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Journey To The Lost Isle

Jellyneo's Journey to the Lost Isle Coverage

April 30th, 2007 - Interior Deckorating!

Before you begin, you might want to [read the Chapter 1 comic]!

1. This is your first proper step in the puzzle! You get to the puzzle by going [here]. You are Scrap, the Stowaway, and it's your job to clean up Captain Rourke's messy deck on the SS Primella! There are three levels to complete, with each level getting progressively harder. Your task is to arrange all of the items you've been given into a neat square, with no gaps.

2. Puzzle one is a 4x4 square grid. You'll get approximately six pieces of equipment to arrange there. Everyone's puzzles are different so the best way to tackle this step is trial and error.

Here is an example of the first puzzle:

Be sure to pay attention to how many squares each item takes up. These are most of the items you can have:

Note: The items you have been given may be rotated. You, yourself, can't rotate them though. ;)

Click an item and drag it onto the grid. Keep putting the items in different places on the grid until they fit together neatly. If you get stuck, you can click the bucket of water to the left of the grid. This sends all the items back to the right hand side! If you'd like some pointers, check out our [Shapeshifter game guide]. It's basically the same principle, just one is on a ship, and one is in Meridell! :P

Once you have all the items arranged click submit and you'll progress to puzzle two!

I'm still having trouble solving my puzzle. What should I do?
  • Try using [this polygon solver]
  • Try using graphics software such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to help you coordinate the pieces
  • Try using toy blocks or pieces of paper to represent your pieces
  • If all else fails, try asking for help on [our forums]

3. Puzzle two is a 5x5 square grid. It is the same as the first puzzle, except it's bigger and somewhat trickier. You might want to use the same methods outlined in the previous step to make your items fit. After you've completed this level, you'll be onto the lucky last puzzle number three.

Here is an example of puzzle two:

4. Puzzle three is a 6x6 square grid. Again, arrange your items and complete the puzzle.

Here is an example of puzzle three:

5. Once you've completed the third puzzle, you've completed the very first part of the plot!

[Proceed to the next puzzle!]