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Join Valerie the Faellie for this year's NC Valentine's daily event: Lovestruck! To participate, simply purchase and activate Arrow packs from the NC Mall, then visit Valerie to start shooting. There are nine days in total, running until February 14th, 2014, and a bonus will be on offer to player who complete all days! As this is a Neocash-only event you are free to participate on side accounts.

Arrow Packs

Visit the NC Mall to purchase your Arrow Packs, and you'll need to activate them (either in your inventory or on the Lovestruck page) before you can start. You will only be able to activate either a 9-pack, or multiple 1-packs, and the latter will allow you to activate more than nine even though you can only receive one item per day. The Arrow Packs can be sent to other users/side accounts through the use of Gift Boxes, like regular NC items.

Lovestruck Arrow Packs

Daily Prizes

Below are the prizes obtained through each day of the event! Be sure to participate in all nine days if you want a bonus item at the end! Click on a highlightable arrow to be awarded that day's prize (it will also highlight the corresponding day at the bottom of the page).

February 6

Enchanting Hearts Front Porch Background
February 7

Sculpted Heart Moustache
February 8

Halberd of Adoration
February 9

8-Bit Heart Wings
February 10

Heart-fu Trousers
February 11

Heart Dispenser Machine
February 12

Queen of Hearts Apron
February 13

Dainty Heart Socks and Shoes
February 14

Colourful Fletching Shirt

Bonus Prize

For participating in all 9 days, you'll receive the following item as a bonus:

Bonus Prize