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Lost in Space Fungus

Lost in Space Fungus Information
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Being lost in space is a pretty bad situation, but it's nothing compared to being lost inside a giant Space Fungus. Not only has a poor Grundo found himself in this position, but due to fungus-related malfunctions his ship is only able to move in circles. It will take expert timing and navigation skills, but with your help he just might be able to loop his way out of the fungus and make it home to Kreludor.

Space Fungus
Aww, but it's so cute!

How to Play

When the game begins, your ship will automatically start to rotate in place, a blue ring indicating its flight path. To set the ring in place and fly along it, click the left button on your mouse or press the space bar; by chaining several such rings together, you will be able to steer yourself around obstacles and reach Kreludor.

You're given a set number of rings with which to complete each level, shown beside your lives at the top of the screen, so it's a good idea to take the shortest possible path through the level. This can also help with your score, as you will receive a time bonus for completing levels quickly (see Scoring section below). Any extra rings you may have upon reaching Kreludor will not carry over to the next level.

Lost in Space Fungus Screenshot
Maybe I should just get out and push...

While your ship can bounce off of asteroids and the edges of the level to reverse the direction you're moving around your current ring, colliding with a Space Fungus will cost you a life, and force you to restart the level. You're only given ten lives from the start of the game, and whether you'll be able to get any extras is completely random, so avoid getting too close to Space Fungus when you can. Using your last ring without reaching Kreludor will also use up one of your lives.

Bonus Items

Though the collectable items in Lost in Space Fungus are all beneficial, it's possible for them to appear anywhere within the game's levels. Due to this, they will often appear in areas that, when reached, will make it impossible to complete the level. It's strongly recommended that you only collect items that are directly in your path to Kreludor.

Game Elements
Ship Your ship, which can only move in circles.
Kreludor Kreludor, Neopia's moon, is your goal in each level.
Asteroid Though solid, you will harmlessly bounce off of these asteroids.
Space Fungus Space Fungus start to appear in Level 7, and cost one life when touched. There is no difference between the various colors.
Gas Tank Gas tanks will give you one extra life when collected.
Neopoint Bag Neopoint bags increase your score by 25 points.
Star Novas increase your score by 10 points.
Laser Circle Collecting one of these will give you an extra ring.


Scoring in Lost in Space Fungus is fairly straightforward; upon clearing a level, you will receive 10 points multiplied by the number of the level you've beaten, i.e. 10 points for Level 1, 20 points for Level 2, and so on.

In addition to this, from the time each level starts, you will have sixty seconds to reach Kreludor in order to get a time bonus. While there's no penalty for failing to complete the level within this time, you earn 1 point for each second left on the timer. For example, if you were to complete a level in seven seconds, you would have a time bonus of 53 points. Because of this, you should try to finish levels as quickly as possible, though a slight detour for an item that will keep you alive longer or increase your score may be worth it.

Space Fungus scene
"Nice fungus...That's a good fungus...Please don't hurt me."

Level Solutions

These solutions show the most efficient route through each of the game's twenty-five levels. Starting from Level 21, you'll no longer have to worry about Space Fungus; you will, however, need to avoid black holes. There are far fewer of them per level than there were Space Fungus, but they are completely invisible. Contact with a black hole will cost you one life. To avoid running into them, follow the level solutions for the last five levels as closely as possible.

Level 1
Level 1Rings available: 5
Level 2
Level 2Rings available: 5
Level 3
Level 3Rings available: 5
Level 4
Level 4Rings available: 5
Level 5
Level 5Rings available: 6
Level 6
Level 6Rings available: 5
Level 7
Level 7Rings available: 5
Level 8
Level 8Rings available: 5
Level 9
Level 9Rings available: 6
Level 10
Level 10Rings available: 6
Level 11
Level 11Rings available: 6
Level 12
Level 12Rings available: 5
Level 13
Level 13Rings available: 5
Level 14
Level 14Rings available: 6
Level 15
Level 15Rings available: 6
Level 16
Level 16Rings available: 6
Level 17
Level 17Rings available: 7
Level 18
Level 18Rings available: 6
Level 19
Level 19Rings available: 7
Level 20
Level 20Rings available: 7
Level 21
Level 21Rings available: 5
Note that for the last five levels, you will need
to navigate around invisible black holes.
Level 22
Level 22Rings available: 5
Note that for the last five levels, you will need
to navigate around invisible black holes.
Level 23
Level 23Rings available: 5
Note that for the last five levels, you will need
to navigate around invisible black holes.
Level 24
Level 24Rings available: 5
Note that for the last five levels, you will need
to navigate around invisible black holes.
Level 25
Level 25Rings available: 5
Note that for the last five levels, you will need
to navigate around invisible black holes.
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Spitting Fungus
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