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Shenkuu Lunar Temple

UPDATE: Our lunar angle calculator has now moved down to the Calculations section of the guide.

The Shenkuu Lunar Temple is a daily where you analyze the position of Kreludor and Neopia on an astrological map to guess the phase of the Kreludor.

Finding the Phase

As a first step, make sure you click on the link to view the actual puzzle page. Not doing so will leave you with incorrect angle information.

As Kreludor moves around Neopia, it forms an angle between three points. Zero degrees is a straight line from the sun through Neopia to Kreludor. As the moon orbits clockwise around Neopia, the angle increases. This results in the changes in the phases of the moon.

Lunar Temple Tapestry

To find your exact angle measurement, you must dig through Neopets Source Code. To do this, the most common method is to click on a blank area of the page and select "View Page Source" or something similar. This will depend on what browser you have. If you have trouble, try looking for a "View Source" option under the "View Menu".

Now search the source (Usually Control + F or CMD + F) for "&angleKreludor". You should then see some code like this line: angleNeopia=144&angleKreludor=169&viewID=2. You will want to pay attention to the number following angleKreludor=, in this case it is 169.

Lunar Temple Tapestry


Now you will need to find which phase of the moon Kreludor is at. To do this, take your angle measure (found in the above step), and divide by 22.5. This number may be a decimal, so you will need to be able to round. If the number after the decimal is 5 or greater, you will add one to the number before the decimal and drop all numbers after the decimal. If the number after the decimal is 4 or less, you will drop all numbers after the decimal. The resulting number will tell you which phase of the moon the Gnorbu is displaying for you if you use the chart below. If the rounded number is 0 or 16, it will be a full moon, but if it is 8, there will no visible moon. If your head is spinning from all of that math, then simply enter your angle in the calculator located in this guide!

Moon Phases
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase
Moon Phase

Calculate Your Phase

Use the instructions above to obtain your angle, and then plug it in below:

Your Angle:


For providing the correct phase of Kreludor, you will receive one of the prizes in the table below. Some of them are only given out at the Lunar Temple, while others are common items that can be obtained elsewhere.

For guessing, or calculating incorrectly, you will receive one of the below prizes:

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