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Lyra and the Lost Heirloom

Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Plot Guide

Ruins of Thanyros Maze

Lyra has got herself lost in the Ruins of Thanyros after Aurrick went on ahead by himself. The goal in this event step is to guide Lyra through the ruins to the exit.

To begin, click the 'Play' button to load the level. You can use the keyboard arrow keys to move Lyra through the ruins. Along the way, you will encounter three blocks of stone arranged in an L shape. These parts of the ruins can be moved by approaching them and pushing against them using the arrow keys. This will rotate the L shape 90 degrees and is the key to reaching the exit. Sometimes, the game may lag on triggering the rotation of these blocks. Keep pushing against them to move them, and if the problem persists, try refreshing the game page. Here is an example of one of the L shaped blocks:

Approaching from above would rotate it 90 degrees, allowing Lyra to pass, as shown below:

Here is a map of the ruins with all rotatable L shapes highlighted:

Additionally, there are two collectables within the ruins. There are five 'fake' blocks spread across the ruins, that will turn into scarabs when you approach them. They look no different to regular blocks from a distance. When you reveal the scarab, it will leave behind a pile of coins for you to collect. If you compare your version of the ruins to the above map, the extra blocks you have will contain scarabs. Finally, there will also be five piles of coins visible across the level. You can move Lyra over them to collect them, they will not stop your progress. Collecting these two types of collectables isn't required to reach the exit, but there are unlockable achievements for collecting them all.

There is also an achievement for reaching the exit quickly, and one for reaching the exit while only moving 5 of the L shaped blocks. There is an optimal route to do this, highlighted below:

Note: The "Tis the Season" site theme is known to cause this puzzle to lag. You may have to change your site theme to complete all achievements.