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The Lost Desert Plot

Your New Tablet and Razul

And everyone thought it was over. Well, mostly everyone.

The next part of the plot involves translating your Mysterious Tablet into Qasalan. By visiting the Fortune Teller, you'll find that the silly Kau was reading the thing upside down! She'll turn it upside down and finds that it can be used to translate your tablet from one dialect to another, which is Qasalan and will display the "true" prophecy.

However, this is where YOU need to do something. You get to put in the symbols on your tablet until you get the right combo. In effect, it's like a giant game of Codebreakers or Time Tunnel. To begin translating, click here.

After placing each symbol (click at the bottom mini-symbols and then click where you want it on the tablet) you'll be able to attempt to translate it. White dots mean that a symbol is in the correct place, a black dot means the right symbol, but not in the right place, and not having a full 16 dots means that you don't have all the correct symbols on the tablet.

Once you've done a large amount of guessing and checking (it's easiest to fill the tablet with 2 symbols and then fill in one new symbol at a time till you get a white dot... use the power of logic!), and all the dots have disappeared, (means you translated) you need to revisit the Fortune Teller.

The fortune teller smiles at you. "Very clever! You've translated the tablet into Qasalan. But what now? What does it mean?" She ponders the translated tablet curiously.

Now, to get the new prophecy, you need to go through the comics just like you did last time with the old prophecy and click on the symbols. However, you need to click on the symbols in backwards order! So start at the bottom and go to the left. Here's the symbol locations:

Chp. 12, Pg. 1, Fr. 1

Chp. 12, Pg. 2, Fr. 6

Chp. 12, Pg. 3, Fr. 3

Chp. 12, Pg. 4, Fr. 4

Chp. 13, Pg. 1, Fr. 1

Chp. 13, Pg. 3, Fr. 5

Chp. 13, Pg. 4, Fr. 4

Chp. 13, Pg. 4, Fr. 1

Chp. 14, Pg. 1, Fr. 5

Chp. 14, Pg. 2, Fr. 1

Chp. 14, Pg. 3, Fr. 1

Chp. 14, Pg. 4, Fr. 6

Now, once you click your final symbol, a window will pop-up. You've fully translated your tablet! Good job. :) You'll see a new prophecy at the bottom of the tablet page.

Again, like last time, you need to speak your prophecy to Nuria. (Sidenote: If you click on the symbols in forwards order, you'll get a different prophecy and get buried by scarabs again, which you don't want!) Upon speaking the prophecy, you'll get the chance to pick between three weapons:

Scimitar of Eternal Dawn | Mace of Righteous Flame | Spear of Infinite Wisdom

They're all the same. So pick the one you like best. ;) However, you'll get a broken weapon...

Now, use the weapon to fight the evil Razul in the battledome! It will instantly kill him. If you're lucky enough to have more than 0hp left, you'll win and get 100,000 BD points (nothing to do with "war" points or plot prizes). However, if you get 0hp, then you'll draw and won't get those points. But you'll still defeat him. When you revisit the BD page, you'll see that you can no longer fight Razul, but he is weakened!