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Lyra and the Lost Heirloom

Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Plot Guide

Lyra's Escape

Lyra is trying to escape her father on a boat, but needs help steering it through the waters of the Lost Desert.

To begin, click the 'Tap to Start' button and then the play arrow. If this is your first time playing the game, a short tutorial with on screen instructions will start before you begin the actual game. This only appears during the first play, all other times you will be launched directly into the game.

The game is a modified version of Pterattack. Your goal is to steer the ship between the left, middle, and right of the river to avoid obstacles in your path. If you hit an obstacle, it is game over. Although the game's tutorial encourages you to click to change your position in the river, keyboard arrow controls also work, and you may find these easier to use.

The obstacles you have to avoid are:


Note that an obstacle will never appear in the same lane of the river twice in a row. This means if you immediately switch to the lane an obstacle just appeared in, you will be unlikely to hit the one that follows.

In addition, the speed of the river can change during the game, speeding up or slowing down. There will be on screen warnings in either case.

During the game there are several things you can pick up. Gold coins (worth 1 point) and red coins (worth 5 points) will increase your final score when picked up.

If you collect the bubble items you come across, these act as a second life should you accidentally hit an obstacle. You can collect several of these bubbles, giving you many extra lives. There is also an achievement for collecting 4 bubbles during a single game.

Finally, there is also the Zumagorn powerup. Collecting this Petpet temporarily increases your speed and makes you immune to damage, meaning you can ignore obstacles. When this powerup is about to run out, the Zumagorn icon at the top of the screen will begin to flash.

The game will end when you successfully dodge 400 obstacles, which also unlocks an achievement. On future playthroughs, the game will instead end when you dodge around 200 obstacles. There is a third achievement for playing the game for 5 minutes at once, but you will likely unlock this on the way to the 400 obstacles achievement.