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Weapon stats and Battledome challengers!
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Journey To The Lost Isle

Jellyneo's Journey to the Lost Isle Coverage

Battledome Challengers

Here are the statistics for the current running Battledome challengers. (We're hoping for more! :P)

[Click here] to visit the Battledome and fight.

Petpetpet Horde
Beginning HP: 235hp
HP Increase per Win: 23hp
List of Weapons
Jade Scorchstone
Petpetpet Venom
Fire Ball Staff
Sword of the Dead
Thyoras Tear
Poisonous Petpetpet Quill
Strategy: You should use a Freezing item (e.g. Freezing Potion, Scroll of Freezing) to freeze the Petpetpet Horde first. Then attack somehow, if you think you can beat him. :P

Monstrous Moach
Beginning HP: 75hp
HP Increase per Win: Approx. 7.945hp
List of Weapons
Moach Pincer
Stone Snowball
Jagged Stone Sword
Jagged Stone Spear
Blue Scorchstone
Rock Shard
Ice Mirror
Earth Potion

Ravenous Monster
Beginning HP: 15hp
HP Increase per Win: 1.5hp
List of Weapons
Illusens Mud Mixture
Slorg Slime
Snow Mudball
Slime Potion