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Journey To The Lost Isle

Jellyneo's Journey to the Lost Isle Coverage


Here's a recap and commentary of the plot as a whole, from the beginning to the end. (So if you missed it, shame on you :P).

Day One: The beginning of the plot wasn't that bad. You were introduced to most of the characters (and you found some old ones scattered in there as well :P). The [Clean The Deck] puzzle also wasn't very hard (it just required progressively more thought and more reasoning). My impression of the plot on Day One was that it would be kind of interesting, seeing how the plot would turn out with the whole 'Krawk Island Pirate Ship' thing.

Day Two: We go into the [Battledome] to fight a [Ravenous Monster]. Loads of fun. :P (I really wonder if there's a win limit for this plot like there was with the Tale of Woe. Honestly, at this point, it's quite possible that they might go that route). Ah well, we shall see in the end!

Day Three: A new comic is up and nothing more. (If you wanted to read more about Day Three, pfft :P). The tomb that the crew came upon looks oddly like the Lost Tomb of Geraptiku. Yup.

Day Four: Now it gets really interesting. A [Puzzle] gets released without a comic. That's quite odd for The Neopets Team. This puzzle was pretty much like the game [Time Tunnel]. If you thought about your combinations, it was a piece of cake. From what I read on the NeoBoards, some people gave up here. (I can't say that I blame them :P).

Day Five: [Chapter Four] of the comic was released and yet again, nothing more (unless you didn't finish your puzzle, tsk tsk :P).

Day Six: Well, well, well, we enter the Battledome yet again, but this time we are fighting against the [Monstrous Moach]. In my opinion, they're pretty easy to beat. Nothing more to report on this day. :P

Day Seven: [Chapter Five] is released (more of that only comic goodness!). A few people get into near-death experiences and you find out that you're on the land of Giant Petpetpets! What ever shall we do?

Day Eight: A [maze], quite similar to the one from the Haunted Woods Plot, was released. It was quite easy to get lost in there with the twenty-or-so "pages" that you could have been on with potentially five routes each. (You could have mapped it all out and made it easier for yourself. Kudos to those who didn't and still managed to complete this step). In the end, you fixed the ship up for a future escape from the island... Hmm. ;)

Day Nine: Well, everyone escaped. That's the good part. The bad thing is that you now have to go into the Battledome yet again! This time, you're fighting against the [Petpetpet Horde]. Pretty interesting. The plot now seems to be geared towards Battledomers instead of the usual Neopets players... Hmm. (And it looks as if the plot may just be over now or that a new island will be released...).

Day Ten: Well, that was a horrible plot--three main steps and three Battledome opponents. I hope the ship sinks on their way back. Honestly, I think this was all just a filler for the Altador Cup (it should happen in a week or two, stay tuned!). But anyways, watch us, (yet again), get horrible prizes and a trophy. Thanks for sticking with JN for the plot and we hope to see you again for the next one! (And hopefully, the next one will be spectacular).

Professor Fairweather: I can't believe that was it. I didn't get to collect any relics or use my wonderful, complicated linguistic jargon.

Roxton: Cheer up, ol' chap, there's always the possibility of a sequel...