jnAccount that allows you to track which minutes you've already checked—it'll even help you along by automatically checking off any "impossible" intervals between times you've checked yourself.

Magma Pool Checklist Tool »

At some point in late 2014 or early 2015, when Neopets servers were transferred from Viacom to Jumpstart, every user's magma time was re-randomized to a new time. If you had found your magma time before then, you will unfortunately need to start your search over again.

Permanent Access

When the guard has deemed you worthy due to sufficient Moltaran knowledge, you'll be greeted warmly:

Magma Pool Guard Grants Access
Welcome to Moltara's Magma Pool! You must be a true master in the ways of Moltara. One of your Neopets may have a dip in the Magma Pool.

This message means you have permanent access to the Magma Pool and whenever you want (or precisely once every 8 days) you may have a pet take a swim in the pool for a molten transformation.

But now how do you become this special? Many theories have been tested: equipping Moltaran petpets and creations from Tangor's workshop, reading Moltaran books, collecting Moltaran items, etc. The first clue shared with Neopia is that it has something to do with earning Neopoints, as mentioned by TNT in the editorial:

Hey, TNT! I have a question I've been wanting to ask: are we allowed to go to the Magma Pool and get a magma Neopet on our side account? I know it's random at the Lab Ray, but what about going to the pool? Thanks, and here are some cookies! (please leave out my username) ~ username removed

You may not earn the right to visit the Magma Pool on your side accounts, as this would also earn you Neopoints, but you are welcome to visit in hopes of sneaking past the sleeping guard, as there are no Neopoints rewarded for doing so.

Early data indicated that if you have completed other Moltara-related activities, such as asking Igneot for wisdom in his Cavern, reading Moltaran books and building petpets from Tangor's Workshop, you may have better chances of securing permanent access to the Magma Pool.

In the Fall of 2020, after a push from users to try to discover the secret to non time-constrained Magma Pool access, TNT staffer van Doodle left a series of clues throughout his account, and when translated and assembled, they formed a poem:

before you set upon this path
know it may already be in vain
for some expeditions, now long past
can not be done again

guard your heart, my dearest love.
and heed the words i've spoken.
but know that it can still be mended
if you find it broken

a love that strong, my dear companion
build it piece by piece
for only through true dedication
will it never cease

on your journey you may find
the sunset fade to night
but know that you are never lost
for i'm your guiding light

times may come when harm will bounce
towards you from all sides
wait 30 score and half five more
until the risk subsides

and when you feel that hope is lost
and your future is uncertain
seek counsel from the warm and wise
to pull away the curtain

with this i leave one final tip
for which you may now ponder
remember that some time apart
can make the heart grow fonder

After more analysis and testing, the following is the current best guess as to the requirements for impressing the guard with hot knowledge:

Again, this is not confirmed and possibly not comprehensive of all requirements. But if you participated in the AotA plot, trying the other actions may help you gain access!

Other Ways to Obtain a Magma Neopet

If you cannot find your 10 minute time slot and you have not gained permanent access to the Magma Pool, there is no other way of painting your Neopet to be Magma.

When the colour was first released, it was possible to paint a Magma Neopet using a Fountain Faerie Quest, but the option has since been removed to make it exclusive (thank you to kuruki_san for confirming this).

Currently there are no Magma morphing potions and no Magma coloured paint brush, and it is not likely that TNT will ever release such items.

Pounding and Transferring

Abandoning a Magma Neopet in the Neopian Pound will result in the Neopet's colour changing to red.

However, using the pound transfer option, you can move a Magma painted Neopet to any account without it affecting the pet's colour.

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